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6 hours ago, ToxicTurtleyTop said:

Power to You is a mod for December 2023 Real World Update

I will update if any changes are needed


also just a big thanks to @TheWho87 and the entire RWC crew

Big thanks to @Questlove due to the base being the October Hotfix

Power to You.rar 10.54 MB · 2 downloads

made these two to be compatible with GIF SAMPPimage.gif.4b7ee082f8fd269449723072fd957435.gifimage.jpeg.b22d0ce83a7a71bffe0e1cdc3e731955.jpeg

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there's 3 errors that blocks the mod from starting correctly :

  • Kevin Kelly isn't signed to NJPW ;
  • Kevin Kelly isn't signed to NJoA ;
  • BURCHILL is set as left the business.

Excluding this, there's also other issues :

  • BURCHILL doesn't have a picture along with 39 other workers;
  • The following promotions doesn't have a picture assigned : GAEA, OVW, WOW & XPW;
  • 143 titles doesn't have a picture.

Thank you for you work.

Edited by Jugg
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