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AI Companies Prebooking + Running Tournaments

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I love seeing the game world flesh out, but one thing that has always been jarring to me is the limitations with the AI when it comes to tournaments. If you think about modern wrestling, some of the most notable tournaments are Round Robin tournaments, but an AI company is incapable of doing a round robin tournament. Which got me thinking...

For every single wrestling show around the world, in game, you have no idea what matches will be on the show until after the show happens. It's an unpopular opinion, but I LOVE pre-booking, and I think it adds a lot of realism to playing TEW. I think it would be a great upgrade for a future TEW's AI if the AI companies were forced to "pre-book" at least a simplified version of all of their shows, potentially dependent on things like the company product. If the AI can "pre-book", then I think it would be possible for them to book something like a Round Robin tournament using pre-booking, or something similar. I think it would make the game world way more interesting if you could look at any other promotion and see what they have pre-booked for their next PPV.

It could also add a ton of depth to the stock news stories as well - if an AI changes a pre-booking for injury or other reasons, it could be a story about a change to booking plans for the upcoming event. If a company holds a show with a particularly strong pre-booking and the attendance matches, you could add some flavor to the news stories based on that, and even the brief show write ups could be more detailed as well.


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