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New Mod Idea - Like it or Dislike it ?.

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First of all , this is just an idea and i won't start a mod unless alot of people really like it , i wil use the Cornellverse and add about 100 characters as well. The mod is set around family , read on for more info. Oh, and this mod is set 10 years from now in 2016. [B]--------------------------------------------------------[/B] Brian Turret is a life long wrestling fan and since the age of 8 he has allways dreamed of becoming a wrestler for the SWF. His dreams were shattered when he was run over by a car in 1997 and his leg was broken in 17 places. Since then he has had a new dream , to raise his children to become wrestling stars. In 2009 all of Brians children had passed the age of 20 and had all learnt the elements of wrestling and all except one had chosen to have a career in wrestling. - Brian Turrets first son was Shawn Turret who was 28 in 2009. He allways had the closest relationship with his father out of all of Brians children and was very eager to be a good wrestler when he was young. Shawn became known around the Independent scene for his almost flawless technical skills and his talent with the microphone and was picked up by TCW in early 2008. Now , Shawn is the current TCW International Champion. - Brian's second son was named Jackson Turret who was 26 in 2009. Jackson hanged with the wrong crowd when he was young and had a fallout with his dad in his teenage years and ran away. Since his teenage years he decided to get back on good terms with his father by starting a career in New York City Wrestling as a Manager in 2007. He then got signed by British Promotion , MOSC and has been there since. - Brian then had a daughter , Jessica Turret who has quickly become one of the best talents in womens wrestling. She joined Shawn Turret in mid 2008 at TCW and has earned lots of respect for wrestling men. She has even won the tag team titles with brother Shawn but since then has been used as a Valet for Shawn. - The most succesful wrestler in the Turret family was 24 in 2009. Paul Turret was immediately signed to SWF for his great looks and technical ability. He quickly rised to the top and became a World Champion in late 2008 but lost the title only 2 months after to another new talent , Harry Thompson. He is one of the most well known wrestlers in America and has helped his family become the famous family it is today - The youngest child was Jemma Turret. Jemma unfortuantely was allways getting into trouble and allthough she learnt some wrestling she had an attitude with her father and she left for Australia where she currently is editor of one of the most succesful Australian Magazines , 'Womans Day'. With the majority of the family becoming extremely succesful in wrestling , Brian Turret felt it was time for a new 'dream'. His dream was to create a new wrestling promotion with his family. -------------------------------------- I'll update this with what happens by 2016 but just tell me if you like the idea so far..
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