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Contract Screen in Editor to Remember Default Gimmick

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So, like. I go in and start creating a worker. I put in the default gimmick info. If I save after that, could it be possible to, then, have the Contract section to remember and autofill the default gimmick data? Would save some time, especially since the gimmick name has to be written by hand. I do always copy and paste at least one of them, but it's not always super optimal.
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Thought of something just now. How about if in the Company section, for each company, we could determine a "default contract type", so when we go in and add contracts for workers we're adding to the game world, the "written", "per show", etc. section would be autofilled? Of course, not everyone has the same details, but we could then tweak when needed. Again, a minor but nice time save.
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