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A Small Unofficial CornellVerse Add-On

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During development, I got the idea to add a new promotion to the game in Japan because I thought that the choice over there was kind of weak since from the get go, a foreigner has no choice but to wrestle for the garbage fed if he wants to tour Japan at the start of his career. In the early stages of the game development, a native Japanese starting in RTL had no choice neither, but code was later added to fix it so natives could wrestle in feds a bit larger they'd be allowed to in their country than elsewhere. "Nagasaki Pro Wrestling" was born from this. Adam didn't want to add any new feds though, and made the fix mentionned above which is much better, and NPW was bound to never see life outside of my PC. Until now. The file below contains the datafiles of the CornellVerse with my new fed in. It also has a readme containing details on what was moved and created to make NPW possible. Here's the readme. [quote] PROMOTIONS Created Nagasaki Pro Wrestling (Logo Included) WORKERS Created Atsushi Uzaki Created Jimmy Tell Created Ricky Fabulous Created Sudaharu Itoh (As Owner) Created Tentsushi Matsuo Created Wataru Yamaguchi Signed Fumihiko Uno (PPA) Signed Heihachiro Sakai (PPA) Signed Koichi Kajiwara (PPA) Signed Mamoru Nagahama (PPA) Signed Matsudaira Morioka (PPA) Signed Oda Yakuta (As Yakuta Oda) (PPA) Signed Shiba Mizoguchi (PPA) Signed Strong Style Yoemon (As Hirokichi Yoemon) (PPA) Signed Toshinobu Taku (PPA) Signed Yuichi Fukao (PPA) MOVES Created Live To Tell (Trademark/Jimmy Tell) Created Uzaki Spike (Trademark/Atsushi Uzaki) MOVESETS Created Atsushi Uzaki Created Jimmy Tell EVENTS Created 7 NPW Events TITLES Created 2 NPW Titles [/quote] Unzip this in your Data folder, it should appear as CVersePlus. This time, both the "Moves" and "People" folders have been removed to save on download times. Just copy and paste the "Moves" and "People" folders from Default folder to the CVersePlus folder and you'll be ready to go. Let me know how you like it! [url]http://www.pcpages.com/kikusaro/CVersePlus.zip[/url]
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