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The Second Game: Road to Even More Glory

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Prepare your butts for unintentional racism, y'all!



Note the increased stamina and decreased tech; that should allow me to at least have like a...maybe 10-minute all-out match compared to version 1.  Worse tech, but like...yolo?  Ignoring that this is the second try, and thus like...you only live uh...uh...

rWNUbWW.pngThree Ring Circus style, with Three Ring Circus match focus and Highlights angle focus.  As in, undeniably the worst kind.


...substantially worse this time around.  Only 29 points, no negotiation bonus.  Good gimmicks, lot of bad working days.  And I might can still convince people to transfer to India (plz Fuyuko Higa plz)

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Okay, so, here's the plan:

  1. Since it's going to take ~20 shows before sponsors net me more money than 1 show/month (and I assume it will be much longer before shows themselves make money, and TV is ages away.  I think.) and I have almost 2 years to not be in debt...
    • I need to do those 20 shows in like, 2 months.  Or three, counting this month which will just have 1 show.
  2. Sadly, my merchandising will not be up-and-running by that point.  Oh well.
  3. Meddle Joanna Silver to have as many friends as possible.  Already friends with an announcer yay!  Oh.  Right.  She's on the roster.


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Note: My dominant gimmick penalizes my star quality (😪), large boost to menace (🙄), may get a boost when looking dominant (MAY?!), and aside from no comedy, weasley/underdog is not to win on me.  I won't go over everyone's aside from hilarious stuff like GUERRERO LOSING PSYCHOLOGY IN MATCHES.  Kishan Tahil gets a charisma boost.



The babyface has a psych boost.  Heel can't work long (and charisma boost in segments!)



Yooooo paydirt here.  Duplikate is Marketable (irrelevant at the moment) AND losses don't hurt as much.


Styx also can deal with losses.  It's a gimmicky gimmick.  Alsoalso I can't do a boneyard match if the match is not broadcasted 😧


Noted: Experience matters.


  1. Did not book the winner.
  2. Holy GOD Konoe wtf
  4. Konoe was meant to take a crazybump, too.  And btw, it was technical, comedy, regular, and deathmatch match aims, respectively.
  5. The Void, had stamina issues.  NOT KONOE YEEEEEAH BOOOOOOOI
  6. Konoe is bad in comedy, but good if dominant AND STAR QUALITY BONUS YEAAAAAH



With narrow focus or w/e, I think we would've hit a 36 or so.  DUDE that main event was obscene.

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Gained 0 popularity.  greeaaaaat.  Lost over $3,000.  wooooooo


Recap of the first bonus show: Kolkata Jai is Khali: marketable, bonus to dominant, losses bad.  Eric LaMonica has a crap gimmick (losses hurt and microphone penalty).  But Charlie has higher pop changes from wins and losses!  Ruined the show so I savescummed (awwww).  Had a CRAZY-good Charlie gimmick.  But messed up 😧




Definitely should have kept those saves.


I will allow one more try with the matches not borked.




Better gimmicks; marketable and such.

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Note: You can't spam the "same" show and grow.  Gotta make a new one each time (I think).  I'll keep the failures, but note that I should have about $8,000 more than I do right now, assuming that this one doesn't work.


Okay, second special show failed.  Got a weekly and monthly going, then.


...weekly show didn't work.  This...might be bad.

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