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  1. Hello, if you are one of the people receiving this message, I just got the go-to to ask for your permission to use your renders that were seen as free pictures in the AltCverse 2022 mod. I plan on using this on a mod I am creating called The GoldVerse 1985, which is supposed to be a series of mods (1993, 1997, 2006, 2016, and in between 2025-2028). So I'm basically asking permission for all of these mods. So will you be allow me to us some of your renders for workers in that mod?

    1. hollywoodshinebox


      Yes to everything.

  2. Joy Ryder Libertad Americana Jenny Ignition Hollywood Bret Starr Seth Whitehead
  3. Good work, do you have the Aaron Andrews render in png? I love it so much.
  4. Been away since FM dropped, let's see if I have any will to fire up tew and "create" more renders.
  5. He's a big name for what is the wrestling community, which are the ones buying all this stuff at the end of the day, even more in the case of AEW where there isn't yet the same casual appeal of other brands. A lot of people who accompany AEW know who Ospreay is and if they didn't know they got to when he showcased himself big time with the company. That's also why almost every time he got great reactions from the crowds, he didn't get crickets.
  6. That's not the case here tho. The only problem is how they announced and him being very familiar face like you said. If he was the Devil it would be a total different story.
  7. I know they eat this stuff up, that's why guys like Nolan are so popular even if they are very very flawed. That's why I also said the target audience is way bigger than me. Just writing my opinion, because I like to write. I don't necessarily hate it, I'm a OC fan after all, but what was like a novelty and really in your face gimmick but yet very subtle too, now has the companion of not so subtle at all cartoonish gimmicks that are inserted into the main event. It is what it is.
  8. Jay White is such a chump now. Thanks Tony Ima go out on a limb and say these way too gimmicky things doesn't cut for me that much and I know that the target audience is way bigger than me. Characters are important, no doubt, but there are characters and characters. I see people talk about Daniel Garcia's dance, Toni Storm, Rod and etc like "finally we have characters" and to me this is bush league through and through and feels like people don't understand subtle characters even if they hit them in the mouth.
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