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PCW - Proudstown Championship Wrestling - Local to Global (IRE)

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Proudstown Championship Wrestling

PCW Logo


Pierce Brosnan is proud to announce Proudstown Championship Wrestling. PCW is a new Irish Wrestling Federation, based out of his hometown of Navan, Co. Meath. Pierce has already announced The Fionn mac Cumhaill Tournament where 8 of the top Irish talent will compete to be crowned The High King of Ireland. A preliminary round will be held over the following months to determine the 8 wrestlers who will be invited to the inaugural tournament.

The preliminary round will be run as a Swiss system tournament with 16 competitors. The contenders must prove themselves worthy to enter the tournament and also to stay in PCW. Any wrestler who earns 3 wins moves onto The Fionn Mac Cumhaill tournament. However, any wrestler who loses 3 matches will be released from the company.

The first round of matches will take place on the 3rd Friday in January at PCW Homecoming at Simonstown Gaels Club House. While the Final will take place in December at the season finale, PCW Winter Solstice. 


Butch Armstrong - Calum Black - CT Flexor - Darren Kearney - Dom Tuck - Gavin Fitz - Jay Sammon - Justin Shape - Kev Dunphy - Liam Royal - LJ Cleary - Michael May - Nathan Martin - Paul Tracey  - The Ballymun Bruiser - Tucker


PCW Homecoming


Tickets $3

Darren Kearney  v  Gavin Fitz

Darren Kearney                                     Gavin Fitz


Michael May  v  CT Flexor

Michael May                                      CT Flexor


Paul Tracey  v  Jay Sammon

Paul Tracey                                 Jay Sammon


LJ Cleary  v  The Ballymun Bruiser 

LJ Cleary                                    Ballymun Bruiser



Some housekeeping notes before I start

  • This save is using the Real World: January 2024 mod by TheWho87 as it has a lot of Irish talent
  • Any graphics like posters, title belts, etc. will be designed using Bing AI
  • Currently I have free time and will try to update around 3 days a week
  • I have started with 0 Popularity and will try to grow the company to as big as possible
  • The Company is based in Ireland
  • I added Pierce Brosnan to the database with a high entertainment skills and charisma
  • The Company product is Competitive Entertainment with a loose Face/Heel divide and no women's division (yet)
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PCW Shows

Jan 2024 - PCW Homecoming

Feb 2024 - PCW The Spy Who Pinned Me

March 2024 - PCW Paddys Day Bash

April 2024 - PCW Mamma Mia

May 2024 - PCW The World Is Not Enough - Coming Soon



-------------- warning --------------

Below is the current roster and champions of PCW, it may contain spoilers of future shows. You can click above to go directly to a show if you have not fully read through.

-------------- warning --------------




PCW Current Roster



Niall Fox (Ref) - Pierce Brosnan (CEO) - Rocky Mac (Road Agent)




Butch Armstrong - Callum Black - CT Flexor - Darren Kearney


Dom Tuck - Gavin Fitz - Jay Sammon - Justin Shape


Kev Dunphy - Liam Royal - LJ Cleary - Michael May


Nathan Martin - Paul Tracey - The Ballymun Bruiser - Tucker



High King of Ireland


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PCW Homecoming

Simonstown Gaels Club House - 43 attendance

The small crowd wait in anticipation as the Bond Theme begins to play in the arena. Pierce Brosnan enters the ring to rapturous applause. 


Pierce Brosnan.jpg


Segment featuring Pierce Brosnan - rating 69

Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever PCW event! I want to find the very best wrestler Ireland has to offer. I announced The Fionn mac Cumhaill tournament a few weeks ago with the goal of crowning The High King of Ireland. I got 100s of applicants but 16 men impressed me and over the next few months they will have to prove themselves worthy of a place in the tournament and in PCW. 

These 16 men will compete in a Swiss format competition to qualify for The Fionn mac Cumhaill tournament. Any competitor who wins 3 matches will book their place. However, any man who loses 3 matches will have their contract with PCW terminated. 

Tonight I have put together a number of great matches. So lets start the show with the first match featuring The Next Big Thing Darren Kearney vs The Big Ticket Gavin Fitz!

Darren Kearney.jpg v  Gavin Fitz.jpg

Darren Kearney vs Gavin Fitz - 4:37 - rating 13

In a bout that attempted to steal the show, Darren Kearney made short work of Gavin Fitz picking up the win after hitting the Superkick.  

CT Flexor.jpg  v  Michael May2.jpg 

CT Flexor vs Michael May - 9:46 - rating 20

Despite looking very tired at the end, Gym Freak CT Flexor managed to hit the Flexbomb on Michael may to secure the win.

Paul Tracey.jpg  v  Jay Sammon.jpg

Paul Tracey vs Jay Sammon - 12:28 - rating 28

Surprisingly the mayor of Navan has decided to throw his name into the ring. The Epitome of Nobility entered the ring to a chorus of boos. Tracey picked up the win versus Jay Sammon after hitting the Serf Slayer.

LJ Cleary.jpg  v  The Ballymun Bruiser.jpg

LJ Cleary vs The Ballymun Bruiser - 11:34 - rating 33

LJ Cleary believes he is the future and present of wrestling and he took a step towards proving it tonight as he took down the brawler from Ballymun in the match of the night after hitting the DorkDestroyer.


That concludes tonight's show with a rating of 31. See you all next month for the remaining round 1 matches when PCW presents....

The Spy Who Pinned Me

PCW The Spy Who Loved Me.jpg

Tickets $3


Around the world News

  • Jim Cornette becomes booker of Revolver and releases Rich Swann and Steve Maclin
  • Jeff Jarrett Becomes Booker of OVW, his first show in charge earned a 40 rating
  • Defy expand their women's division with the signings of Ronda Rousey, Mandy Sacs and Macey Estrella


Irish News

  • Over The Top Wrestling sign D'Lo Brown
  • Alex Shane becomes CEO of Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Zack Gibson, Joe Hendry and Sean Guinness are their marquee signings
  • Danny Rodd becomes CEO of No Limit Wrestling. Joe Hendry headlines their signings
  • OTT Stickin' Out was the top show in Ireland with a rating of 45
  • Adam Maxted defeating LJ Cleary with a rating of 49 at OTT Stickin' Out was the match of the month
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PCW The Spy Who Pinned Me

Simonstown Gaels Club House - 46 attendance

We head straight into the action this month with the opening match of


KevDunphy.jpg.91a52da72a9a7df47ef5d9598ae4a8d9.jpg  v  CalumBlack.jpg.793a117cf4209f36850aed52474c3197.jpg

Kev Dunphy vs Callum Black 6:01 - rating 16

In a fast paced match the Undeniable Calum Black takes the victory after hitting Dunphy with The Black Out.  

NathanMartin.jpg.87a5f960ba2fb4b82715b8993e02bdb1.jpg  v  DomTuck.jpg.6c6ef9407cac6565cea9bff920d0bc1d.jpg

Nathan Martin vs Dom Tuck in 9:51 - rating 24

Pyscho Martin put on one of the performances of the night as he put away party animal Dom Tuck after a back and forth match.

JustinShape.jpg.642fc21687f65b461e11d74a9a68ef93.jpg  v  LiamRoyal.jpg.78fbd719d4ec4d00bc4925d458242f66.jpg

Justin Shape vs Liam Royal in 12:22 - rating 31

Gym fantic Justin Shape made Meath's center forward tap out when he locked in Crunch Time to advance to the 1-0 bracket.

Tucker_NIR.jpg.dcbe4f61233aa4edd7798b7eddb34cae.jpg  v  ButchArmstrong.jpg.54fd93b40c79c880db589e6eea50bf14.jpg

Tucker vs Butch Armstrong in 11:48 - rating 27

After an intense back and forth between the two Northern Irish men, Tucker hit the Superkick and secured his first win at PCW.


With Tucker in the ring, Pierce Brosnan comes out to announce that next month's main event will be

JustinShape.jpg.642fc21687f65b461e11d74a9a68ef93.jpg vs  Tucker_NIR.jpg.dcbe4f61233aa4edd7798b7eddb34cae.jpg 


That concludes tonight's show with a rating of 25. See you all next month for the start of the second round of matches when PCW presents....

PCW Paddy's Day Bash


Tickets $3


Around the World News

  • Jim Ross Retires
  • Kevin Owens and Teagen Nox extend with WWE

Irish News

  • Show of the Month: OTT Kings, Monsters and Bastards with a rating of 49
  • Match of the Month: Dunkan Disorderly, PAC and J-Money defeats Terry Thatcher, Bonesaw McGraw and Adam Maxted with a rating of 53
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PCW Where we stand after round 1

The first round of matches in the qualification round to The Fionn mac Cumhaill Tournament. 16 men battle it out to claim the 8 spots in the knockout tournament that will crown the first ever High King of Ireland. That is not all that is on the line though, only the best will stay in PCW, the 8 wrestlers who miss out on qualification will also be let go from the company.

1-0 Record


Darren Kearney - CT Flexor - LJ Cleary - Paul Tracey


Calum Black - Nathan Martin - Justin Shape - Tucker

0-1 Record


Butch Armstrong - Dom Tuck - Gavin Fitz - Kev Dunphy


Liam Royal - Michael May - The Ballymun Bruiser - Jay Sammon


Over the next two months round two of qualification will take place. Those on a 1-0 record have a chance to move onto the 2-0 bracket and be 1 more win away from booking their place in the tournament. Meanwhile it is a must win for those on a 0-1 record, or else they will be 1 more loss away from getting the boot. 

Who will win their round 2 match?

What 8 men will make it all the way to the tournament?

Which two wrestlers will go 3-0?

Which two wrestlers will go 0-3?


Round 2 Matches

1-0 record

CT Flexor vs Darren Kearney

Justin Shape vs Tucker

LJ Cleary vs Calum Black

Nathan Martin vs Paul Tracey

0-1 record

Liam Royal vs Gavin Fitz

Michael May vs Dom Tuck

Ballymun Bruiser vs Kev Dunphy

Butch Armstrong vs Jay Sammon

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PCW Paddys Day Bash

Simonstown Gaels Club House - 51 attendance


We open the show once more to the James Bond Theme. Pierce Bronsan enters the ring with microphone in hand.


Pierce Brosnan explains the situation to the crowd - rating 66

We are now into the second round of matches of the swiss tournament. A lot rides on the matches tonight for the wrestlers. For anyone who is standing on a 1-0 record, if they can pick up a win tonight then they are 1 more win away from qualifying for The Fionn mac Cumhaill Tournament. For those on a 0-1 record however, it is must win tonight or they could be facing a 0-2 match. Meaning they are just 1 defeat away from being shown the door.

We have an exciting card for you tonight and we open with The Big Ticket Gavin Fitz taking on Simontowns own center forward Liam Royal.


LiamRoyal.jpg.8a0994db40f996dce3d5b3f2780a5622.jpg  v  GavinFitz.jpg.fb2597aeb613820c88d1dfc80bdc6f0b.jpg

Liam Royal vs Gavin Fitz - 12:21 - rating 20

Liam Royal made the most of his home town advantage as the crowd lifted him to win after executing a perfect Sideline Kick to earn the pin.  


MichaelMay2.jpg.0bee47979f06cde99c59e81ad4704caa.jpg  v  DomTuck.jpg.fb2d410201451a7bda15f6399a57da90.jpg

Michael May vs Dom Tuck - 09:25 - rating 20

Michael May got caught up playing to the crowd, who was hot after Royal picked up the win in the first match. Dom took full advantage, surprising May with The Hangover, forcing May to tap out. 

CTFlexor.jpg.d23c00eea13380031e287f0e11974260.jpg  v  DarrenKearney.jpg.cd3ff38b6c9e1c22e2b52160649f072b.jpg

CT Flexor vs Darren Kearney - 9:43 - rating 28

CT Flexor continues his dominant run in PCW after hoisting Kearney into the Torture Rack leaving The Next Big Thing with no other option but to submit.

JustinShape.jpg.287849a64cd29dc4b3eb199948d5603b.jpg  vs  Tucker_NIR.jpg.dddbdbe3cd768ef1cf972cfaaf2623a2.jpg

Justin Shape vs Tucker in 14:28 - rating 36

In what was the best match so far in PCW's short history Tucker and Justin traded blows until Tucker hit his Superkick and picked up the win. Moving onto the 2-0 bracket.


That concludes tonight's show with a rating of 32. See you all next month for the remaining round 1 matches when PCW presents....

Mamma Mia


Tickets $3


News Around The World

  • Christy Hemme returns to TNA
  • The Undertaker and Randy Orton leave WWE
  • Bully Ray returns to TNA

Irish News

  • Show of the Month: Scrappermania with a rating of 55
  • Match of the Month: PAC defeats Sammy D and Big Damo in a triple threat for the OTT World Title 59


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  • chr1st0 changed the title to PCW - Proudstown Championship Wrestling - Local to Global (IRE)

PCW Mamma Mia

Simonstown Gaels Club House - 53 attendance

We head straight into the action once again with The Ballymun Bruiser taking on Kev Dunphy

TheBallymunBruiser.jpg.757e95790c32fad652a363faf401f45a.jpg  v  KevDunphy.jpg.d0b48b27ac015542dffeacbc775becde.jpg

Ballymun Bruiser vs Kev Dunphy - 14:26 - rating 24

The match quickly descended into a brawl which suited the Ballymun Bruiser who picked up the win.

ButchArmstrong.jpg.a8bf6aec0e6ffb337f85d6eef67add7f.jpg  v  JaySammon.jpg.c2144e7b91690d24dd12e9db0aa7e714.jpg

Butch Armstrong vs Jay Sammon - 9:52 - rating 17

Jay attempted to hit the Sammon of Knowledge but Butch was able to counter it, locking in the Stretch Armstrong and forcing Sammon to tap out.

LJCleary.jpg.2fd469977e2a8062f5dc75c8fdf4221a.jpg  v  CalumBlack.jpg.21adba9169b9fef14b404301294562de.jpg

LJ Cleary vs Calum Black - 15:20 - rating 28

LJ showed once more why he is the present and future of Irish wrestling as he put on the performance of the night against Black. LJ got the pin after hitting the Dorkdestroyer .

NathanMartin.jpg.d48f1b57029667f8732ba54abed1950a.jpg  v  PaulTracey.jpg.aed65329c469d070f27fce7f1b3d3f7f.jpg

Nathan Martin vs Paul Tracey in 15:13 - rating 27

Paul Tracey is usually good at playing mind games and he tried to goading Martin into making mistakes. However, he wasn't expecting the reaction from Martin. Nathan went into Pyscho mode and hit the Pyscho Slam to pick up the victory.

LJ Cleary comes out to the ring with a microphone in hand. - rating 21


Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, that was impressive. Getting the win over a stalwart of Irish wrestling like Paul Tracey. However, Tracey just doesn't have it anymore and to be honest. He is the past of Irish wrestling and next month you will face the future of wrestling. At PCW The World is Not Enough, you and I go head to head. Winner will become the first man to book their place to The Fionn mac Cumhaill Tournament. That man will of course be me, because....The Future is NOW!

The show closes with LJ standing on the ramp and making a belt gesture around his waist


That concludes tonight's show with a rating of 23. See you all next month when PCW presents....

The World is Not Enough


Tickets $3


Michael May vs Gavin Fitz - Loser leaves the Company

Darrren Kearney vs Butch Armstrong

Calum Black vs Justin Shape

Nathan Martin vs LJ Cleary - Winner qualifies for The Fionn mac Cumhaill Tournament


Around the World News

  • Nothing of note was happening in April

Irish News

  • Show of the Month: OTT Defiant with a rating of 41
  • Match of the Month: Sean Guinness defeats Leon Slater with a rating of 48
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PCW The World Is Not Enough

Simonstown Gaels Club House - 55 attendance

The first match of tonight is a 0-2 match. The loser will be fired from PCW

MichaelMay2.jpg.9e5fee1dd5fdd549cbc07d65c082a503.jpg  v  GavinFitz.jpg.22cc1f36b1ae6a6f3c4f35e22ac1619d.jpg

Michael May vs Gavin Fitz - 12:27 - rating 20

Michael May comes out with a determined look. The bell rings and Fitz stretches out his arm for a hand shake. May obliges which allows Fitz to take control early in the match. May quickly regains composure however and is soon hitting suplex after suplex on Fitz. With Fitz on the mat, May climbs to the top rope looking for May Day but Fitz rolls out of the ring. Michael decides to hit the May Day anyway outside of the ring. He rolls Fitz back into the ring and gets the win.

The Bond Theme begins to play


Pierce Bronsan comes out to the ring and interviews Michael about his match. Michael explains that in his first matches he was complacent but now he is focused and on his day there is nobody who can match him technically in the ring. - rating 35

ButchArmstrong.jpg.a8bf6aec0e6ffb337f85d6eef67add7f.jpg  v  DarrenKearney.jpg.7cd5475386fec3a2b1802a63fa5aa9e2.jpg

Butch Armstrong vs Darren Kearney - 11:56 - rating 26

The following match is in the 1-1 bracket. This match was quite even with both men trading blows until Kearney started to pick up some momentum as the crowd got behind The Next Big Thing. Darren picks up the win after locking in the sharpshooter.

JustinShape.jpg.a0b6c4370edbd197e6c0b13bd95d267c.jpg  v  CalumBlack.jpg.21adba9169b9fef14b404301294562de.jpg

Justin Shape vs Calum Black - 12:48 - rating 31

Another 1-1 match, the undeniable Calum Black started off strong, showing off his power by throwing Justin around the ring. Justin would roll out and try to compose himself. Eventually he baits Black into chasing him outside the ring and that is when he pounces taking control of the match. After some back and forth, trading blows. Justin Shape is able to deal the final blow and pick up the win.

NathanMartin.jpg.d48f1b57029667f8732ba54abed1950a.jpg  v  LJCleary.jpg.2fd469977e2a8062f5dc75c8fdf4221a.jpg

Nathan Martin vs LJ Cleary in 14:48 - rating 23

In the final match of the evening Martin and Cleary battle it out to become the first man to book their place in the knockout stage. Both men go all out, the crowd is buzzing with this match until Martin tries to hit a moonsault from the top rope, LJ rolls out of the way and Martin lands badly injuring his left leg. Cleary takes advantage and locks in the Dorktamer. Martin had no option but to tap out.



That concludes tonight's show with a rating of 23. See you all next month when PCW presents....

Summer Solstice


Tickets $3


Jay Sammon vs Kev Dunphy - Loser leaves the Company

Ballymun Bruiser vs Dom Tuck

Liam Royal vs Paul Tracey

Tucker  vs CT Flexor - Winner qualifies for The Fionn mac Cumhaill Tournament


Around the World News

  • Eric Young leaves TNA

Irish News

  • Show of the Month: Fight Factory Pro Wrestling Red Alert with a rating of 41
  • Match of the Month: LJ Cleary, J-Money & Damien Corvin defeats Sean Guinness & The All Star Sensations (Leighton Buzzard & Sammy D) with a rating of 48
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PCW Summer Solstice

Simonstown Gaels Club House - 57 attendance

The first match of tonight is once again a 0-2 match. The loser will be fired from PCW

JaySammon.jpg.72a1caef39b5fc7231ee6fc891e861bc.jpg  v  KevDunphy.jpg.ed0877b5c75ba9387657d60c51bde164.jpg

Jay Sammon vs Kev Dunphy - 7:24 - rating 19

Kev Dunphy dominated in a short match to keep his place in PCW for another match.

TheBallymunBruiser.jpg.651a2ad682f5d338eb990beca7509042.jpg  v  DomTuck.jpg.c1c1ed6e84b7bd085f8e7a5bacb4f205.jpg

Ballymun Bruiser vs Dom Tuck - 11:39 - rating 23

The party animal Dom Tuck came out feeling the effects of the night before which let Ballymun Bruiser get the upper hand and take the win

LiamRoyal.jpg.1fe3c9e7563122b9593676ca7f4bd107.jpg  v  PaulTracey.jpg.b0adcde46249fb4e9d473d1352189590.jpg

Liam Royal vs Paul Tracey - 11:34 - rating 20

A clash of two locals as the Simonstown center forward takes on the mayor of Navan. In a real back and forth match, Paul Tracey was eventually able to get the upper hand thanks to his year of experience in the ring.

Tucker_NIR.jpg.fa9d17f0c45b141734bdb168838ff851.jpg  v  CTFlexor.jpg.c49e80aa41881c668f981c18f0c219be.jpg

Tucker vs CT Flexor in 10:27 - rating 32


In the second 2-0 match, the wrestling machine Tucker took on the gym freak CT Flexor. In a real clash of styles Flexor dominated the opening of the match with his strength but Tucker was able to dig deep and find the tools to pick up the win.

After the match Pierce Brosnan came out to interview the winner.


Pierce commiserates CT Flexor but says he still has a chance next month when he faces the Ballymun Bruiser in the next round of the preliminary matches. He then congratulates Tucker on his win and joining LJ Cleary in the 8 man bracket. Tucker goes on to say that he is ready to win the tournament and take the title and proudly represent Ireland.



That concludes tonight's show with a rating of 30. See you all next month when PCW presents....

Summer Sesh


Tickets $3


Calum Black vs Dom Tuck - Loser leaves company

Michael May vs Butch Armstrong - Loser leaves company

Nathan Martin vs Justin Shape - Winner joins The Fionn mac Cumhaill Tournament


Around the World News

  • Johnny Gargano leaves WWE and joins ROH
  • Ashley Sebera, Jetta, Marti Belle and Mickey James all retire
  • Edge and Jeff Hardy leave AEW

Irish News

  • Show of the Month: OTT Wrestlerama with a rating of 56
  • Match of the Month: PAC defeats Big Damo to retain the OTT World title with a rating of 62
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