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Runtime Error 3343 Question

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I am trying to use a mod for BBCF, and am having a persistent issue with Run-Time Error 3343. Here's the basic setup.

The mod itself (JaCeLo's 2020 mod) is stable. When I download that directly  and replace the pstats and psetup files, the game works. However, I wanted to change some of the team nicknames, because I am doing some testing for making my own mod. 

Microsoft Access will of course let me open and edit the pstats and psetup files, but it is  not letting me save the pstats and psetup files as .dat.  I then tried simply opening JaCeLo's pstats file in notepad and changing one nickname (and NOTHING else) manually. The second I do that, I get a runtime error 3343 when I try to create a new league within BBCF.

Any ideas? I don't understand why simply opening the .dat in Notepad and saving 1 name differently is corrupting the database.

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