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Problem Trying To Use 2016 Mod on 2020...

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So I really wanted to do a run from 2005 since it was the first TEW I played and I'm more familiar with THAT C-Verse (I only did RW mods in future versions). I found that someone actually made a 2005 C-Verse mod back for TEW 2016 that I figured I could just convert and use for 2020... problem is, it doesn't work. It tells me that it was made in an early version of 2016 and thus can't be converted.


Now the outlined solution involves opening the database in the most recent version of TEW2016 and doing some things to make it good to convert... but I don't have 2016 and in fact, it doesn't actually function correctly on my computer, so I can't do this process.


I'm wondering if either: A) there's someone that's gonna make a C-Verse 2005 mod for this version or B) someone who does have a working version of TEW 2016 could fix the database so it'll work on 2020...


The thread for the original mod is here: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=534907

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