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Book An Event (Game Mode)

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<p>I won't lie, I'd rather see this added to TEW2016 but the suggestions forum isn't available for '16 anymore.</p><p> </p><p>

Similar to the WMMA feature (which I noticed using the demo) and WreSpi series, you could book a match on the fly outside of a save game just for fun. I don't think booking a single match in TEW would be very exciting but perhaps we could have a "Book An Event" game mode? You'd have access to all of the workers, titles, event names, etc. that are included in the database you have selected. The point would be to simulate the ultimate fantasy card of your choosing. The end game would be for fun to see it all booked or of course it could be to get the highest rating possible.</p><p> </p><p>

The feature could also be used as a training tool of sorts for learning the ins and outs of booking outside of a save game. I think it would give people more creative juice (when running dry) to start new save games too.</p>

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