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13 hours ago, JustinnWo said:

Has anybody tried an India dynasty on here?

Not personally, but in my 1920-1971 save, I added an Indian promotion there and it has blown up and slowly taking over Japan and Europe. They are part of the NWA.

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Yes. I started the GLW - Global Legends of Wrestling, The True Legends of Dangal, out of Mumbai.

Initially, my design was old-school grappling with simple face/heel, with the majority of faces being Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Sri Lankans, and a whole bunch of foreign heels. Because India has very little competition it wasn't to difficult to get from very small to medium. It took time but it wasn't hard. When I got to medium, I could open schools and start smaller companies to maximise available talent, and started TV which really helped with the revenue.

By the time I got to medium (59 popularity - I have no history to say when I got there), my home face/foreign heel split was roughly 50/50.

Now its November 2034 and I'm verging on Big (2/3 territories at 83 and 1 at 82 - I usually go 3-5 points over to prevent that sudden devastating popularity plunge that has happened to me in other promotions). My Roster talent split in the GLW is: 37 Faces, 8 Homegrown to 38 Heels, 3 Homegrown. These names are split between the brands: The Legends, The Young Tigers, and The Ranis (Women's Division). The homegrown are all rated major star or star.

The majority of homegrown talent comes through my 5 Indian-based schools (I have plans for 3 more - 1 each in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) and the talent then goes to either 2 GLW owned feeder promotions (Gimmicks, but no face/heel split) or 3 privately owned smaller promotions that started up after the game start-date. As I want my talent to develop reasonably quickly, I don't sign them to exclusive contracts until they get a high amount of experience, so other promotions will use them and give them experience.

The junior talent numbers are 111 (+13 Non-Wrestlers) total, 30 Homegrown (4 Bangladeshi, 25 Indians, 1 Pakistani, 0 Sri Lankans), so less than 1/3 of the roster are locals.

In order to get promoted to the GLW, a worker needs a Psychology of 60+, so they can "call it in the ring", experience of 60+, and popularity in India of, you guessed it 60+. Currently there are no workers eligible, but 1 American is maybe 6 months away.

So, as you can see, I have moved far from my original design of having mostly, locals but this is because India is vastly undeveloped, has very little starting talent to begin with, is slow to develop promotions because of there being only 3 regions. However, with no competition to begin with, you have a head-start to begin with and must scour the world for anyone who can fill a spot until you can build media, schools, feeder promotions and sign outside talent to bolster the roster

All of this means you must be content with a slow moving promotion that, once you reach medium, can really take off. Currently, I'm 2nd in the world, behind USPW (Titanic). I'm hoping that by 2040 my roster will move closer to what I intended it to be.

The other problem with India is a distinct lack of avatars for Indian wrestlers. You'll spend hours scouring the net for head shot thumbnails of Indian males and females.

Good luck.

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