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How do you set up your finisher

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As an aside, be sure to add a finisher that can be used as a counter. I've found that the Facelift (aka Crossface I customized) has won me two matches so far after successfully using it as a counter. The Ankle Lock is another good one. Achilles Tendon Hold is surprisingly effective as well but it can't be used in as many situations, from my experience. Just think of all the finishers you've seen used as counters. Personally, I've seen Chris Benoit slap on the Crossface as a counter from a wide variety of different situations so when I cloned and created the Facelift, I made it available in many of those situations. It's a stab in the dark, sure. But when you can't seem to stop a person from rallying, it's at least one avenue to pursue.
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