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Web Page Exporting mod?

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Ok everyone this is a question more than anything. I am a huge simulator game fan, especially of the Out of the Park Baseball series and the thing I love the most is being able to compete in online leagues. This is why it surprises me that no one has created an exporter (or one isn't packaged into it) that will export game information in a way that can either be red externally from the game or loaded directly in a web page format. With the possibilities of a multi-player game but the difficulty of getting people together to run a multi-player game without transferring files, it would be perfect to run a head to head online fed world. I could see leagues popping up with 4 people running it through weekly downloads (to check the stats and everything) but rosters, results and everything are also posted on the web for everyone to follow. Up to 5 people could play with 4 players running a company and the 5th being the "World Master". Also, it could be used to easily post and show results for diaries and such. I mentioned the examples because I thought it would better show the benefits of such a thing. My question is, has anything like this been created so far or is in the works? I know it wouldn't take THAT much effort to export the correct information from the .dat files as I know some basic coding (and know how to extract token strings) but as far as placing the information or getting it to drop into a spread sheet or web page would have me lost. I'm sure that with all the talented programmers who have done work for the previous versions of EW games, one of you would know how to come up with something to the extent of. The idea from this comes to me as my best friend and I (living hours apart now) would like to play against each other but sending the files back to each other makes it difficult. Anyway, would anyone else be interested in this? If so, would anyone be able to undertake the such a project? As I stated, I'd love to do it but anything past extracting the information (and displaying them in a continuous string) I wouldn't know where to go from there. If not, no big deal but I thought it could open up a whole new world of this game.
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