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RAW Rules The World: A Cverse 2022 Production

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Part 1: How I Became Head Booker of RAW, and how we got to the current day

My Name is Cyanide, and I am  a midcard wrestler for RAW. More Importantly however, I am the head Booker and Chief Road Agent of the same company. I was brought in February 2016, after both seeing my work as a wrestler and booker for ZEN and more importantly, RAW having a downturn in fortunes and removing Vincent Victory from the Head Booker Position, thus creating the needed opening for me to jump ship and take the book. It ended up being the best decision for my career. While I know I will never be a star in this company, I can use the best asset, my booking, to bring this company to major heights, and to show that I can book the best wrestling show in the World.

Over the past six years it hasn't just been my career and RAW that had changed, but the entire wrestling world had too, and now the biggest companies on every continent are in a full on arms race with one another, and we are firmly involved with them, something not thought possible when the company was founded back in 2009.

While RAW was never going to be a company for 60 minute epics, and was more often than not Shat on by so called "real" Wrestling fans for being more of a daytime soap opera then a real wrestling company, we  had still grown exponentially and now had an opportunity to become a real force in wrestling, and I will do everything in my power to take it.

 Despite the obstacles we faced, from our two top faces finding fame (Although admittedly without their fame we would never had the means to expand.) and being away from the company in order to cater to their outside ventures, another top face having a horrific two year injury, and losing other major stars to other big companies in America Like USPW and BOH, and 21CW in the British Isles, we looked to show the world that our style could succeed in wrestling beyond our homeland, and that we could become the number 1 company in the world.

We have the financial capital, the star power and more importantly a ever growing fanbase, and now was the time to plant our flag and truly make a statement, and that is exactly what I intend to do.


OOC: So I got the writing bug again. However I decided to go with RAW this time around, for two big reasons. One was it is probably my favourite company in the C-verse, and the first big save I had in TEW on the normal C-Verse database, so it is special to me. The second being that RAW is very close to home, as I am from Western Australia and RAW is a WA company, so it is been something I've wanted to do for a while, and now I have the opportunity to do it justice. I won't be making a commitment to any sort of schedule, I'll just be trying to figure things out as I go, both with the diary and the factors outside it.

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Part 2: The Roster

We have one of the best rosters in the world today, with legitimately over talents everywhere you turn, and young guys just waiting on their chance to be elevated, and so it is up to me to be able to work things out and showcase our roster to it's greatest use.

Major Stars

Captain Wrestling II

A man who has been a massive deal for us since he walked in on the very first day, the Captain has been the most decorated figure to ever work for RAW, winning 5 TV Titles, and Two Tag Team Titles with Kerry Wayne as the Modern Day Warriors, although Kerry has since left the company to find fame in America. In recent years Cap became a Worldwide superstar after landing the lead role in a action movie, and now he splits his time between acting and wrestling, but is still probably second only to Swoop Dogg (Formerly McCarthy) in terms of Money drawing power for us.

Frogue Element

Another guy who'd been around since 2009, Frogue had been someone who'd been a undoubted star of the companies midcard as a face, winning the Quest title 6 times and the tag team titles 3 times, however his biggest success came when he turned heel, got himself a new manager and went to the top of the card, winning the TV title. Although he has since lost the title, Frogue remains a top heel, and is also one of the best in ring workers not just in RAW, but on the entire continent. A great asset to have at the top of my cards.

Luke Steele

The main Monster heel since he also walked through the door in 2009, Steele has been a force since day one, being the perfect foil for our main babyfaces to play off of and has captured the TV title 4 times, and has been a reliable heat magnet which the crowd love to hate, and he takes full pleasure in being the monster for their guys to overcome. He should be here and give me a amazing heel until he retires.

RAW TV Champion Nicky Champion

No, you aren't misreading this, Nicky Champion, sick of the chaos and turmoil that had clouded over USPW, had left and wanted to go far away, eventually deciding to join us in 2019. He not only brings us some amazing name recognition for fans over in America, Canada and Britain, but has also gotten hugely over with the Australian Crowd, to the point he became the first non Australian TV champion, and now is the genuine number 3 babyface in the company. If Myself and The ASN ever seriously consider expanding, you'd best believe Champion will be a massive part in it.

Swoop Dogg (McCarthy)

The former Swoop McCarthy was already a massive name in RAW, but when he dropped a Rap album and it became a bestseller, he became a true worldwide Megastar, and now spends just as much time with us as his band. He is still our figurehead and most important wrestler when here however, emphasised by his 4 TV title wins, as well as his contract, a massive $750,000 agreement that kept him on the books until 2025. The biggest star in Australian Wrestling history, I'm certainly glad he's on my team.

The Bad Truckers (Big Rig And Diesel Dan)

Two men signed in 2017 when we did our best to kill DIW, the two Truckers have surpassed even our high expectations and have become genuine main eventers, and their intimidating, massive frames make for great contrasts in comparison for every model looking babyface that opposes them at the top of the card. A great team to have for both the Present and Future.



Raw Quest Champion Barney Mason

Mason is someone we signed from one of our Domestic competitors, Athletic Empire/AE, and has quickly become a chosen one for the fans, with a massive wave of support combined with 2 Quest title wins in his first year. Expect him to become a favourite to rise into the main event scene very quickly, as he has all the tools we could need to promote him as a star.

Buckminster Snark

My very first signing as head booker in 2016, Snark debuted as Karl Wayne, another Wayne family cousin but one that seemingly untied the Wayne's, but secretly he and his manager were faking it, using the name to get ahead in RAW, and eventually Snark was the one chosen to send Kerry out, launching him up the card and giving him a shot at becoming a true main eventer.

Loxley Robbins

For years the Number 3 babyface, Robbins's 2 year injury hiatus had slowed him down, and others had moved past him, but he keeps the ratings up when Captain and Swoop aren't around, and even after all the tribulations with Injury, managed to win a second TV title in 2020, almost 8 years after his first, although he is far more limited than previously.


A man who for most of his run had been thought of as a Tag team guy, Scraper got his chance when partner Manhunter left for America, and took it with both hands, winning the TV title and becoming the first ever RAW Triple Crown winner, and even got a second reign beating Robbins for the gold, although that reign ended thanks to Captain Wrestling. Another Monster heel to add to the top end of cards.


Well Known


A man who was the star of the RAW midcard from the very start, he was the first Quest champion and held that belt a further 5 times, while also creating a iconic feud with Frogue Element over that belt. However just as he looked certain to move into the main event as a heel, he suffered a massive neck injury, robbing him of a year of his career. When he came back he was playing face, and due to that as well as him not being as good as he used to be thanks to the injury, he now sits at the crossroads of his career, with potential to either climb back up or slide right back down.

JT Ace

Another Man we poached from AE, Ace has done well for himself, winning the Quest title in 2020 and looks to be a future star with his look, charisma and Presence, but there is some drawbacks to him, namely that he is pretty terrible in the ring and even in a company not known for it's ring work he and his partners in the Land of The Giants faction are some of the weakest members of the roster in ring. However he should still go on to do great things for us.

Mister Hyde

Another Poaching from AE, but Hyde also worked for ZEN, and with him working for two very different companies he grew leaps and bounds as a performer. He only debuted with us in 2020, after he felt he completed his runs in both of those companies, and when he did he became the muscle for my group, Skullduggery. The two of us had a tag title reign in 2021, and we work well together so it shouldn't be our last. Hyde does have potential to be a solo star though, so keep a eye on him.

Montgomery Croft

Croft was at the top of the card for us for many years, with his rich snob character being a instant heat magnet, winning two TV titles in 2012 and 15, but then he badly broke his arm and needed time off. When he came back we needed to make new top faces, so Croft had to be used to build them up, and by the time he got a second big injury he had dropped down to the midcard. The injury was a blessing in disguise though, as the time off freshened him up and let him become a 2 time quest champion, and become the new owner of the Liberteen Faction/Boyband.

Nicky Gilbert

Gilbert had caught some bad breaks over the past few years, he had taken the quest title 3 times from 2017 to 19, tried to crack the main event scene by feuding with Swoop McCarthy, but had lost every single Key match in the feud and dropped back down the card, added another Tag title to his resume with Tombstone to go along with his 4 from Rod Sullivan, got back into the main event but lost another brutal feud with Nicky Champion and dropped back down to the midcard, but he could easily get back up to the level he was at.

SubUrban Legend

A man who benefitted from a tag team and then Feud with Frogue Element, while joining the Element vs Echo feud, Legend has become a 3 time Tag Champion and a 1 time quest champion, but while Frogue is a Main Eventer, Legend isn't too far behind and is more or less just waiting for us to pull the trigger on him because he is more than ready.


The other man we picked up from DIW when we were trying our best to kill the company, Tombstone has settled in well in RAW, and with associations with The Truckers and Nicky Gilbert, he certainly has avenues to climb further up the card, but for now his spot with Gilbert or as a Quest Title Challenger is a good place to be.

Turner Crash

Crash came onto the scene in 2017, and has been a massive part of the shows ever since. He plays a strange "Wrestler Hunter" Gimmick, hosting his own TV show called "Crash Course in Wrestling" where he attacks other wrestlers backstage in order to "tame" them. Doing this with exaggerated Aussie slang and humour has allowed him to get solidly over with the crowd, and show how tough he is when he takes massive bumps backstage or gets locked in painful submissions, allowing Crash to gain fan support.

RAW Tag Team Champion Will Beaumont 

Beaumont is the rising star of RAW, and now has the opportunity to become a true breakout star. Originally part of the Liberteen faction, he became so popular, especially with the female demographic that watches these shows, and now has been protected with particularly favourable booking, including winning the tag titles with another former member of Liberteen, and forming the three amigos with his partner and another man with history with Liberteen.

The Melbourne Blondes (Blake Belushi and Rick Stantz)

The Blondes have been the backbone of the tag division on the face side since they signed from APW in 2010, and had won 4 tag team titles, showing their longevity as a team and their continued overness with the fans. They had requested to go solo and break the team up, but we had denied that request consistently, and sadly that seemed to leave Stantz without motivation, as he had gotten out of shape and now they are at a crossroads, keep going, split up or fade into the background.

The Wayne Family (Kal and Kian Wayne)

These two have been Waynes since they walked into RAW, and now both of them are without the man that bought them in, Kerry. However the two will continue to represent the Wayne name, but Kian easily has more potential, as shown with his quest title win, however they are another cornerstone of the midcard and will be important for some time to come.

The Master Minds (Quizzical Mark Question and Quiz Master)

If the Blondes are the Backbone on the face side, The Master Minds are the Heel backbone in the tag division. Regular tag champions in the early years, and both even got Quest title runs to see if a singles run would work. However over the past few years the team was more used to put others over and for comedy, but with the fans finding them genuinely funny they got another tag title reign, and will remain a backbone for the division until they both hang them up, while question also does agent work for us.


Christian Blithe

Blithe had been brought in in June 2017, and he is a solid worker with the ability to wrestle and brawl, and look good while doing it. Blithe spent a few years being a smug heel getting destroyed by the faces, before turning face after a enjoyable few weeks of skits trying to join Liberteen, then joining up with Beaumont and forming the Three amigos stable.


I already went over my background, so all I will say is I lead the Skullduggery stable, with Hyde as my tag partner and we have captured the tag titles. We recently lost them, but this group should very well still be a force in the midcard for many years to come, and should hopefully establish both Hyde, and the man that I call my Heir.

Damian Dastardly

Damian had been a worldwide star thanks to ZEN and it's various spin offs around the world, and with him accomplishing literally everything he could do in that company he made the step up and joined us, becoming the newest member of my group, and the one with the most potential to become a breakout star, alongside Hyde. He hadn't done much yet, but that will come with time.

Ekuma The Hawaiian Strong Man

More simply just Ekuma, he was another signing from America, this time from the SWF, although he has been far more of a midcard gatekeeper, however that suits him and he has been far more credible with us mostly due to his size and ability to believably stand across from some of the other monster heels on this roster.

Nathan McKenzie

A man we took from APW, McKenzie had all of the tools to be a star, but he was stuck with a winning streak, as in he would constantly beat everyone on his level, but wasn't ever going to elevate beyond his current level, and by the time the streak ended the fans cheered it being over, and the fans had just grown tired of big Mac, and now he sits directionless in the midcard.

RAW Tag Team Champion Tye The Innovator

We took Tye from CEW to replace Will in Liberteen, and being the best actual in ring worker in the boy band, he tended to wrestle the lions share of the matches so the others didn't get exposed, however with the purchase of the band by Croft, Tye rebelled and joined up with Blithe and Beaumont, and even has become a tag champion with Will, so bright things may just be in his future.


The biggest success of the Hardcore company SHA, or Shocking Hardcore Action, Tyrant had done enough to gain our attention and had signed for us in 2020, and has been slowly but surely developing in the shadows while gaining a following, and should at least develop into a serviceable midcarder for us. 

God's Gift (Alexander Banks and Spiffy Stan Standish)

A team that we also brought in from APW, God's Gift suffered from the RAW Fans seeing them as nothing but a Brat Pack Rip-off, and unfortunately for the Perth Playboy and Triple S they have never been able to get over that rough start, and now they sit directionless in the midcard, waiting for an opportunity to do something with their obvious talent.

Liberteen (CJ, Frankie and George Liberteen)

The last remaining members after the Croft Purchase, these three have been a important part of the roster and have gone from a annoyance to a genuine violent threat, especially against all of the three amigos, and all three have roles in the faction. Frankie is the "Bad boy" the most popular of the team, CJ is responsible for dance routines, and George handles the vocals when they actually have to produce music. These three should continue to be good heat with the crowd while they are still young.

The Himalayas (K2 and Sagarmatha)

Two absolute mountains among men, the two big men certainly live up to that billing, standing at 7 ft and 7'5 respectively, they certainly fit the monster heel body type, and why shouldn't they when they are nephews of one of the best big men ever, Bruce The Giant. However there is a drawback to the their amazing looks, as the two of them are comfortably the worst workers in the company, and even in RAW it is noticeable how bad they are. Not their fault, their uncle pulled them out before they were ready, and to be fair they have done ok with a tag title win.

The Wave Runners (Jesse Tasman and Surfer Dude Lucas)

Yet another team poached from AE, Tasman and Lucas have only just shown up but will look to be instant standouts in the tag division, as they did for AE before us. Tasman and Lucas both have future singles star written all over them, but for now the Wave Runners should be a lock to be tag champions at some point in the future for us.


Felix Harding

Once a young prospect willing to do whatever was asked and looking like a perfect underdog face, over the years he has bulked up and turned into a bit of a dick, complaining about his booking and hitting on fans after the show, and with him not looking like a underdog it leaves us with a real dilemma of how long to tolerate him.

Matty Willis

Willis had a decent future with his sister Rose and Brodie Lachlan, but when Rose left the company under a cloud involving Echo, and Brodie Chose to follow her out the door, Willis wanted to leave too, but found no interest in him, and so he came back and has done nothing but job for us since.

Richie Fox

Another Poaching From AE, Fox has not and probably wont move up to being a main event star ever, but has been a solid hand to hover around the low midcard/opening match slot.


We brought him in again during 17, in what was supposed to be a big man little man team with Sexxy SJB, but the team didn't click and SJB got fired, so now Sulphur is just a 40 year old jobber heading to retirement.

Sydney Stampede

A young prospect, this kid will probably be developing in the background and waiting for his chance to move up the card. We will assess this case again in the future.

Polycythaemia (Bloodsport and Blood Brother)

Two guys brought in from DIW, they are pretty far away from natural RAW workers, but they do a good job and have joined up with me, Hyde and Dastardly in my faction, so they might have a shot a becoming a decent midcard team.

The 3AM Boys (Matt Stoppard and Marcus Kerr)

These lads haven't been able to rise above the lower midcard for us, and now remain firmly in the opening slot. Both of them have been partial to the idea of working in Japan, and if they keep up with their drug usage and turn up to more shows high, then I might have to consider letting them go.

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Part 3: Champions

RAW Television


Nicky Champion

Defeated Luke Steele in October 2021

84 Day Reign

5 Successful Defences

RAW Quest


Barney Mason (2)

Defeated Montgomery Croft in November 2021

35 Day Reign

2 Successful Defences

RAW Tag Team


Tye and Beaumont

Defeated Cyanide and Mister Hyde in November 2021

42 Day Reign

2 Successful Defences


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Part 4: Storylines

TV Drama

Nicky Champion came to RAW to prove to his fans that honour still exists in wrestling, and has used the TV title to show it. Unfortunately for him there are men less noble then he is, and men like Luke Steele, Skyscraper and The Bad Truckers have been out to take the Title by any means necessary. Captain Wrestling has had his back so far, but the 5 time champion has let Champion know he still wants the belt for the sixth time too.

Swoop vs Frogue

This story started while Swoop was on a show called "So you wanna be a rap star?" where Frogue attacked him while he was performing live, smashing his throat with a mic stand and crushing his throat. Element hasn't shut up since that time, and now the fans want Swoop to get his revenge on Frogue and beat him in the middle of the ring.

Robbins vs Snark

Ever Since Snark was revealed he has been on a tear, however this is his biggest feud to date. If he can beat Loxley Robbins, a former 2 time TV champion, then it might be time to start acknowledging he may be in line for his own TV title shot sooner than later.

Mason vs Croft

With these two going to war with each other over the quest title, both men have formed alliances and friendships, Mason with the Three Amigos and Croft with his purchase of Liberteen. This has seen them both become 2 time quest champions and now the two look to end their feud and move on towards other things.

Amigos vs Liberteen

These Six have been on the warpath with each other since Tye's rebellion and Blithe's rejection, with the Amigo's having to fight off violent attacks from the Liberteen Gang, which has gone from a minor headache into a full force attack on them, and now they have the tag championships that job will only get harder as the Liberteens make use of Croft's investment in them.

Tyrant And The Waynes vs The Land Of Giants

Tyrant had been fighting the Giants alone and not having much successes, but the Waynes, determined to represent the family name with pride, decided to help him out, even if Ace, K2 and Sagarmatha destroyed them and left them laying. We know the Waynes don't back down, and it seems like Tyrant is cut from that same cloth, but will they be forced into submission by the Giants of Raw?

Number 1 Contenders

The Tag Team titles have always been a foundation of Raw and hotly contested, and it seems headed in 2022 that won't be changing, as four teams have all staked their claims. Skullduggery were the former champions and want a rematch, while The Melbourne Blondes are one of the most successful teams of all time and believe their pedigree warrants it. The Wave Runners are the New kids off the block, looking to make instant impact in their new company, but Tombstone and Gilbert are Veterans who don't like the idea of the new generation stealing their spots.

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I love RAW, and Aussie pro wrestling in general has been a recent fixation of mine with some epic diaries being posted in that realm, so I can't wait to see how you tackle this company and the fun storylines you can book! This version of RAW is one I don't know as well and am excited to get to know to an extent, and as a huge Damian Dastardly mark I hope he gets rocketed to the MOON! 

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5 hours ago, knkmaster69 said:

I love RAW, and Aussie pro wrestling in general has been a recent fixation of mine with some epic diaries being posted in that realm, so I can't wait to see how you tackle this company and the fun storylines you can book! This version of RAW is one I don't know as well and am excited to get to know to an extent, and as a huge Damian Dastardly mark I hope he gets rocketed to the MOON! 

Thanks for the comment. RAW has been a company that I have loved for a while, and with quite honestly an embarrassment of riches on this roster, we should do pretty well for ourselves here.

As for Old Damian, he certainly has the makings of a great cocky heel doesn't he, and with time certainly on his side at just 29, he should do pretty solid for himself, especially for the fact he is in Cyanides stable, and things can move very quickly in a place like RAW, so Damian might find himself in Sink or Swim territory pretty quick, but given his stats and solid worldwide pop I think he'll do alright for himself.

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Part 5: RAW Power EP 1 2022

Our Night starts off with Nicky Champion and his wife Persephone are getting out of a limo, dressed to the nines like he always is, and making his way into the arena, where he is met by Autumn Gleeson, the GM of RAW, who begins to talk to him about the TV Title and his plans for it. She asks Nicky if either he or his wife can give Australia's favourite GM or the fans any potential insight into the announcement regarding the title, but Champion says as much as he'd like too, he can't do that. Champion walks further down the hall and bumps into the man that has had his back in recent weeks, Captain Wrestling II. Cap and Champion shake hands, before Captain Asks when Nicky will be making this grand announcement, and Nicky says after the Main event. We then cut to the ring for our first piece of in ring business for tonight.

8 Man Tag

Barney Mason and The Three Amigos vs Montgomery Croft and Liberteen

Kicking off RAW in 2022, Barney Mason and The Three Amigos went to war with the Liberteens and their Owner Montgomery Croft, and the match was a solid enough showing for all of them. Both Mason and Croft lead their teams well, with Mason using his power to dictate terms to the opposition and allow his more high flying teammates to get their shots in, while Croft inspired his boys to cheat and take every opportunity they could, but eventually the match breaks down, and CJ Liberteen and Mason are the last two in the ring. Mason Locks in the Full Nelson, and CJ barely even puts up a fight before tapping out.

However the match was secondary to Croft at this point, and he sneaks back into the ring, takes the quest title from the hands of the official, and blasts Mason in the head with it. Together with Frankie and George, the three try to continue the beatdown, but Beaumont, Tye and Blithe Manage to drive them from the ring as Mason gets back up, and puts out a challenge for the retreating band. Croft will pick 2 of his boys, and they face him and the tag champions in a six man tag, with the winning team either getting title shots or being banned from them as long as the champions hold them. Croft agrees, picking Frankie and George, and telling the champions he'll see them at Attitude on Friday.

Kian and Kal vs Polycythaemia (Bloodsport and Blood Brother)

Kal and Kian are looking to represent the Wayne Name well, and with opposition coming from all angles at the Wayne family, they need to prove they aren't just Kerry's brothers, and they took a step towards that against two members of Skullduggery. Bloodsport and Brother are still clearly trying to figure things out, and they stood no chance against two veteran talents like the Wayne brothers, who eventually picked up the win, with Kal hitting the Belly to Belly on Bloodsport to get the 3 count.

Post match Kian and Kal have barely gotten the chance to soak in the victory, when the music of the Land of the Giants faction hits, and out come Bruce the Giant, K2, Sagarmatha and JT Ace come out to tell them that the beatdown they gave them and Tyrant was just the beginning, and that beating them would be the launch pad they need to become true stars. The Wayne Brothers, say that Tyrant may not be a Wayne, but he has the spirit of them and now the three of them can take the fight to them, and that begins with Kal taking on Ace on Friday night. Ace Accepts, and says Kal just made massive mistake trying to slay a Giant.

The Wave Runners vs God's Gift

The Wave Runners were the newest signings to RAW and were looking to make an immediate Impact, and they could do so with a match against the crafty veteran team of God's gift. Banks and Standish used every single veteran trick in the book, from distracting the referee to eye gouges to even a low blow, but eventually the youngsters Tasman and Lucas fought through it all, and managed to show their skills off, and the match shockingly ends with Lucas pinning Standish clean with the Wipe Out, their finisher, for a win in their first RAW match.

Post Match the Runners celebrate, but this doesn't go on long as Gilbert and Tombstone storm down the ramp and attack the two youngsters, trying to teach them a harsh lesson, that they are the top of the pecking order when it comes to the tag division. The beating goes on for a little while, before the Melbourne Blondes come down to try and save the youngsters, however then Cyanide and Mister Hyde come out to fight the blondes, and eventually all eight men brawl until officials separate them, but it is clear that there is a deep divide in the tag division between four teams that all want shots at the tag titles.

After a commercial Break, Buckminster Snark Comes out to once again gloat about faking his way into the Wayne Family, and running Kerry out to America, but then turns serious, stating that Loxley Robbins had tried to turn his sights to him, but that he lost that right after he fell into irrelevance, and now no one would make his name on his, but if he wanted to learn some things, than he should sit down and take some notes, because then he might be able to do something against him.

Buckminster Snark vs Matty Willis

Willis never even had a prayer, as Snark took him apart from pillar to post, and mercifully Snark, after extending it longer than he really needed too, hit Willis with a Snark bite and pinned him to end this glorified squash match.

Following the match Snark Decides it isn't enough, and that he wants to beat him down some more, but as he set him up for another Snark Bite, Loxley's music hit and he sprinted to the ring, and the two exchanged strikes until Loxley manages to clothesline  Snark over the ropes, before getting on the mic, stating that Snark is just another guy who's gotten on what he thinks is a hot streak, but he's about to find out that when you step to a main eventer, you'd best be ready to back up your talk.

Frogue Element vs Nathan McKenzie

This match came about after McKenzie wanted one more opportunity to avenge the loss of his streak to Frogue, but unfortunately for him Frogue was just the better man, and unlike then, McKenzie had been noticeably lacking confidence and Frogue used that to his advantage, managing to dodge the Spear and sending Big Mac headfirst into the turnbuckles, before following up with the Fro Splash for the pinfall victory.

After quickly dumping McKenzie out to the floor, Frogue got on the mic and started to again run his mouth, like the trash talker he is, about Swoop Dogg and how he will never be seen in RAW again, and with the end of the Dogg days comes the era of Element, when suddenly Swoops familiar entrance song Straight Outta Melbourne Starts playing, and Frogue looks to be in shock, he turns his head towards the entranceway, but Swoop comes through the crowd as they explode for their hero. Frogue tries to fight but Swoop hits three right hands and the picks him up, and drops him with the running Powerslam, before picking up the mic and saying three words, "I'm Back Bitch". Before throwing the mic down and leaving, to the continued adoration of the crowd.

Main Event

Luke Steele vs Ekuma

In a battle of Behemoths, Steele showed that he was still dominant, but Ekuma showed that he could stand up to some of the biggest guys on the roster and not back down, managing to put Steele on the back foot many times, however Steele was able eventually to just brutalise Ekuma, locking in the Steele Crusher, and eventually with nowhere else to go, Ekuma was forced to tap out, giving Steele his first win of 2022.

Following the match Nicky Champion made his way out, and Steele stuck around, apparently wanting to hear what Champion wanted to say. Champion started off by talking about what a honour it was to be the TV champion, and how he had tried his best to restore honour to this title, but over the past number of months it's been open season on him, from guys like Steele and Skyscraper, to tag teams like the Truckers, to even Captain Wrestling all want to knock him off the perch. Champion said in his younger days it might have bothered him, but now he simply doesn't care, and he will be sure to knock down everyone that dares to step to him. He closes the show by saying that he and Captain Wrestling will team up on the next edition of Power to face the Bad Truckers, and that if anyone wanted to step up to him, then they better not miss. The announcer remark that Nicky might be Playing a very dangerous game with men like Steele, Scraper and the Truckers, but they also doubt that Champion cares all that much, as he stares down Steele, the man he took the title from to close out the first RAW show of 2022.


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I just finished catching up. I'm still processing that Nicky Champion is in RAW. I'm not a big Nicky Champion fan and I still don't know if I like it or not, but it's different than what I was expecting in a RAW diary. Other than that it's great to have a RAW diary. There have been really good diaries from Oceania lately and this one is a little bit easier to follow from the start for me because RAW is the company I know the most, although I've never played a save with RAW.

I think Ekuma fits perfectly in your roster and I like that he was in the first Main Event even if he was losing. Damian Dastardly is a great signing, that guy is really good. Frogue vs Swoop was the storyline that caught my attention when reading what starting storylines you have and also Frogue's match and the post-match segment is what I liked the most in the first show, so I'll be following that storyline closely.

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6 minutes ago, newbiezness said:

I just finished catching up. I'm still processing that Nicky Champion is in RAW. I'm not a big Nicky Champion fan and I still don't know if I like it or not, but it's different than what I was expecting in a RAW diary. Other than that it's great to have a RAW diary. There have been really good diaries from Oceania lately and this one is a little bit easier to follow from the start for me because RAW is the company I know the most, although I've never played a save with RAW.

I think Ekuma fits perfectly in your roster and I like that he was in the first Main Event even if he was losing. Damian Dastardly is a great signing, that guy is really good. Frogue vs Swoop was the storyline that caught my attention when reading what starting storylines you have and also Frogue's match and the post-match segment is what I liked the most in the first show, so I'll be following that storyline closely.

Thanks For the Comment once again. Yeah Frogue and Swoop is real easy to book, because both guys are absolute charisma machines and can work too, so you can imagine how fun it's gonna be to write promos for those guys.

Regarding Old Nicky, I haven't really figured out a character for him in previous saves whenever I played with USPW, so having him out of USPW is making it far easier because it's a blank slate for me to put my own spin on the Champion character.

RAW's always fun to play, and with my experience booking it on the Default Database I can bring some of my own flair to one of my favourite Cverse companies.

Hope your SWF save goes well, always found them tricky to book in the default data, if that's what your using, so I wish you the best of luck on that.

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2 hours ago, Toby0618 said:

Hope your SWF save goes well, always found them tricky to book in the default data, if that's what your using, so I wish you the best of luck on that.

Thank you I hope you'll enjoy it, I'll start posting very soon. Yes I'm using the default database. I only made minor changes like a shorter duration of SWF's broadcasting deals and now USPW owns Reverie and not the other way. I learned that from @angeldelayette's USPW diary and I think it's better that way as it works much better and fixes some problems.

Booking SWF is so challenging and I had to start over a couple of times until I figured out how to balance a save that is intended for a diary with that difficulty level.

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