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Booking Screen Improvements

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<p>I've been booking a bunch of shows to test things out and had a couple of thoughts. Obviously, these suggestions are based only on my specific behavior as a player.</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>ROAD AGENT NOTES:</strong> I'm spending almost all my time on the left side of the screen and I'm double-clicking to add the notes I want. I have never used the Add Road Agent note button, except for when I click it accidentally in the hopes it will close the window. When I'm done adding notes, hiking my beleaguered pointer all the way over to the right (when I've been on the left so much) feels like a long, slow distance. I think this screen would be improved with the addition of a centrally located, prominent close button. </p><p> </p><p>

<strong>SEGMENT ARROWS:</strong> This one might not be feasible. When I have the main screen for a segment open, I'd love to be able to page directly to the next/previous segment (assuming one has already been booked) similar to how we're now able to page through our rosters. This would save me from needing to go back to the overview of the entire card. In theory, paging would also save any changes I've made and prompt road agent intervention, just like clicking the Book Segment button does now. This would be a great assistance when ironing out the kinks in an auto-booked card.</p>

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