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Question about Talent Sharing

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I realise that we cannot have another companies champion defend his/her blt against one of our workers, however, are we able to defend our belts against the shared workers? I know it may sound stupid, but i only ask because 3CW recently brought over Takeshi Morishima and Mohammed Yone for a few dates (with someone from 3CW going to NOAH, so it's like the talent exchange thing) and had them in the 3CW Heavyweight title match, and actually put the belt on Takeshi Morishima, yes they had him lose it before the talent exchange was over. I would really like to see this option available, simply because, if i was to bring in Liger on a talent exchange (with TNA or WWE), i'd love to put the X Division or Cruiserweight belt on him to help push an up and coming worker into the belt thanks to a big victory
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