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Make Breaking Up A Tag Team/Stable/Manager A Bigger Deal

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So, right now, this is simulated by "turning" someone or a gimmick change in non face-heel products. Going to the tag team, stable, or manager screen after and just removing them kind of falls flat in terms of a "big moment".


I feel like maybe a road agent note for the angle where it "dissolves the team", leaves the stable, fires their manager, etc... could be an opportunity to add a little heat to the segment.


The amount of heat added could be based on how long the team/stable/manager has been together, with obviously more established teams adding a lot of heat to the segment (Rockers for example) while short term teams imploding may not move the needle at all.

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It would also "reward" long term booking and storytelling.


When Shaun turns on Marty, Batista gives the thumbs down, Seth hits the big dog with the chair from behind, etc... it will actually reward you for building it up AND give you incentive to try something new.


Right now, there is no "reason" in game to break up a tag team or stable, a lot of times the bonuses they provide outweigh the benefit.


This would add a strategic layer where you could catapult the groups momentum when you spin them off.

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This is a very nice idea. That would allow people to recreate the Rusev/Lashley/Lana story more effectively, than say just removing Lana from Rusev and adding her to Lashley with zero heat.


The entire Rusev/Lashley angle went down with pretty much 0 heat :p


I understand your sentiment... but goddamn that was a dreadful storyline.

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