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Caution: Scammers Offering Fake Jobs

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We have gotten word to our support emails that are there are scammers advertising fake artist jobs with Grey Dog Software. There are NO CURRENT OPENINGS with Grey Dog Software.  They will use various tactics and/or different names for the contact people, but we don't use Telegram and there is no one named Benjamin Baker or Nathan Mason working for us (if you don't see their name on our website here: https://greydogsoftware.com/our-studio/ then they aren't authorized to speak on our behalf with any such job offer). 

As always be very careful when someone reaches out to you unsolicited and do your research on a company claiming to offer you a job.  Be especially skeptical if they are offering you a position within days of an unsolicited contact and especially if there are conditions like you have to buy equipment for any such job; or remit money for "background checks" or any other purpose.  

When in doubt if you receive an unsolicited job offer, you should always go to the companies website and see if you can find the alleged opening advertized, and if worst comes to worse contact the company separately to verify that the offer or opening is in fact legitimate before you send them any personal details.




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