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Kumite Online (WMMA5's Create Your Own Fighter(s) League)

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I just need somewhere to store this stuff until everything is ready. More information will come throughout this week.


<center><img src=https://i.imgur.com/fhtOeio.png></center>



Full Name:

Short Name:


Nickname Type: (Before, Mid, After)


Born: (Month & Year)

Becomes Active: (Month & Year)



Based In:

Home Region:




Stance: (Always Traditional, Always Southpaw, Prefers Traditional, Prefers Southpaw)


Fighting Style:


Best Weight:

Walking Weight:

Min Weight:

Max Weight:

*Your fighter must be able to make weight, please test this yourself before submitting your fighter*

Sexuality: Sure, why not.

Career Goals: (Career, Money, Glory)



Defaul Momentum is Nothing Specific

Default Heat is Neutral



The amount of points you can use depends on your fighters age so get your calculators out.










Reach (Inches): Within 5 inches of your fighters height total

Cut Immunity:






Chin Strength:


Stun Recovery:


Weight Cutting:


Potential: Maximum Depends On Age As Shown Below











Head Movement:

Punch Power:

Punch Technique:

Hand Speed:

High Kick Power:

High Kick Technique:

High Kick Speed:

Low Kick Power:

Low Kick Technique:

Low Kick Speed:

Creative Punches:

Creative Kicks:

Guard Defence:

Kick Defence:


Takedown Set Up:

Takedown Speed:

Takedown Defence:




Punch Power:

Punch Technique:

Punch Speed:

Elbow Power:

Elbow Technique:

Elbow Speed:

Knee Power:

Knee Technique:

Knee Speed:


Positional Ability:

Creative Submissions:

Armlock Submissions:

Leglock Submissions:

Arm Choke Submissions:

Leg Choke Submissions:

Submission Defence (Top):

Submission Defence (Bottom):

Control (From Top):

Control (From Bottom):

Control (From Guard):


Ground Escape:





Takedown Defence:


Elbow Power:

Elbow Technique:

Elbow Speed:

Knee Power:

Knee Technique:

Knee Speed:

Dirty Boxing:



Thai Clinch:

Elbow Power:

Elbow Technique:

Knee Power:

Knee Technique:



Experience: Maximum Depends On Age







Killer Instinct:

Game Plan:


Preparation: Default is 100

Recuperation: Default is 100

Comfort In Cage:

Comfort In Ring:



Head Condition: Default 100

Body Condition: Default 100

Arm Condition: Default 100

Leg Condition: Default 100



*Background attributes are used when creating the upper limits for each fighter's skills*


(-20) Background: Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

(-5) Background: Jiu Jitsu Student


(-5) Background: Accomplished Boxing

(-5) Background: Accomplished Grappling

(-5) Background: Accomplished Jiu Jitsu

(-5) Background: Accomplished Judo

(-5) Background: Accomplished Karate

(-5) Background: Accomplished Kick Boxing

(-5) Background: Accomplished Krav Maga

(-5) Background: Accomplished Kung Fu

(-5) Background: Accomplished Muay Thai

(-5) Background: Accomplished Pankration

(-5) Background: Accomplished Sambo

(-5) Background: Accomplished Submission Wrestling

(-5) Background: Accomplished Taekwondo

(-5) Background: Accomplished Wing Chun

(-5) Background: Accomplished Wrestling


(-10) Background: High Level Boxing

(-10) Background: High Level Grappling

(-10) Background: High Level Jiu Jitsu

(-10) Background: High Level Judo

(-10) Background: High Level Karate

(-10) Background: High Level Kick Boxing

(-10) Background: High Level Krav Maga

(-10) Background: High Level Kung Fu

(-10) Background: High Level Muay Thai

(-10) Background: High Level Pankration

(-10) Background: High Level Sambo

(-10) Background: High Level Submission Wrestling

(-10) Background: High Level Taekwondo

(-10) Background: High Level Wing Chun

(-10) Background: High Level Wrestling


(-20) Background: National Calibre Boxing

(-20) Background: National Calibre Grappling

(-20) Background: National Calibre Jiu Jitsu

(-20) Background: National Calibre Judo

(-20) Background: National Calibre Karate

(-20) Background: National Calibre Kick Boxing

(-20) Background: National Calibre Krav Maga

(-20) Background: National Calibre Kung Fu

(-20) Background: National Calibre Muay Thai

(-20) Background: National Calibre Pankration

(-20) Background: National Calibre Sambo

(-20) Background: National Calibre Submission Wrestling

(-20) Background: National Calibre Taekwondo

(-20) Background: National Calibre Wing Chun

(-20) Background: National Calibre Wrestling


(-30) Background: World Calibre Boxing

(-30) Background: World Calibre Grappling

(-30) Background: World Calibre Jiu Jitsu

(-30) Background: World Calibre Judo

(-30) Background: World Calibre Karate

(-30) Background: World Calibre Kick Boxing

(-30) Background: World Calibre Krav Maga

(-30) Background: World Calibre Kung Fu

(-30) Background: World Calibre Muay Thai

(-30) Background: World Calibre Pankration

(-30) Background: World Calibre Sambo

(-30) Background: World Calibre Submission Wrestling

(-30) Background: World Calibre Taekwondo

(-30) Background: World Calibre Wing Chun

(-30) Background: World Calibre Wrestling


*Behaviours are free to use but you can only pick a maximum of 3*

Behaviour: Cautious

Behaviour: Loves To Call Out

Behaviour: No Call Outs

Behaviour: Rarely Makes Call Outs

Behaviour: Religious

Behaviour: Respectful

Behaviour: Self Confident

Behaviour: Trash Talker

Behaviour: Volatile


*For the sake of booking purposes we will not be using the career attributes.*

Career: All Business

Career: All Comers

Career: Canny Operator

Career: Even Playing Field

Career: Fearless

Career: Individual

Career: Lone Wolf

Career: Loyal

Career: Name Value

Career: Never Back Down

Career: No Reality Shows

Career: Occasional Movie Star

Career: Part-Time Actor

Career: Proper Preparer

Career: Short Notice

Career: Team Player


(-10) Combat: Americana Master

(-10) Combat: Anaconda Master

(-10) Combat: Arm Triangle Master

(-10) Combat: Armbar Master

(-15) Combat: Axe Murderer

(-10) Combat: Body Kicker

(-10) Combat: Body Puncher

(-10) Combat: Bulldog Choke Master

(+5) Combat: Cage Grabber

(-15) Combat: Choke Escape Artist

(-10) Combat: Clings On

(-10) Combat: Cobra Choke Master

(-20) Combat: Constant Takedowns

(-10) Combat: Counter Striker

(-10) Combat: Crusher

(-10) Combat: D'Arce Choke Master

(-15) Combat: Dirty Boker

(-15) Combat: Dynamic Attacker

(-10) Combat: Educated Feet

(-15) Combat: Escape Artist

(+5) Combat: Eye Poker

(-15) Combat: Fast Starter

(-10) Combat: Flying Leglocks

(-10) Combat: Gogoplata Master

(-15) Combat: Ground And Pounder

(-10) Combat: Guard Jumper

(-10) Combat: Guillotine Master

(-5) Combat: Hates To Clinch

(-5) Combat: Hates To Roll

(-5) Combat: Hates To Strike

(-5) Combat: Hates To Wrestle

(-10) Combat: Head Hunter

(-10) Combat: Head Kicker

(-10) Combat: Heel Hook Master

(-10) Combat: Kimura Master

(-15) Combat: Lay And Pray

(-10) Combat: Leg Kicker

(-10) Combat: Leglock Master

(-5) Combat: Loves To Clinch

(-5) Combat: Loves To Roll

(-5) Combat: Loves To Strike

(-5) Combat: Loves To Wrestle

(+5) Combat: Low Blows

(-15) Combat: Low Risk Grinder

(-5) Combat: No Kicks

(-5) Combat: No Submissions Off Back

(-5) Combat: No Submissions On Top

(-10) Combat: North South Choke Master

(-10) Combat: Omoplata Master

(-10) Combat: Peruvian Necktie Master

(-15) Combat: Pressure Grappling

(-15) Combat: Punches In Bunches

(-10) Combat: RNC Master

(-5) Combat: Rubber Guard

(-15) Combat: Rubbery Limbs

(-10) Combat: Savage Stomps And Kicks

(-5) Combat: Slammer

(-5) Combat: Slow Starter

(-10) Combat: Stance Switcher

(-15) Combat: Thai Fighter

(-10) Combat: Triangle Master

(-10) Combat: Von Flue Choke Master

(-15) Combat: Wall And Stall

(-15) Combat: Zombie


(+15) Drugs: PED User

(+10) Drugs: Poor At Masking

(+15) Drugs: Recreational Drug User

(+5) Drugs: Rumoured PED User

(+5) Drugs: Rumoured Recreational Drug User

(+5) Drugs: Rumoured TRT User

(-5) Drugs: Skilled At Masking

(+15) Drugs: TRT User

(-10) Drugs: Would Never Be A PED User

(-10) Drugs: Would Never Be A Recreational Drug User

(-10) Drugs: Would Never Be A TRT User


(-10) Mental: All Heart

(-15) Mental: Big Game Player

(+15) Mental: Bottler

(+15) Mental: Chokes Under Pressure

(-5) Mental: Fighting Spirit

(-10) Mental: Goes Out Fighting

(-5) Mental: Handles Pressure

(+15) Mental: Mentally Crumbles

(+5) Mental: No Last Stands

(+15) Mental: Surrender Monkey




50 automatic points towards your fighters home region

50 more points to allocate towards other regions

20 maximum in any region that's not your home region




Default is 50




*250 points to allocate on the 4 marketability stats*





Performance: Default is 0

Aura: Default is 0




Peak Age: Randomly Generated For Each Fighter

Decline Age: Randomly Generated For Each Fighter

Retirement Age: Randomly Generated For Each Fighter

Death Age: Default



<center><img src=https://i.imgur.com/dyeUDo4.png></center>

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Reserved for Kumite Online


<center><img src=https://i.imgur.com/R2nr3ED.png></center>



Just starting to write this but I needed somewhere to save it.


How it works:

You, the user, creates a fighter or fighters at different weight classes which I will input into the game to then compete against other fighters in a series of tournaments in order to see who created to best fighter. Tournaments will be matched up via the rankings. Fighters ranked 1 through 8 will always be in the title tournament. Leftover fighters, if the numbers allow, will be matched up in title-less tournaments in order to get their rank up so they can compete in higher ranked tournaments in the future. Championship titles as well as wins & losses is how we measure success in Kumite Online however the amount of money that a fighter makes throughout his career is another notable and measurable factor of success.



You can create only 1 fighter per weight class, however, you are allowed to have your fighters move up or down in weight if you do not have another fighter in the adjacent weight class.


Once you change a fighters weight class you cannot change them again for 6 months in-game.







Simulations can be viewed live on Twitch although conversations about the event(s) will be held on the GDS Discord Server.



Simulations will be held Thursday & Sunday nights although these dates are subject to change for availability and other scheduling issues.

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