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Forumverse Poser Request

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Yes, another Forumverse thread. Basically, I've got some characters which need Poser pictures, 7, to be precise. What I'm looking for is some renders in their original sizes, not scaled down to 150x150, and I don't really mind who has a go at them, but hopefully, whoever has time. Unfortunately, there are a few necessities on what their character looks like. Details are below. [I]Demon - resembles Abyss from TNA, but only build and hair wise. Mask is not necessary.[/I] [I]C-Davidson - hardcore wrestler, but very small. Bit like Nunzio in size, but the rest is up to whoever makes it.[/I] [I]Matt Acid - looks like Kurt Cobain and the build of Randy Orton[/I] [I]Johnny Thunder - resembles Chris Sabin's new look of short hair and blonde streaks. If streaks aren't possible, then normal blonde is fine.[/I] [I]The Hardcore Messiah - Think of Raven from his ECW days. Something like that really.[/I] Robby Narrow - resembles Batista with his current hair length. Streets Wilson - this one could be the toughest. He is an American, but always wears a judo outfit. To whoever has a go at them, thank you in advance, but just fit them in whenever you have time. Original sizes are a must really, 488x602 is what I think it is. If anyone can do these pictures. it would be [B]greatly[/B] appreciated.
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