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  1. Selfishly I think this is a great idea, I've gotten spoiled by the default databases re-rendering so it's quite jarring going back to one of my favourite databases and it being the default art style
  2. Is there a chance we get EPW in the RWC? It's Australias 3rd biggest company, bigger then Rampage (which I love being in the mod btw) and I don't think any new workers would need to be added, only a few if any.
  3. @Scott Zodiac Absolutely feel free to use anything of mine in any of your creative work, no credit required.
  4. Love these, that Emerald Angel is probably my favorite one to be posted here, what prompt did you use for the Gakusha graphic?
  5. Not sure what pops me more, Jack Bruce debuting or the fact he comes out to Judas!
  6. TCW Presents: Total Wrestling Preview Week 2, January The Elite vs The Syndicate (Doc Hammond & Chris Flynn) Comments: Sammy Back vs Maverick Comments: The Elite vs Benny & The Foxx Comments: Mighty Mo vs Killer Shark Comments:
  7. TEW.com TCW Presents Total Wrestling: A Ringside Review - Brian Seltzer In an evening filled with high stakes and higher tensions, TCW's latest episode of "Presents Total Wrestling" unfolded with the drama and athleticism that fans have come to crave. Here's how I saw the action and drama unfold, segment by segment. Pre-Show Kickoff: The night started on a mixed note with Kyle Rhodes interviewing Mighty Meaty. While Rhodes and Tana The Mighty showed their adeptness on the mic, Mighty Mo's improvisation left much to be desired. I'd say this segment was a bit of a letdown, only earning a 66 from me. It advanced the storyline that has been brewing amongst the tag team division as of late, but the execution could've been smoother. Opening Segment: Aaron Andrews and Wolf Hawkins set the tone for the evening with an explosive promo exchange. Despite the need for better commentary, the segment was a standout, worthy of an 87 in my book. Their chemistry was palpable, setting the stage for an inevitable showdown. vs Television Title Tussle: Greg Gauge's defense against Benny Benson was a technically sound match, though it lacked a certain spark. I'll give it a 65, as Gauge's ninth defense felt significant, but the match's energy could've matched the milestone better. Chord's Solo Serenade: Jay Chord's monologue against an absent Sammy Bach managed to carry weight, thanks to Chord's charisma. It gets a 75 from me, pushing their feud forward with promise for fiery exchanges to come. vs Tag Team Showcase: The Elite's victory over local talent was a showcase of their cohesion but didn't quite ignite the crowd's passion, meriting only a 50 rating. The wrestling was sub-par, though the commentary team did its best to elevate the match. The Syndicate's Statement: Following up, The Syndicate's appearance was a mixed bag. Chris Flynn's lackluster performance was somewhat redeemed by Wolf Hawkins' star quality, earning a 56 overall. Hawkins continues to shine, even in less-than-stellar segments. vs Arsenal's Ammunition: Human Arsenal versus Marc Speed was a decent affair with some solid in-ring action. I'm giving it a 57, as it successfully kickstarted a new storyline, albeit without any particular flair, until- Post-Match Antics: The beatdown by Marc Speed on Human Arsenal post-match added necessary heat to their budding rivalry, scoring a 59. It was a simple but effective way to escalate tensions. Split-Screen Intensity: The split-screen interview with Andrews and Hawkins was a masterclass in promo delivery, easily a 91. Both competitors showcased why they're at the top of the card, setting high expectations for their clash. vs Tag Team Turmoil: The tag title match between Mighty Meaty and The Behemoths was a powerhouse clash that ended in chaos, and I'll give it a 68. The match showcased Mighty Mo's capabilities but was marred by visible exhaustion. Arena-Wide Brawl: Jay Chord and Sammy Bach's brawl was a high-energy closer, deserving an 84. It was a thrilling way to end the show, leaving fans eager for their next encounter. Post-Show Connect: Aaron Andrews' crowd interaction post-show was a heartfelt moment, earning a high 96. It showcased his connection with the audience, solidifying his status as a champion of the people. Hawkins Keeps Shining: Wolf Hawkins and Dave Diamond followed up, whilst making sure to avoid Andrews they were spotted taking photos with several young fans, I'm not certain how to feel about it. I think I'll give it an 81, it may have only been the post show but Hawkins' charisma was on full display, ending the night on a strong note Overall Show Reflection: The evening was a blend of highs and lows, with moments of brilliance often followed by segments that struggled to maintain momentum. Overall, I'd rate the show a 75. It had its moments of excellence but was uneven in places. As TCW marches toward Total Mayhem XXIV, it's clear the promotion has the pieces for greatness; it's just a matter of putting them together consistently. It's noteworthy to mention that Jay Chord received a significant amount of TV time, more so than in previous shows before his father, Rip Chord, took on a pivotal role behind the scenes. This development raises intriguing questions about the direction of TCW under the Chord legacy. Is this increased spotlight on Jay a sign of things to come, and how will it impact the dynamics within TCW and its roster? The wrestling world will be watching closely to see how this story unfolds, and whether the Chords can navigate the fine line between legacy and favoritism. Chosing to believe it was coincidental, I'll move on. Tonight, TCW laid down the gauntlet, showing flashes of the drama and athleticism that could redefine Southern rasslin'. If they can keep this momentum and polish the rough edges, the road to Total Mayhem XXIV will be one to remember.
  8. INTRODUCTION In the world of professional wrestling, legacies are not just built on iconic matches, unforgettable storylines, and characters that resonate across generations—they're also about the continuation of family traditions that have been the cornerstone of the industry. Total Championship Wrestling (TCW) is a bastion of traditional wrestling values in an era dominated by the glitz of sports entertainment giants. At the heart of TCW's latest saga is a narrative steeped in ambition, potential, and the intricate dynamics of a wrestling dynasty. The wrestling world buzzed with anticipation at the news of Rip Chord's return to the business. However, Rip is not lacing up his boots for another run at glory inside the ring; instead, he has assumed a critical role behind the scenes, aligning with his son, Jay Chord, in a bid to steer TCW towards a new era of prosperity. Rip Chord, a legend in his own right, brings a wealth of knowledge and an unrivaled instinct for the business, making his contribution behind the curtain invaluable. Yet, his position as a booker has sparked conversations and concerns regarding nepotism within the promotion. As TCW sets its sights on becoming the premier wrestling company globally, the Chord duo is tasked with navigating the complex landscape of wrestling politics, ego management, and the crafting of matches that pay homage to the sport's tradition while captivating a contemporary audience. Their vision for TCW is unambiguous: to prioritize genuine professional wrestling over the pageantry of sports entertainment, spotlighting homegrown talent and weaving storylines that appeal to fans in search of an alternative. Nevertheless, the seeds of doubt have been sown. With Rip Chord's storied history and Jay Chord's infinite potential, questions about favoritism and the fairness of opportunity within TCW have surfaced. Can the Chord legacy be a beacon of excellence without casting a shadow of nepotism? As wrestlers jockey for position and the spotlight, the potential for discord looms, threatening the locker room's unity. The path forward for TCW is laden with obstacles but also ripe with potential. Rip Chord's legendary status, combined with Jay Chord's desire to reach the top of the wrestling world, positions TCW on the cusp of redefining the landscape of professional wrestling. However, they must tread carefully, balancing the scales of perception and reality to ensure a meritocratic environment that champions wrestling prowess above all. This dynasty is more than a tale of victories and championship belts; it's about the enduring legacy of the Chord family and their impact on the wrestling world. Will they lead TCW to unparalleled heights, or will whispers of favoritism undermine their quest for greatness? The wrestling community watches with bated breath as the story unfolds, marking a critical juncture in the annals of professional wrestling history.
  9. Thanks heaps for the kind words. Truly means a lot. I created a thread in the past, wasn't large by any means but shortly after I started posting I stopped playing TEW for a while Just a couple to add, I really like Arlovski's agers that he makes, thought I'd give it a try Konrad Makinen (ager)
  10. I used to try my hand at generating Cverse worker images, at the time I liked them but they are very clearly no good in comparison to what I've seen posted here. I wanted to know what the go-to method was these days, I used to teach GPT3 to write prompts, then give them a description of the worker, then copy the output into neural.love. that most definitely is entirely redundant and I'd like to be able to try and give to the community that's given me so much. I'll post my previous stuff anyway, in case someone might like the style. Aaron Andrews Emerald Angel James Diaz KC Glenn Greg Gauge Hollywood Brett Starr Jay Chord Magnum Kobe Matthew Keith x3 Nicky Champion Remo Richardson Rip Chord Running Wolf Wolf Hawkins Daniel Black Francis X4 Killer Shark Sam Keith
  11. I second this, on titles you are very rarely going to get a well spelt graphic, all that you should look for is that the graphic HAS all of the required letters, that way you can use a free editing software like GIMP to touch it up in a few minutes. I read John's GIMP tutorial and immediately was able to knock out logos in a few minutes, belts are a bit more tricky but it's the same premise
  12. Sorry to hear about your technical dramas, this diary truly was a great read and I'm keen to read your next one if you decide to write it!
  13. Howdy, I've made a few graphics Jason Azaria Tribute Show - this is for @lavelleuks 2022 Cverse mod TCW SOTBPW Campeónato del Mundo (first attempt to edit a title, not sure how I feel) Thanks to @John Lions for his GPT and his GIMP tutorials, helped me a ton
  14. Here is 10 free pictures, I think they all came out great. This thread is a bit of a ghost town but do feel free to request anything to be done
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