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Licensing Question

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I am in the process of moving TEW 2016 from my old laptop (after 10+ years the old dog is finally going out) to a newer one. I unlicensed it on my older laptop, downloaded the game to the newer one, and the wizard is asking for either an activation key or my email. I tried the order ID, no dice. I tried my email and was told I was not a customer (even though I have purchased 2016, 2020, and WMMA4 with the same email and have the receipts).

Any advice? Can I find the activation key somewhere? Is there a way to remotely activate it? Any help is welcome. Thank you.

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You would need to contact Scott for assistance; I'm not aware of any way your license / email could disappear from the system, so it sounds like you may be using the wrong code somehow (to confirm, the order ID, usually starting "VT-", is your activation key). His address is scott@greydogsoftware.com. If you tell him your e-mail address, order ID, and preferably your name and last four digits of the card used to purchase it, he can look you up on the system and see if he can find an explanation.

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