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I haven't really touched morale issues in 2020 so far, and decided to just ride it out more or less.


In 2016 I always just gave bonuses.


So far the morale system in 2020 doesn't seem nearly as scary as 2016 though. A Main Eventer misses one event there and is one bad day away from quitting, in 2020 it seems to take a bit longer and they just feel a bit sour backstage for a while, but it probably depends on the character.

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I throw money at the problem to shut them up lol


Every once in a while I’ll give someone Time off but I usually prefer to just pay them, it works for me as I typically play bigger companies


This is what I wanna do but I can't find how, where's that screen to deal with the moral issues in TEW 2020 is what I meant, how do I get there?

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