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Relevant Stat Priority

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When I'm going to look for staff members to sign or check on my own roster, I basically always have to scroll down on their skill lists to get to the 'non-wrestler section'. This is even in the case of people like Referees or Announcers, where they might literally only have one significant stat and it's buried towards the bottom of the pile.


It's hardly a major complaint but I think it'd be a good touch if it either only displayed the relevant stats, or if it gave priority to the important ones. I have a few thoughts on how this could be implemented.


1: You literally only see stats that the worker's role(s) would actually utilize. So if you look at any given ref, you see their Refereeing skill as well as reputation and respect which I imagine would be the two universal ones. And maybe resiliency as well since I notice Adam does take the time to give them all 100 in this even though I'm not sure it'd matter for a non-wrestler. Aside from that, nothing else pops up. Ray Johnson's Menace stat of 2 is impressive but not something I necessarily need to see.


(You could of course still see someone's whole skill list by clicking their profile and checking the full screen, this would only apply to the quick list you see on the Workers or Roster sections.)


2: You still see the full list of stats from the Worker and Roster views, but instead of having a universal set order that they all go in, the ones deemed important for particular roles jump up to the top of the list. So when you're looking at someone who's purely a Road Agent, the first things you see are Psychology, Respect and Reputation. Below that you can have the rest of it in the 'normal' order but the particularly relevant stats being pushed to the front of the line would be great.


(Either of those systems would have the bonus of making it easier for new players to know what they should be looking for in certain cases where it's not totally obvious such as with Road Agents.)


I understand there might be an issue here as it regards to people with multiple roles. I don't know what the proper order of a list of skills for someone like a Farrah Hesketh would be. But even with a rare case like her where you have a worker who does every possible non-wrestler role, if you take all the wrestler-specific stats and push them to the bottom, (the consecutive lines of Brawling to Flashiness and Basic to Toughness) everything that's relevant to her would be presented at first click. It'd also need to update itself after you talk them into different roles.


I also understand a suggestion like the above might require a bigger overhaul than is currently possible. With that in mind I have a third option which I do believe would be doable.


3: If a worker has a 0 in a particular skill, it's not visible. This is actually already done with popularity, you just see the regions where a worker DOES have popularity and by the context you understand that they don't have any elsewhere. Kyle Rhodes has 18 skills that are set to 0 and will never rise from 0. 16 of them are shown to you when you first click on his name. Kyle Rhodes is a color commentator and an owner. Every stat that these roles lean on are at the very bottom of the list and have to be scrolled down to.


The reason he and others like him have all those skills set to nothing is because they don't matter to the player or the AI, so is it important to show them at all? You can have set exceptions like Experience or Respect since those default to 0 for new workers and will be steadily increasing for as long as they're wrestling, but aside from that, I'm not sure the other rows of 0s need to be displayed.


All just my two cents. TEW 2020 has a lot of nice ease-of-use and time saving features and this would be another good one I think.

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