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  1. Prediction Key: NWA World Heavyweight Championship 3-Way Match: Nic Nemeth (C) vs Drew Galloway vs Matt Cardona Comments: This being a triple threat already had me leaning towards the champ. Add-on the fact that he still has two more wishes, and I'm totally behind Nemeth to weasel out a win. Fight Pit Match: Matt Riddle vs Jacob Fatu Comments: Would love to see Fatu win, but the good guy has to take the W here. NWA World Women's Championship Match: Mercedes Mone (C) vs Giulia Comments: "At first I wanted Giulia to win, but Mercedes was having none of it" Giulia is my pick here. Maybe Mercedes has finally been won over by common sense? This truly feels like a toss up! Josh Barnett Retirement Match: Josh Barnett vs Alex Hammerstone Comments: Barnett feels like the type of guy to go out on his sword, and Hammerstone is a future World Champion. Battle of the Behemoths: EJ Nduka vs The Dozer Comments: My mind is telling me this is the easiest match on the card to pick. I hope I'm right, but it would be very funny if it went in the opposite direction. NWA World Tag Team Championship Match: The Von Erichs (C) vs Violence is Forever Comments: I love VIF, but the Von Erichs just got the belts. Feels a step too early to make the switch.
  2. About to start a modern WWE and NXT save on the Road to Mania. Could I get some rules please!
  3. Really pleasantly surprised and humbled by this! Thanks so much!
  4. - Brandi Lauren vs. Jayde - K2 (AKINO and Sonoko Kato) vs. Tarlee and Zoe Lucas - Allysin Kay vs. KZT - Sae Nomura vs. Erika Reid - Brooke Havok and Vita VonStarr vs. Viva Van and Vertvixen - Big Swole vs. Su Yung.
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