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AJPW 1992 - Destiny Unleashed

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                                                                                 ALL JAPAN PRO WRESTLING

                                              **If you're already in the know about AJPW, I suggest that you should skip ahead to check out the card for predictions**





  •           All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) has a rich and storied history in the world of professional wrestling. It  was founded in 1972 by Giant Baba, a legendary Japanese wrestler, and was initially established as a member of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). AJPW quickly gained prominence and became one of the premier wrestling promotions in Japan.


  •          During the 1980s and early 1990s, All Japan Pro Wrestling experienced a golden era often referred to as the "Four Pillars" period. This era was characterized by the prominence of four exceptional wrestlers known as the "Four Pillars of Heaven": Mitsuharu Misawa, Toshiaki Kawada, Kenta Kobashi, and Akira Taue. These four competitors were instrumental in delivering some of the most iconic and highly acclaimed matches in the history of professional wrestling.


                                                                                Curent Day


Info about the roster:


Current Champions:

  • AJPW Triple Crown-Jumbo Tsurata { 322 Days}
  • AJPW Unified World Tag Team- Stevie Williams And Terry Gordy { 28 days}
  • AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight- Masanobu Fuchi- {742 days}
  • All Asia Tag Team- Doug Furnas And Dan Kroffat {147 Days}


Current Tag Teams And Gaijins:

  1.  Abdullah The Butcher And Giant Kamala
  2. Doug Furnas And Dan Kroffat [ Champs}
  3. Stan Hansen And Dan Spivey
  4. Joel Deaton And Billy Black
  5. Miracle Violence Connection- Steve Williams And Terry Gordy {current champs}
  6. The Eagle And The Faction- Jackie Fulton And Scott Armstrong
  7. The Fantastics- Tommy Rogers And Bobby Fulton
  8. The Renegade Warriors - Mark Youngblood And Chris Youngblood
  9. Ace N Smith {Johnny Ace And Johnny Smith}




Super Generation Army

Mitsuharu Misawa{leader]

Kenta Kobashi

Toshiaki Kawada

Tsuyoshi Kikuchi


Tsurata Gun

Jumbo Tsurata {Leader}

Akira Taue

Masanobu Fuchi

Yoshinari Ogawa {young lion}




                                                                                           AJPW NEW YEAR GIANT SERIES Night 1 Card


Billy Black Vs Rusher Kimura

Mighty Inoue/Motoshi Okuma Vs Mitsuo Momota/Richard Slinger

The Renegade Warriors Vs Jumbo Tsurata /Dan Spivey

Stan Hansen/Abdullah The Butcher Vs The Fantastics


Million Dollar Battle Royale-10 man


Akira Taue Vs Giant Kamala Vs Haruka Eigen Vs Isamu Teranishi Vs Kenta Kobashi Vs Mitsuharu Misawa Vs Satoru Osaka Vs Toshiaki Kawada Vs Tsuyoshi Kickuchi Vs Yoshinari Ogawa

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Posted (edited)


                                                                  Venue-Nagoya Congress Center




                                                     Opening Match


                                          Billy Black Vs Rusher Kimura

  • Rusher Kimura, at 50 years old, proved that age was just a number as he absorbed Billy Black and Showed ring wisdom and hard-hitting moves. It was not enough as Billy black won showing that he can do it alone too.
  • Match time- 7:12  
  • Winner- Billy Black                                  



                                                                 2nd Match

                                     Mighty Inoue/Motoshi Okuma Vs Richard Slinger/Mitsuo Momota


  • A Tag team between veterans except richard slinger, a 20 year old who wants to be a superstar.
  • Match Time - 6:51
  • Winners- Momota/Slinger 


                                                              3rd Match 

                                Mark Youngblood/Chris Youngblood Vs Jumbo Tsurata/Dan Spivey

  • The King Himself Tsurata Teamed with a gaijin this time as they faced current freelancers The youngbloods
  • Tsurata was amazing this match. He dominated them.
  • In a moment of profound respect and honor, Tsurata allowed Spivey to pin the Youngbloods as a symbolic gesture.
  • Match Time - 10:21
  • Winners - Tsurata/Dan Spivey


                                                            Co-Main Event 

                                     Stan Hansen/Abdullah The Butcher Vs The Fantastics

  • Stan Hansen,The legend himself teamed with abdullah butcher as kimala will participate in the million dollar battle royale
  • It was a 50/50 Match,Stan Was hitting them hard but the fantasctics were fantastic indeed as they worked together pretty well.
  • Match Time - 14:09
  • Winners - Stan Hansen/Abdullah The Butcher


Million Dollar Battle Royale

  • Kawada eliminated Isamu Teranishi
  • Kawada eliminated Haruka Eigen
  • Kawada eliminated Giant Kimala
  • Kenta Kobashi Eliminated Satoru Asako
  • Akira Taue eliminated Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
  • Yoshinari Ogawa Eliminated Kawada
  • TOP 4- Kenta Kobashi,Akira Taue,Misawa And Ogawa
  • Kenta Kobashi Eliminates Ogawa
  • Misawa Eliminates Akira taue
  • Misawa Eliminates Kenta Kobashi
  • Match Time- 22:06

                                                                                                                                                                                    A summary of Nights 2-5 Coming up soon


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Posted (edited)

                                                              AJPW NEW YEAR GIANT SERIES NIGHT 2-5 SUMMARY

Night 2 Results:

  1. Motoshi Okuma Def. Satoru Osako 
  2. Abdullah The Butcher/Giant Kimala Def. Mitsuo Momota/Giant Warrior
  3. Akira Taue/Dan Kroffat/Doug Furnas Def. Rusher Kimura/The Fantastics
  4. Giant Baba/Richard Slinger Def. The Youngbloods
  5. Kenta Kobashi Def. Al Perez
  6. Tsurata/Fuchi Def Mighy Inoue/Kikcuhi{11:46}
  7. Misawa/Kawada/Johnny Ace Def. Stan Hansen/Joel Deaton/Billy Black {16:53}


Night 3 Results:

  1. Bobby Fulton Def. Al Perez
  2. Tommy Rogers/Mighty Inoue Def. The Youngbloods
  3. Haruka Eigen/Isamu Teranishi Def. Okuma/Jackie Fulton
  4. Joel Deaton/Billy Black Def. Johnny Ace/Johnny Smith
  5. Misawa/Kawada Def. Giant Warrior/Giant Kamala
  6. Stan Hansen Def. Rusher Kimura
  7. Dan Spivey/Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat Def. Mitsuo Momota/Kenta Kobashi/Kikuchi [15:10}


Night 4 Results:

  1. Johnny Ace Def. Isamu Teranishi
  2. The Fantastics Def. Richard Slinger/Momota
  3. John Smith/Dan Spivey Def. Rusher Kimura/Okuma
  4. Akira Taue Def. Mighty Inoue
  5. The Funks Return! The Funks Def. Giant Kamala/Abdullah The Butcher
  6. Misawa/Kobashi Def. Tsurata/Fuchi {15:49}


Night 5 Results:

  1. Mighty Inoue Def Okuma
  2. Akira Taue Def Chris Youngblood
  3. Deaton/Billy Black Def Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey
  4. Abdullah/Giant Kimala Def Kimura/Richard Slinger
  5. Johnny Smith/Johnny Ace Def Giant Warrior/Giant Baba
  6. Jackie Fulton Def Isamu Teranishi
  7. Fuchi/The Fantastics Def Fire Cat/Miracle Violence Connection {17:24}


Night 6 Card Coming up!


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  1. Tsurata/Fuchi/Ogawa Vs Misawa/Kikcuhi/Kawada - SUPER MATCH
  2. Hansen/Spivey Vs Giant Warrior/Isamu Teranishi
  3. Ace n Smith Vs The Renegade Warriors
  4. Richard Slinger Vs Giant Kamala
  5. Giant Baba/Jackie Fulton Vs Momota/Rusher Kimura
  6. Fire Cat Vs Bobby Fulton

Predictions are on!

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Posted (edited)


Venue-Wakayama Prefectural Gym


  1. Fire Cat Def Bobby Fulton
  2. Giant Baba/Jackie Fulton Def Momota/Kimura
  3. Richard Slinger Def Giant Kimala
  4. Ace N Smith Def The Renegade Warriors
  5. Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey Def Giant Warrior/Isamu Teranishi


                                                   Tsurata-Gun Vs Super Generation Army 

  • As the bell rings, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. Tsurata-Gun and Super Generation Army go head-to-head in a six-person tag team match. The action is fast-paced, with Misawa And Tsurata engaging in a battle of titans, each trying to outmuscle the other .Kikuchi And Fuchi showcase their aerial skills, leaving the audience in awe.
  • The turning point comes when Kawada And Tsurata face off in the center of the ring. Their  styles create a captivating Match . The crowd is on the edge of their seats as both factions unleash their signature moves and double-team tactics.
  • In the end, it's a hard-fought battle with near falls, high spots, and intense drama. Tsurata Gun emerges victorious, but not without acknowledging the valiant effort of the Super Generation Army. The crowd erupts in applause, recognizing the intensity and spectacle of this clash of titans.
  • Backstage , Tsurata wants to shake misawa s hand but Kawada intervenes telling tsurata that At night 19 He wants a Triple Crown Title shot. He stole Misawa s momentum as tsurata accepts.



Nights 7-13 Coming up!


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  • Johnny Ace Def Haruka Eigen
  • The Fantastics Def Isamu Teranishi/Mighty Inoue
  • Fire Cat/Abdullah The Butcher Def Tsurata/Fuchi

                                                              DEAN/JOE MALENKO INTERRUPT THE SHOW! Dean Wants Okuma as his debut opponent

  • Dean Malenko Def Okuma
  • Kikuchi/Kawada Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Miracle Vioence Connection Def Slinger/Giant warrior


Night 8

  • Slinger Def Momota
  • Eigen/Kimura Def Okuma/Teranishi
  • Abdullah The Butcher/Stan Hansen Def The Fantastics
  • Dean/Joe Malenko Def Mighty Inoue/Giant Warrior
  • Fuchi Def Kiuchi { AJPW World JR Heavyweight Title Defense}
  • Kawada/Ace N Smith Def Tsurata/Dan Kroffat/Doug Furnas


Night 9

  • Johnny Smith Def Inoue
  • Abdullah/Kimura Def Eigen/Teranishi
  • Dean/Joe Malenko Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Johnny Ace/Slinger Def The Fantasatics
  • Kikuchi Def Billy Black
  • Misawa/Kobashi Def Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey


Night 10

  • Slinger Def Kimura
  • Haruka/Teranishi Def Ace N Smith
  • Kikcuhi/Giant Warrior Def Giant Baba/Al Perez
  • The Funks Def The Fantastics
  • Dan Spivey Def Momota
  • Misawa/Kawada Def The Renegade Warriors


Night 11

  • Kimura Def Bobby Fulton
  • Fire Cat/Eigen Def Inoue/Slinger
  • Miracle Violence Connection Def Ace N Smith
  • Tsurata-Gun { Ogawa/Fuchi/Tsurata] Def Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat/Jackie Fulton
  • Dan Spivey Def Abdullah The Butcher
  • Kebta Kobashi/Kikuchi Def The Funks


Night 12

  • Dory Funk Jr Def Might Inoue
  • The Renegade Warriors Def Eigen/Teranishi
  • Ace N Smith Def Fuchi/Ogawa
  • Abdullah The Butcher/Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey Def Slinger/Dean Malenko/Joe Maleko
  • Misawa Def Tommy Rogers
  • Akira Taue/Kobashi Def Kimura/Giant Warrior


Night 13

  • Mighty Inoue Def Okuma
  • Joe/Dean Maelnko Def Haruka Eigen/Isamu Teranishi
  • Hansen/Johnny Ace Def Slinger/Giant Warrior
  • Akira Taue/Ogawa Def Kikuchi/Fire Cat
  • Tommy Rogers/Doug Fournas
  • Misawa/Kawada Def Tsurata/Jackie Fulton 


Night 14 Supercard Coming Up!


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Night 14


  • Richard Slinger Vs Mighy Inoue
  • Haruka Eigen/Giant Warrior Vs Jackie Fulton/Isamu Teranishi
  • Hansen/Spivey Vs The Fantastics


 Tsurata-Gun Vs Super Generation Army rivarly is getting wild! for Night 19 We got :

  • Kawada Vs Tsurata for the triple crown
  • Fuchi Vs kikcuhi for the jr title

And Now,The Matches:

  • Misawa Vs Akira Taue
  • Kikcuhi Vs Ogawa
  • Kenta Kobashi Vs Fuchi




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Venue-Sendai Sun Plaza


  • Slinger Def Mighy Inoue
  • Fulton/Teranishi Def Giant Warrior/Haruka Eigen
  • Hansen/Spivey Def The Fantastics


Misawa Vs Akira Taue

  • In a highly anticipated match between Misawa and Taue, tensions were running high in the wrestling community. The bout was expected to be an epic clash, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a major disappointment. Tsurata,was in attendance to witness the contest.
  • As the match unfolded, Tsurata became increasingly disappointed with Misawa's performance, feeling that he wasn't living up to the expectations of a worthy challenger. Taue, on the other hand, seized the opportunity and unexpectedly pinned Misawa within the first 10 minutes of the match. Tsurata, unable to contain his disappointment, left the arena mid-match.


Ogawa Vs Kikuchi

  • The match between Kikuchi and Ogawa turned out to be a thrilling encounter, capturing the attention of the wrestling world. Both competitors brought their A-game, showcasing their skills in a 10-minute battle.

  • In the closing moments of the match, Kikuchi managed to secure a hard-fought victory over Ogawa, proving his mettle and showcasing his readiness to step up to the next level.



Kenta Kobashi Vs Masanobu Fuchi

  • From the opening bell, the size and strength advantage of Kobashi are evident, but Fuchi, known for his technical prowess and agility, employs a strategic approach to counter his larger opponent. The match unfolds with Kobashi showcasing his raw power through devastating strikes and power moves.
  • Match Time-20 min
  • Winner-Kenta Kobashi


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Night 15 Results

  • Abdullah The Butcher Def Momota
  • Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Ogawa/Akira Taue Def Dean/Joe Malenko
  • The Fantastics Def Giant Baba/Giant Warrior
  • Steve Williams Def Young lion Satoru Asako
  • Ace N Smith Went To A No Contest with Jumbo Tsurata/Fuchi

Night 16 Card Coming up!

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AJPW New Year Giant Series Night 16

  • Richard Slinger Def Satoru Asako
  • Momota/Billy Black Def Haruka Eigen/Isamu Teranishi
  • Dory Funk Jr Def Okuma
  • Miracle Violence Connection Def The Fantastics
  • Tsurata-Gun Def Super Generation Army In 30 Minutes



Night 17 

  • Asako Def Rusher Kimura
  • Slinger/Abdullah Def Fire Cat/Okuma
  • Misawa/Kobashi Def The Fantastics
  • The Funks Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Haruka Eigen/Jackie Fulton Def Momota/Al perez
  • Kikuchi Def Johnny Ace 


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Pre Show

  • Andre The Giant Retirement Match In Japan Vs Giant Baba
  • Kimura/Okuma Vs Mighty Inoure/Momota 


  • Satoru Osako Vs Terry Funk
  • Fire Cat/Fulton Vs Dan Kroffat/Doug Furnas
  • Hansen/Spivey Vs Joe/Dean Malenko
  • Kenta Kobashi/Billy Black Vs Ogawa/Akira Taue
  • Ace N Smith Vs Haruka Eigen/Richard Slinger
  • Fuchi Vs Kikuchi



                                      Toshiaki Kawada Vs Jumbo Tsurata (C)-Triple Crown



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AJPW New Year Giant Series 1992

Venue-Nippon Buodokan





Rusher Kimura/Okuma Vs Mighty Inoue/Momota

  • The first match,pretty boring but filled with veterans,the moves were good and the pace was slow.
  • Winner- Kimura/Okuma
  • Match Time- 7:18


Andre The Giant Vs Giant Baba

  • What A Classic! Andre The Giant s last match in japan!
  • The match begins with a slow, methodical pace as the two giants circle each other cautiously. The sheer size and power of Baba and Andre become evident, but instead of unleashing a flurry of dynamic moves, they engage in a series of sluggish holds and repetitive maneuvers.
  • The referee's attempts to inject some pace into the match fall flat as both giants seem content with the plodding rhythm. Eventually,Andre The Giant Quits as he is very tired
  • Winner-Giant Baba
  • Match Time- 5:00



Terry Funk Vs Satoru Asako

  • Young Lion Vs Veteran starting The show!
  • The match was alright,obviously Funk carried Asako but for an opener it was ok.
  • Winner-Terry Funk
  • Match Time-7:52
  • After the match,Terry/Dory Shake Asako s hand as a sign of respect.


Doug Fornas/Dan Kroffat Vs Fire Cat/Jackie Fulton

  • Current All Asia Tag Team champions take on 2 talented super jr who can do business
  • A good match,but the better team had the better chemistry and eventually won
  • Winners-Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat
  • Match Time-14:11


Dean/Joe Malenko Vs Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey

  • As you would have thought,the match was a banger!
  • The fans were ovey for both of the teams
  • It was a techincal masterclass between Dean Malenko and Stan Hansen
  • After a fair match,stan got tired,same with dan.
  • Winners-The Malenko Brothers
  • Match Time-14:10


Ogawa/Akira Taue Vs Billy Black/Kenta Kobashi

  • Kobashi Vs Tsurata-Gun s Akira Taue And super Jr,Yoshinari Ogawa, The Rivarly is still on!
  • Kobashi tried his best ,but billy black could not help him at all,he is not the same without his tag team partner.
  • Winners-Akira Taue/Ogawa
  • Match time-13:21


Ace N Smith Vs Richard Slinger/Haruka Eigen

  • Just a filler match
  • Winners-Ace N Smith
  • Match Time-12:42


Masanobu Fuchi(c) Vs Kikuchi

  • As I ve said,the rivalry s still on!
  • In the initial moments, Fuchi relies on his technical expertise, attempting to control the pace of the match. However, Kikuchi, fueled by a burning desire to prove himself, counters with a dynamic blend of speed and agility, keeping the champion on edge.
  • In a climactic moment, Kikuchi executes a breathtaking finishing move, leaving Fuchi stunned and unable to recover. The referee counts to three just as the bell rings, signaling the end of the match. The arena erupts in cheers as Kikuchi emerges victorious, ending Fuchi's 800-day reign and etching his name in the annals of wrestling greatness.




Giant Baba steps into the ring, his presence commanding the attention of the entire arena. The crowd hushes, awaiting an announcement.

Giant Baba: "Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances, Kawada won't be able to compete tonight. However, the show must go on, and I have a surprise for all of you."

The audience buzzes with anticipation as Baba continues.

Giant Baba: "In place of Kawada, we have a replacement who needs no introduction. The one and only, Mitsuharu Misawa, will be stepping into the ring to face Tsurata! I know it's not what we expected, but let's give Misawa a warm welcome!"

The crowd erupts into cheers, the surprise announcement met with excitement. Giant Baba raises his hand, acknowledging the enthusiastic response.

Giant Baba: "I assure you, this unexpected turn of events will only make tonight's match more thrilling. Get ready for a showdown between Tsurata and the legendary Misawa! Wrestling fans, let the new match begin!"



Jumbo Tsurata(c) Vs Mitsuharu Misawa


In the thrilling 30-minute classic between Misawa and Tsurata, the culmination of their artistry and skill reaches its peak. The contest unfolds with a symphony of strikes, submissions, and hard hitting maneuvers, captivating the audience from start to finish.

As the match progresses, Misawa's experience and in-ring intelligence come to the forefront. The legendary wrestler, known for his resilience and technical prowess, weathers Tsurata's storm of offense. The crowd witnesses a masterclass in storytelling as Misawa strategically targets Tsurata's weaknesses while countering each of his opponent's powerful moves.

The final act of the match sees Misawa summoning his strength for a climactic series of devastating maneuvers. The audience roars as Misawa executes his signature moves, building toward a crescendo of anticipation. Tsurata, valiant in his effort, fights with all his might, but Misawa's experience proves decisive.

In a dramatic turn, Misawa secures the victory with a thunderous finishing move. The referee's hand slams the mat for the three-count, and the arena explodes in cheers. Dave Meltzer, recognizing the brilliance of the encounter, awards the match a near-perfect rating of 4.75 stars.

Misawa stands victorious in the center of the ring, his hand raised in triumph. The audience, still caught in the emotional rollercoaster of the match, showers both wrestlers with applause. This encounter between Misawa and Tsurata cements itself as a wrestling classic.










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AJPW Excite Series 


Well,It looks like we have a new tour for february,it s going to be interesting for sure! We will see what misawa/kikuchi can do as new champions(no title defenses) and many many more!


Night 1

  • First match and we already got a debut! Someone with a mask,who is it? he has a robber type of mask,he does not look mexican and his name is CC Skip,the japanese fans are wondering already.
  • CC Skip Def Satoru Asako
  • Richard Slinger Def Rusher Kimura
  • Momota/Okuma Def Billy Black/Johnny Ace
  • Abdullah The Butcher/Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey Def Miracle Violence Connection/Mighy Inoue
  • Akira Taue/Ogawa Def The Funks
  • Jackie Fulton/Doug Fornas/Dan Kroffat Def Joe/Dean Malenko and Johnny Smith


Night 2

  • Abdullah The Butcher Def Rusher Kimura
  • Momota/CC Skip Def Okuma/Satoru Asako
  • The Funks Def Haruka Eigen/Giant Warrior
  • The Fantastics Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey Def Ace N Smith
  • Akira Taue Def New super jr gaijin Norman Smiley
  • Kenta Kobashi/Misawa/Kawada Def Billy Black/Dan Kroffat/Doug Furnas


Night 3

  • Mighty Inoue Def Okuma
  • Momota Def Satoru Asako
  • Richard Slinger Def Haruka Eigen
  • Jakcie Fulton/Fire Cat Def Joe/Dean Malenko
  • Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey Def Akira Taue/Ogawa
  • POST MATCH- Miracle Violence Connection Challenge Hansen/Spivey For Night 4,They accept!
  • Miracle Violence Connection Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Tsurata/Fuchi Return! 
  • Tsurata/Fuchi Def The Funks




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AJPW Excite Series 


 Night 4

  • Billy Black Def Jackie Fulton
  • Dean/Joe Malenko Def Momota/Okuma
  • The Fantastics Def Rusher Kimura/Satoru Asako
  • Misawa/Kikuchi Def CC Skip/Haruka Eigen
  • Tsurata/Giant Warrior Def Richard Slinger/Abdullah The Butcher
  • Kenta Kobashi Def Doug Furnas

Miracle Violence Connection(c) Vs Stan Hansen/Dan Spivey 

  • We Have Got Brilliant Tag Team action,both teams have tried their best as the match was a 4-star match.
  • Match Time- 23:20
  • Winner- AAAAND STILL! Miracle Violence Connection


Night 5

  • Mighty Inoue Def Rusher Kimura
  • Norman Smiley Def Bobby Fulton
  • Okuma/Abdullah The Butcher Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Richard Slinger/Dan Spivey Def Billy Black/CC Skip
  • The Funks Def The Giant Warrior/Haruka Eigen
  • Jumbo Tsurata Def Jackie Fulton
  • Kikuchi/Kenta Kobashi Def Ace N Smith


Night 6

  • Giant Warrior Def Haruka Eigen
  • Abdullah The Butcher/Okuma/Momota Def Richard Slinger/Kimura/Satoru Asako
  • Dean/Joe Malenko Def The Fantastics
  • Fuchi/Ogawa Def Ace N Smith
  • Misawa/Billy Black Def CC Skip/Norman Smiley
  • Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Tsurata Vs Giant Baba 5 minute epic battle!
  • Winner- Jumbo Tsurata




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AJPW Excite Series 1992

Well,not a long one but 6 nights are enough for this tour.


Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat (C) Vs Ace N Smith

  • What a run Ace N Smith had,they are frickin amazing,after all the hard fought battles,they get their chances against one of the best duo gaijins till 1992
  • What a match! after some hard hits ,these 4 gaijins created a 4 star match according to Dave Meltzer. Baba Announces on newspapers that the rematch will be on in April-May.
  • Match Time- 22:51


CC Skip/Norman Smiley/Okuma Vs Momota/Asako/Richard Slinger

  •   Just A Young Lions Vs Veterans Of AJPW type of match.
  • Winners- CC Skip/Norman Smiley/Okuma 
  • Match Time- 11:25


Haruka Eigen/Giant Warrior Vs Abdullah The Butcher/Isamu Teranishi

  • Just a boring bout.
  • Winners- Teranishi/Abdullah 
  • Match Time- 5;00


The Fantastics Vs Billy Black/Joel Deaton

  • Deaton Is Back!!! Billy Black gained some experience for sure as he teamed up with people like Misawa/Tsurata
  • Winners- Billy Deaton/Billy Black
  • Match Time- 11:20


Akira Taue/Jumbo Tsurata/Ogawa Vs Hansen/Dan Spivey/Dean Malenko

  • What An Amazing Match! The Match Was Pretty Solid.
  • Ogawa Suffered A concussion.
  • Match Time- 19;10
  • Winners-Tsuruta-Gun


Kenta Kobashi/Kikuchi Vs Fuchi/Inoue

  • Well,a match where Kobashi Won the people s hearts  as he shone.
  • Match Time-11;07
  • Winners- Kenta Kobashi/Kikuchi


Misawa/Kawada Vs The Funks

  • Misawa proved again why he IS the triple crown champion.
  • The Funks were good but age proved again that the fresh talent in most of the time on top.
  • Kawada and Misawa s relationship is not good for sure,he really wanted that tsurata match.
  • Winners- Misawa/Kawada
  • Match Time- 21:14




Thats it ,Champion Carnival Is coming up! It s going to be fun for sure! the line-up tba!



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                                                                                 AJPW Champion Carnival Lineup


            Block A                                                                       Block B

  • Abdullah The Butcher                                                                   - Akira Taue
  • Dory Funk                                                                                     - Billy Black
  • Dan Spivey                                                                                    - Dean Malenko
  • Joel Deaton                                                                                  - Dan Kroffat
  • Johnny Ace                                                                                    - Johnny Smith
  • Kenta Kobashi                                                                                - Mistsuharu Misawa
  • Toshiaki Kawada                                                                             - Steve Williams
  • Jumbo Tsurata                                                                                 -Stan Hansen
  • Terry Gordy                                                                                      - Terry Funk
  • Tommy Rogers                                                                                   - Doug Furnas


  • Misawa Announces in an interview that he wants to start his reign stormg,so he is putting his Triple Crown title on the line!
  • You can drop your predictions if you want!



Edited  by mateitudu

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                                                                                 AJPW Champion Carnival Lineups


            Block A                                                                       Block B

  • Abdullah The Butcher                                                                   - Akira Taue
  • Dory Funk                                                                                     - Billy Black
  • Dan Spivey                                                                                    - Dean Malenko
  • Joel Deaton                                                                                  - Dan Kroffat
  • Johnny Ace                                                                                    - Johnny Smith
  • Kenta Kobashi                                                                                - Mistsuharu Misawa
  • Toshiaki Kawada                                                                             - Steve Williams
  • Jumbo Tsurata                                                                                 -Stan Hansen
  • Terry Gordy                                                                                      - Terry Funk
  • Tommy Rogers                                                                                   - Doug Furnas


  • Misawa Announces in an interview that he wants to start his reign strong,so he is putting his Triple Crown title on the line!
  • You can drop in here your predictions if you want!



Edited  by mateitudu

Edited by mateitudu
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                                                                                 AJPW Champion Carnival 


                                                                         Night 1


  • Joel Deaton Def Abdullah The Butcher
  • Jackie/Bobby Fulton Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Doug Furnas Def Billy Black
  • Momota/Inoue Def Kimura/Okuma
  • Dan Spivey Def Dory Funk Jr
  • Akira Taue Def Steve Williams (3.50 stars)
  • Misawa Def Terry Funk
  • Unfortunately Misawa got injured while wrestling funk due to a botch. Sadly he won t be able to wrestle for 2 months. That Means the winner gets a nr 1 contender shot and not the titles and misawa will have someone to replace him.


Night 2

  • Kenta Kobashi Def Tommy Rogers
  • Joe Malenko/Abdullah The Butcher Def Momota/Okuma
  • Dan Kroffat Def Johnny Smith
  • CC Skip/Satoru Asako Def Bobby Fulton/Richard Slinger
  • Stan Hansen Def Joe Malenko ( 4 stars)
  • Kawada Def. Tsurata in a 32 min War!


Night 3

  • Johnny Smith Defeats The Great Kabuki,Replacing Misawa!
  • Slinger/Inoue Def Rusher Kmura/Satoru Asako
  • Dan Spivey Def Abdullah The Butcher
  • Johnny Ace Def Terry Gordy
  • Kenta Kobashi/Kikuchi Def Akira Taye/Masanobu Fuchi
  • Jumbo Tsurata Def Tommy Rogers
  • Steve Williams Def Dean Malenko 
  • Will post the standings and the next 3 nights!




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                                                                AJPW Champion Carnival Nights 4-6 + Standings


                                                                            Night 4


  • The Great Kabuki/Abdullah The Butcher Def Haruka Eigen/Giant Warrior
  • Dory Funk Jr Def Johnny Ace
  • Norman Smiley/Richard Slinger Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Kenta Kobashi Def Joel Deaton
  • Akira Taue Def Doug Furnas
  • Stan Hansen Def Billy Black


Night 5

  • CC Skip/Rusher Kimura Def Okuma/Norman Smiley
  • Abdullah The Butcher Def Johnny Ace
  • The Renegade Warriors went to a no contest with Isamu Teranishi and Haruka Eigen
  • Steve Williams Def The Great Kabuki
  • Dan Kroffat Def Terry Funk ( 3.50 stars)
  • Kawada Def Terry Gordy


Night 6

  • Okuma/Teranishi Def Giant Baba/Giant Warrior
  • Tommy Rogers Def Joel Deaton
  • The Renegade Warriors Def Satoru Asako/Richard Slinger
  • Akira Taue Def Dan Kroffat
  • Jumbo Tsurata Def Dory Funk Jr
  • Terry Funk Def Dean Malenko





  • Abdullah The Butcher - 2 points 
  • Dory Funk Jr - 2 points
  • Dan Spivey- 4 points ( -1 match )
  • Joel Deaton - 2 points
  • Kawada-4 points ( -1 match )
  • Johnny Ace- 2 points
  • Tommy Rogers- 2 points
  • Tsurata- 4 points
  • Terry Gordy- 0 points



Block B

  • Akira Taue- 6 points
  • Dan Kroffat- 4 points
  • Billy Black-0 points ( -1 match)
  • Doug Furnas-2 points ( -1 match)
  • Dean Malenko- 0 points
    • The Great Kabuki- 2 points (from misawa lol) ( -1 match)
  • Steve Williams- 4 points
  • Terry Funk- 0 points (-1 match)
  • Stan Hansen - 4 points ( -1 match)
  • Johnny Smith- 2 points (-1 match)




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                                                                AJPW Champion Carnival Nights 7-10 


                                                                            Night 7


  • Johnny Ace/Abdullah The Butcher Def The Renegade Warriors
  • CC Skip/Momota Def Okuma/Bobby Fulton
  • Terry Gordy Def The Great Kabuki
  • Johnny Smith Def Billy Black
  • Stan Hansen Def Doug Furnas (4.25 Stars)


Night 8

  • The Fantastics Def Rusher Kimura/Satoru Asako
  • Masanobu Fuchi/CC Skip Def Giant Warrior/Haruka Eigen
  • Doug Furnas Def Johnny Smith
  • Terry Funk Def Steve Williams (4.25 stars)
  • Kenta Kobashi Def Terry Gordy
  • Dean Malenko Def Akira Taue


Night 9

  • Norman Smiley/Haruka Eigen Def Momota/Teranishi
  • Slinger/Okuma Def Rusher Kimura/Satoru Asako
  • Dory Funk Jr Def Joel Deaton
  • Stan Hansen Def Dan Kroffat
  • Kawada Def Dan Spivey
  • Jumbo Tsurata Def Terry Gordy


Night 10

  • Dan Kroffat Def The Great Kabuki
  • Kawada Def Abdullah The Butcher
  • Dan Spivey Def Tommy Rogers
  • Kenta Kobashi Def Johnny Ace
  • Akira Taue Def Stan Hansen     



Edited by mateitudu
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                                                                AJPW Champion Carnival Nights 11-14


                                                                            Night 11


  • Tommy Rogers Def Johnny Ace
  • CC Skip/Rusher Kimura Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Steve Williams Def Billy Black
  • Jumbo Tsuruta/Fuchi Def Richard Slinger/Satoru Asako
  • Kawada Def Dory Funk Jr
  • Dean Malenko Def Doug Furnas


Night 12

  • Momota/Kikuchi Def Fire Cat/Rusher Kimura
  • Kenta Kobashi Def Abdullah The Butcher
  • Stan Hansen Def The Great Kabuki
  • Dan Kroffat Def Dean Malenko
  • Jumbo Tsuruta Def Dan Spivey
  • Terry Funk Def Johnny Smith


Night 13

  • Momota/Teranishi Def Okuma/Rusher Kimura
  • Dory Funk Jr Def Tommy Rogers
  • CC Skip/Norman Smiley Def Satoru Asako/Richard Slinger
  • Steve Williams Def Doug Furnas ( 4.25 stars)
  • Kawada Def Joel Deaton
  • Akira Taue Def Johnny Smith


Night 14

  • Giant Warrior/Rusher Kimura Def Haruka Eigen/Norman Smiley
  • Akira Taue Def The Great Kabuki
  • Kikuchi/CC Skip Def Momota/Okuma
  • Terry Gordy Def Abdullah The Butcher
  • Dan Spivey Drew with Johnny Ace Due To time limit
  • Terry Funk Def Billy Black



Edited by mateitudu
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                                  AJPW Champion Carnival Nights 15-18+ Announcement about the future of the save


                                                                            Night 15


  • Dam Spivey Def Joel Deaton
  • The Fantastics Def Okuma/Abdullah The Butcher
  • Dean Malenko Def Billy Black
  • Ace N Smith Def Kikuchi/Slinger
  • Dan Kroffat Drew Against Doug Furnas after time limit
  • Jumbo Tsuruta Def Kenta Kobashi


Night 16

  • Norman Smiley/CC Skip Def The Renegade Warriors
  • Abdullah The Butcher Def Tommy Rogers
  • Terry Gordy Def Dory Funk Jr
  • Akira Taue Def The Great Kabuki
  • Steve Williams Def Johnny Smith
  • Terry Funk Stan Hansen


Night 17

  • The Funks Def The Fantastics
  • Dan Kroffat Def Billy Black
  • Johnny Smith Def Dean Malenko
  • Jumbo Tsuruta Def Johnny Ace
  • Kenta Kobashi Def Kawada ( 4 stars )


Night 18

  • Terry Gordy Def Dan Spivey
  • Joel Def Johnny Ace
  • Kenta Kobashi Def Dory Funk Jr.
  • Terry Funk Def Akira Taue
  • Steve Williams went to a no contest with Stan Hansen


  • Just wanted to share a quick but important update with you all. I’ve realized I’m pretty burnt out from the intensity of booking and running the  tours. I’m shifting to posting results every week or two.
  • But here’s the good part - I’m starting a new save! Expect something different and more engaging than ever before.



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