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Ring Sizes

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Just a small idea I've been thinking about recently. I feel that by allowing the player to choose what size ring they use, they'll be allowed to affect the identity of their company more. TNA's six-sided ring, for example. It doesn't need to be a purely aesthetic feature, either. I know WMMA has a similar feature, letting the player pick between cages and rings, and I feel TEW could take advantage of something along the same lines.

Wrestlers going from one ring size to another generally have an adjustment period - WCW wrestlers going to the WWF had to adjust their spots due to the larger size of the WWF's ring. To reflect this I could see some sort of ring familiarity score handled the same way language is currently (unfamiliar -> somewhat familiar -> fully familiar). The more matches a worker has with a specific ring, the more familiar they become with it; maybe a higher basic score means they become familiar at a quicker rate. I don't see being familiar with a ring as causing any bonus to their in-ring performance but being unfamiliar causes a penalty. It's also something I would imagine people could turn on or off in their preferences.

Not a fully fleshed-out idea, and probably one debated before (my quick 5 minute search didn't turn up anything on the first three pages anyway), but I feel like it's not a bad concept.

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It has been discussed before, and falls into the same category as the suggestion that there should be data for whether a worker is used to working the left or right side of the body; it's not really worth doing as, firstly, it's a lot of data and work for almost zero reward - any competent wrestler can get up to speed in a different environment inside of a few matches, meaning any effect would be fleeting, and any penalty would be so tiny as to be worthless anyway - and, secondly, it doesn't really bring anything to the game anyway as it's so minor.

By contract, it makes sense for WMMA because the difference between a four-cornered ring and a cage actively affects strategies and a fighter's effectiveness, which in a full-blown simulation is important to cover.

So, in short, no, this wouldn't be considered. I can understand why you'd suggest it, as the "throw in anything and everything that improves accuracy" is a seductive line of thinking, but things that minor aren't worth the added loading times, file size, and work to do given how little they actually add.

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