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  1. Less heat. More joy. Granted, I get most of my news on AEW goings on from the Jim Cornette podcast, but it sounds like the babyfaces in AEW spend a lot of time on their backs getting stomped on. It seems like the philosophy is that heels are cool bad asses who kick ass, and babyfaces exist for sympathy. I don't think that works these days. That's an nWo philosophy, and I don't think it really worked then either. Not long term. Babyfaces should be the cool bad asses who kick ass. If I was running the show, Swerve Strickland would go back to doing exactly what he did when he got over (breaking into houses while Nana dances... I think. I didn't see any of it) but against a heel instead of a babyface. No beatdowns on him. No attempts at gaining sympathy. He's not an underdog. He's Steve Austin. Untouchable, uncontrollable, and unleashing his particular brand of lunacy against whoever the fans (coincidentally) don't like. Let the fans live vicariously through that. Give them a workrate, modern John Cena. I'd prefer fewer beatdowns in wrestling in general. All they do is take the wind out of the fan's sails. There are never any repercussions, it's rarely a big turning point in a story, so there is no heat. Just makes the babyfaces look worse.
  2. Jack, John & The Fork 66 ROYAL AIR FORCE VS CONDOR & HEROIC 46 Steve & George DeColt Argue 81 TEMPEST APPLEBY VS HELEN WHEELS 21 Alex & Friends Promo 44 Vigilante Hawk Promo 36 JON JETSON VS MOOSE MULDER 48 Whipper announces TV deal 45 Tyler punishes Students 45 JOHN McCLEAN VS JACK DECOLT 40 FINAL RATING 52 John McClean and Jack DeColt aren't main event talent, and that's fine. I don't expect them to be. In an ideal world they would have been on the undercard tonight, but I wrote myself into a corner and jigsaw puzzled myself out of options. Tempest/Helen was also pretty bad. Orginially I had Condor in mind for that spot. He would have carried Helen to a much better match, but he didn't want to do the job, and I didn't really want him to either. Hell of a promo segment for Steve & George. Even with Steve getting a few penalties for poor improv skills. George doesn't do scripts. Poor Steve. WrestleFestival didn't air on television, but 'in the Company of Legends' will. I want to start moving into Saskatchewan sooner rather than later, and this seems like a good way to do it while 'Saskatchewan Shows' won't speak to me about my TV show. Honestly I was a little hamstrung writing WrestleFestival, being unable to use backstage segments or anything television. This should work out fine. Next time on Title Bout Wrestling... CGC Tag Team Title Match: Eddie Chandler & Johnny Maverick vs Soldiers of Fortune (c) Land Mass & Mammoth vs The Flock (Black Sheep & Battering Lamb) Rocky Psycho vs Vigilante Hawk
  3. Jerome Turner "Next month at 'In The Company of Legends' two teams will compete in Gang Warfare. The School of Tradition led by Eric Tyler, and Team George DeColt. Who will win? Which coach is better? What does 'Gang Warfare' even mean? That's still unclear, but two of the participants will go head to head in tonight's main event." CONCESSION STAND JACK DECOLT is helping an elderly wrestling fan, MILDRED, carry an enormous plate of hotdogs from the Concession Stand. JACK DECOLT Golly, Mildred. I appreciate the advice, but I don't think I'm allowed to bring a fork into the ring, let alone do that with it. JOHN McCLEAN Back away from that decrepit old woman, you ruffian! Are you okay, Madam? Did he kidnap you from the home? Allow me to escort you somewhere safe. You look like you could break a hip any second. JACK DECOLT I wouldn't do that if I were you. JOHN McCLEAN Is that a threat? I would sue you if I wasn't already going to give you the thrashing of a lifetime tonight. Now come along, you old crone I- Ow! McClean tries to take Mildred's arm. Mildred stabs him with a fork. JOHN McCLEAN Dementia, is it? For shame, Jack DeColt. Mr. Tyler is going to hear all about this. John McClean runs away. Mildred gives her fork to Jack. ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE VS CONDOR & MARIO HEROIC Jerome Turner "Nelson Blais has become every high flyer's worst nightmare, but Condor has requested this match regardless." Arm Drags! Dropkicks! Running? No. Brys is slightly too big for any of that Bubbleweight nonsense, so the Air Force ground Mario for a military grade beatdown. Condor watches Nelson Blais like a hawk, and when he finally gets the tag he keeps low with karate kicks and judo throws. Condor's tactic is working... but Mario moves in mysterious ways, his springboard twisting reverse- Anti Air Missile (Dropkick to Flying Opponent) shoots him out of the sky! 1... 2... 3. ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE WIN (7:56) IN RING CGC World Champion STEVE DECOLT walks to the ring, without his usual strut, bandages covering his face. STEVE DECOLT You may have noticed something's a little different about me. You guessed it. For the first time in a long time, Stunning Steve doesn't have a date to Title Bout Wrestling. Turns out I don't have the same effect on the ladies with a broken nose, a cracked orbital bone, and so much facial swelling my own mother didn't recognise me when she walked into the hospital room. Two weeks ago, Barry Bowen did exactly what I said he'd do. He tripped over his own feet and screwed up his chance to beat me. He failed to take this belt, so he took my face instead. And what is Stunning Steve without his face? What do I even have? Besides 22-inch pythons... and rock hard pecs... Abs of steel, the biceps, the triceps! The quads! The glutes! What am I besides the CGC World Champion, fired up and ready to fight and looking for revenge! Barry Bowen! You broke my face! I'm going to break every bone in your body! Every axle! Every rivet! Bring me the Runaway Train! I don't care that he's suspended! Lift it! Lift the suspension! GEORGE DECOLT That's not going to happen, son. You want to fight him in this state? One punch and you'll be back in that hospital bed. You should be home recovering, Steve. Couple of weeks, a few ice packs, you'll be back to normal in no time. STEVE DECOLT I don't need you to protect me. GEORGE DECOLT It's not about protecting you, boy. The Committee can't reward bad behaviour. Barry Bowen breaks your face and we give him a title shot? What happens next? Every thug and psychopath starts swinging, causing chaos, thinking that's how they get what they want. The Committee have voted. Barry Bowen is suspended, and there's no way any of us on the Committee are ever going to give him a title shot ever again. As champion, you need to abide by it's ruling. You may not like it, but being a champion is about more than strutting around with a shiny gold belt. You have a responsibility to go home, recover, and get ready for whoever the next challenger is going to be. STEVE DECOLT And I'm just supposed to let Bowen get away with this? GEORGE DECOLT Barry Bowen already lost everything he cares about. It's done. Go home, Steve. CGC BUBBLEWEIGHT TITLE MATCH TEMPEST APPLEBY VS HELEN WHEELS /w Mammoth Jerome Turner "Helen Wheels seems determined not to give up her stolen Bubbleweight Title belt, and the CGC Matchmakers are determined to make her defend it." Helen jumps the challenger from behind, but he's a (mostly) full grown man and quickly puts her in a(n airplane) spin. Dizzy and desperate, Helen flirts with the referee while Mammoth yanks Tempest out of the ring for a squishing and squashing, and Helen hits a Fisherwoman Suplex for the 1. 2. 3. HELEN WHEELS WINS (5:26) INTERVIEW ZONE ALEX DECOLT I like to think of myself as a pretty smart guy, but I sure made a dumb mistake last week. I was so worried about stopping Dan DaLay from running away from me, I forgot about all of his new new school friends. Well, I have friends too. EDDIE CHANDLER If it's Gang Warfare the School of Tradition want, that's what they'll get. HOLLYWOOD JOHNNY MAVERICK It was an honour to have George DeColt in our corner last weeks, and it'll be an honour to fight at his team at 'Company of Legends'. ALEX DECOLT Who Rules? George DeColt Rules. And we're going to prove it. PARKING LOT VIGILANTE HAWK Rocky Psycho. You have chosen not to respect the traditions of my people. So I will not respect the laws of yours. That tomahawk doesn't belong to you, and if Howling Dog can't get it back, then next week, I will. /w Roger Rogers JON JETSON VS MOOSE MULDER Jerome Turner "I guess Roger Rogers was lying when he said he and Jetson were no longer associated." Roger Rogers wheels himself around the ring wearing a "Justice for Barry" t-shirt and holding a "Free the Runaway Train" sign, as Mulder batters his client with some burly brawling. Jetson takes him down by the beard and enforces his will for as long as he can, but Mulder powers out of a Slingshot Suplex and launches him with a big backdrop. Jetson scrambles for a weapon, but Rogers is too busy to distract the referee. He's trying to get fans to sign a petition. Jetson is caught red-handed and- Moose Punch! 1. 2. 3. MOOSE MULDER WINS (8:22) UPCOMING EVENTS Saturday Week 4 May - CGC Live! Kamloops, British Columbia Saturday Week 1 June - CGC Live! Medicine Hat, Alberta Sunday Week 1 June - Title Bout Wrestling in Calgary, Alberta Saturday Week 2 June - CGC Live! Grande Prairie, Alberta Friday Week 3 June - In the Company of Legends. Vancouver, British Columbia Sunday Week 3 June - Title Bout Wrestling in Edmonton, Alberta WHIPPER SPENCER MARKS I didn't become the Whipper overnight, and I didn't do it by staying in one place. In life you need to spread your wings and expand your horizons, and that's exactly what CGC are going to do. I'm thrilled to announce that 'In the Company of Legends' will be airing exclusively on the GNS network, available to fans in Alberta, British Columbia, and for the first time ever; Saskatchewan. It's a new frontier. New fans. New fighters. A new era for CGC. SCHOOL OF TRADITION CLASSROOM ERIC TYLER glares at FRANKIE FLAME and RASH REILLY as they write lines on the blackboard. "Failure is not an option" written over and over and over again. JOHN McCLEAN looks on smugly as he ties his boots. ERIC TYLER I am ten times the teacher George DeColt is, and it's your duty as my students to make sure everyone knows that. You two let me down last week. With the lessons I've taught you there's no way you should be losing to a couple of losers like Eddie Chandler and Johnny Maverick. Next week, the Soldiers of Fortune are going to show you how it's done. You'd better pay attention. /w Eric Tyler JOHN McCLEAN VS JACK DECOLT /w George DeColt The two youngsters try to outdo one another with clean, technical wrestling, as their coaches look on. George gives encouragement and moral support to his son, whereas Tyler offers very specific instructions to his student and yells at him if he performs them even slightly wrong. The harsh instruction pays off as McClean counters an impetuous pounce with a Knee Lift. McClean gets his hands dirty using every trick in the Eric Tyler playbook, performed to perfection... but George has seen them all before and makes sure the referee is looking in the right place to catch McClean red handed. Tyler gets mad. His instructions get more convoluted,, McClean gets confused, and Jack picks that moment to pounce! Shoulder Tackles! Backbreaker! Belly to Belly Suplex! 1... 2... Tyler puts McClean's foot on the ropes, and now George is mad. The two coaches argue at ringside. Voices raised. Shoving. Francis Long has seen enough! He kicks them out, personally escorting them from ringside. McClean is devastated. Jack applies the Iron Claw, but McClean kicks him in the balls while the referee is still dealing with the coaches, before twisting and turning and rolling him up! 1... 2... 3! JOHN McCLEAN WINS (9:44) Jerome Turner "A huge win for John McClean, and about as questionable as result as I'd expect from a student of Eric Tyler. Could this be a taste of what's in store for Team George DeColt at 'In the Company of Legends'?
  4. Biff Ingram is a veteran currently working for NOTBPW. Decent big man who had a solid run in the earlier days of CGC. Not quite a main event guy, but clearly he got up to some mischief given the many suspensions. He probably won't be making an appearance here, as he's in his late 40's and probably not worth breaking the agreement to not use any NOTBPW talent. Although I might break that eventually just to let them give my guys more work. Melissa Monroe was one of the primary threats in early CGC (1990 to 1994) as a heel manager with an army of young, muscular men. Before that she had quite the successful run as a wrestler, particularly in Japan. Currently unemployed. Much like Biff she's in her 40's, but she's on my shortlist of characters I'd love to find space for. I find her history interesting. I'm trying to use George DeColt more. I have a tendency to view him as an old man, who I leave in the back to focus on his sons, but George is only 55-ish at this point. He's essentially Triple H. He may not be able to wrestle any more, but he can still talk, still fire up, still drive stories with personal issues. The ratings will be great, sure, but also he's an interesting guy. I put him in the segment with Eric Tyler because he was the most interesting choice. That segment needed to catch the fans up with what happened to Steve, it needed to plug the main event, and it needed to plant the seeds for the match announcement at the end of the show. Alex could have done those things, but I liked this better. Especially when you factor in Chandler & Maverick. I needed a way for them to get their act together, without a lot of angles and promo time (they're 7th/8th string rookie babyfaces) and "George DeColt did it" was just the holy hand grenade I was looking for. I also like viewing Eric Tyler as an evil reflection of George DeColt. So much that I think it's strange that I never made that connection earlier. Both are teaching the next generation in their own image. My original intention with this project was for Tyler & Jack to be each other's main nemesis, and maybe in 2005-8 that would work, but Tyler & George feel more like equals right now. While I'm having more fun pairing Jack up with John McClean. Maybe those dynamics will fizzle out in a few weeks, but for now I like them. I need to look at Bob's stats again. Try to figure out what he'd actually 'do' in the ring. If someone shows up in a mask in the next few weeks, it might very well be him. It's a shame him and Ted Moore didn't work well as a team. I could have used a loveable loser (non-Bubbleweight) babyface tag team.
  5. SUNDAY WEEK 2 MAY 1997 Edmonton, Alberta (600 in attendance) Broadcast on Alberta on Air (3,649) and BCB (3,564). Combined Rating <0.01 Eric Tyler & George DeColt Argue 79 BATTERING LAMB VS SWITCHBLADE MIKE 28 Rogers & Frenchie 40 Highlights from Smithers 26 RASH & FLAME VS CHANDLER & MAVERICK 39 McClean confronts Jack 56 Rocky Psycho Promo 38 WOLFGANG ZIMMERMAN VS HOWLING DOG 37 Whipper announces Bubbleweight Match 36 ALEX DECOLT VS DAN DALAY 53 Whipper Makes the Match 50 FINAL RATING 58 Was this my most unpredictable show ever? Seemed like a lot of the predictions were coming in for Rash, Frank, Dog & Alex, but it was not meant to be. My booking tends to be fairly obvious, so it's nice to know I can swerve folks from time to time. Plans did change considerably from my original outline for this section. Originally I had a (precursor to) the Ultimate Showdown Series planned for here, but when I came to actually write the matches I found nothing I could sink my teeth into. So I scrapped the entire thing about three weeks ago. Definitely winging a couple of storylines right now. Little disappointed with the Tyler/George promo. Two best talkers in the company, I thought I'd hit 80 at least. In backstage news, George DeColt has taken Bob Casey under his wing as a new protégé. So I guess Bob will be keeping his job, and I should find something to do with him. Potentially weak card next week. Yeeowch. Next time on Title Bout Wrestling... CGC Bubbleweight Title: Tempest Appleby vs Helen Wheels John McClean vs Jack DeColt Royal Canadian Air Force vs Condor & Mario Heroic "Gang Warfare" has been announced for In the Company of Legends, but Whipper hasn't explained what exactly that means. What are some of your favourite Stable vs Stable matches? In your games? Real life? Video games?
  6. Jerome Turner "As we went off the air last week Barry Bowen attacked Steve DeColt following their CGC World Title match, slamming his face into the steel steps and causing injuries that required Steve to be rushed to hospital. Neither man is here tonight. Bowen has once again been suspended, and Steve is home recovering. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope to have more information soon." IN-RING ERIC TYLER is already in the ring, surrounded by students in matching school uniforms. Mostly matching. JOHN McCLEAN's is perfectly pressed and sparkling white. RASH REILLY is untucked and disheveled. FRANKIE FLAME's is covered in brown stains. DAN DALAY has ripped his sleeves off to expose his gigantic arms. ERIC TYLER In my School of Tradition, there are no mistakes. Only learning opportunities... and tonight will be the biggest learning opportunity of Alex DeColt's life. He has made the assumption that he is Dan DaLay's better, but tonight that assumption with crumble around him like Steve DeColt's face slamming into some steel steps. Dan DaLay is a sportsman. A champion. I have taught him everything he knows and he will not let me down. One can only wonder where Steve DeColt would be with such an education. Had he not followed in his father's footsteps, developed a smart mouth, and stepped in front of a Runaway Train. GEORGE DECOLT Normally I let my boys fight their own battles, but the problem with liars is that if you let them talk for long enough, eventually some idiots are going to start thinking they're telling the truth. You're no educator. Your 'School' is a joke. All you've done is stuffed a gorilla into a school uniform and tricked some kids into being your cannon fodder. There to protect you from your enemies and fluff your ego. ERIC TYLER My ego? And I suppose your boys running around in your old trunks and feather boas have nothing to do with your ego, 'Gorgeous' George? 'Adorable' Alex isn't a sick way for you to relive past glories? 'Stunning' Steve isn't... well, he's not so stunning any more from what I hear. GEORGE DECOLT I've raised three champion wrestlers, and I've done so by letting them find their own path. I'm proud that they choose to follow in my footsteps- ERIC TYLER And they follow those footsteps straight to Hell. You have let your boys get out of control, George. You filled their head with delusions of grandeur and one by one they're going to run headfirst into their own destruction. Steve was so busy flaunting that harlot on his arm he didn't see the Runaway Train bearing down on him. Children need a firm hand, George. Structure. Discipline. A strong leader who knows what's best for the youth of today. GEORGE DECOLT And that's you? ERIC TYLER It has to be, because it certainly isn't you. You are a failure as a father. That reality has just hit Steve in the face and tonight the same thing is going to happen to Alex. The youth of CGC will see that I am the only route to salvation. GEORGE DECOLT We'll see about that. SWITCHBLADE MIKE VS BATTERING LAMB /w Black Sheep Jerome Turner "Last week at Fort McMurray Mike was caught stealing from the referee. Although he claims it was Black Sheep's fault." Switchblade demands that Black Sheep be checked for weapons. Referee Noel Madden doesn't find anything, and Black Sheep swipes his wallet in the process. Switchblade shakes down his fluffy foe, as Black Sheep tries to stealthily plant the stolen goods on him. Switchblade catches him and tries to attack, but Battering Lamb saves his partner with mutton chops and a big leg of lamb, before making Mike tap to the Slow Roast (Torture Rack). BATTERING LAMB WINS (5:14) BACKSTAGE ROGER ROGERS has strategically positioned his wheelchair to corner FRENCHIE MARCEL. ROGER ROGERS Mr Marcel. "Frenchie". I've always liked you. You've always been the most level-headed of the Matchmaking Committee. Not biased, like George or Spencer... and the less said about James Sandwich the better. I think you can agree that what happened last week was all just a misunderstanding. Bowen was just trying to... congratulate the champion... and then they slipped. Rambunctious. Doesn't know his own strength. Boys will be boys. You and I both know that Barry Bowen is an honorable, god-fearing, family man. A hero. To suspend him over a little accident is cruel. That it happens so often in nothing short of a conspiracy. FRENCHIE MARCEL Oui oui. Ze Runaway Train has been suspended a lot... but who are ze most suspended in CGC history? By the time Frenchie's Five has concluded, Frenchie has disappeared, and Rogers is furious. Jerome Turner "The weather was fine is Smithers last night. Good thing too, as CGC were outdoors at the Fall Fair Grounds." TEMPEST APPLEBY puts MARIO HEROIC in a spin and pins him after a Tornado DDT. JOHN McCLEAN tries to attack JACK DECOLT from behind, but Jack backdrops him into the mud. McClean's sparkling white uniform is ruined! /w Eric Tyler FRANKIE FLAME & RASH REILLY VS EDDIE CHANDLER & JOHNNY MAVERICK /w George DeColt Jerome Turner "These young teams last fought two weeks- Wait a minute. What's George DeColt doing with Chandler & Maverick?" Eric Tyler is furious as George DeColt gives instructions from ringside, coaching Eddie and Johnny keep it simple, play to their strengths, and stay out of the other's way. The Students isolate Johnny with some dirty tricks from the Eric Tyler playbook, but Eddie cheers his partner on. George tells him to do it in English! Hollywood Johnny is encouraged to share the spotlight! Eddie unleashes a spirited flurry of forearms and a fabulous dropkick. George warns them not to even attempt a double team, so instead Eddie hits Rash with a Backcracker and locks in a kneeling abdominal stretch as Johnny selflessly deals with Frank outside. Rash taps! EDDIE CHANDLER & JOHNNY MAVERICK WIN (6:41) Eric Tyler complains to the referee as Eddie and Johnny celebrate with George DeColt. Jerome Turner "What a difference some coaching makes. Looks like Eric Tyler isn't the only one willing to teach the youth of today." BACKSTAGE JULIE FORLETTA interviews JACK DECOLT, who is helping a concession stand worker refill the popcorn machine. JULIE FORLETTA Your brother Steve suffered a bloody injury at the hands of Barry Bowen last week. Any updates? How bad is it? JACK DECOLT Golly, it was really scary there for a minute, but I think Steve's going to be okay. There was a lot of blood and a lot of swelling, but injuries happen. Bones break but DeColts never do. Steve's a fighter. He'll be back before you know it. JOHN McCLEAN Steve DeColt is a degenerate who got what he deserved. Who does he think he is, galivanting around with a different strumpet every week, promoting promiscuity? There are children in the audience! Barry Bowen didn't go far enough, I say. JACK DECOLT Don't you talk about my brother like that or I'll- JOHN McCLEAN You'll what? Attack me? Beat me up? In front of these nice cameramen and this innocent wench? Typical DeColt. Violent cavemen. How Mr. Tyler ever thought you worthy of his attention is mind boggling. I'm better than you in every way and next week I'm going to prove it. You beat me last time, but thanks to Mr. Tyler's training you'll never get that lucky again. INTERVIEW ZONE ROCKY PSYCHO No. Nessuna Rivincita. No rematch. I beat that Puppy Dog fair and square. Tu sei sotto di me. His axe? My axe now. He took my undefeated streak. I take his toy. Want it back? Tough. No rematch. /w Rocky Psycho WOLFGANG ZIMMERMAN VS HOWLING DOG Jerome Turner "Howling Dog wants his tomahawk back, but Rocky Psycho has found some protection in this massively powerful Austrian. Quite the European Union." Howling Dog goes on the warpath, but is distracted when Rocky uses the stolen tomahawk as a back scratcher. Wolfgang overwhelms him with muscle, launching him around the ring with throws, but Dog summons the resilience of his spirit animal. Tomahawk Chops! Sky High Spinebuster! Rocky tries to stop the Star Blanket (Splash) and takes a chop for his troubles, but the distraction is enough. Wolfgang catches Dog in a Bear Hug. ragdolling him around until referee Noel Madden calls it. WOLFGANG ZIMMERMAN WINS (6:08) UPCOMING EVENTS Saturday Week 3 May - CGC Live! Powell River, British Columbia Sunday Week 3 May - Title Bout Wrestling in Langley, British Columbia Saturday Week 4 May - CGC Live! Kamloops, British Columbia Sunday Week 1 June - CGC Live! Medicine Hat, Alberta Sunday Week 1 June - Title Bout Wrestling in Calgary, Alberta Saturday Week 2 May - CGC Live! Grande Prairie, Alberta Friday Week 3 June - In the Company of Legends. Vancouver, British Columbia INTERVIEW ZONE WHIPPER SPENCER MARKS In 1965 I won my first gold in professional wrestling. Smaller wrestlers have often been looked down upon, but for 45 minutes that night myself and Dean Davis beat the hell out of each other, and earned the respect of the wrestling world. Next week... in that fine tradition... Tempest Appleby will challenge your 'Bubbleweight' Champion, Helen Wheels. HELEN WHEELS Real men don't brag about winning pip-squeak belts for babies, Marks. Don't you have any real achievements to brag about? Is that why you're so insistent on punishing me? I did nothing wrong. I won this toy belt fair and square, and now I have to defend it??? Against this twerp??? Ridiculous. This is unfair and unusual punishment, and it's all because you used to be a midget. WHIPPER SPENCER MARKS Eloquent as always, Helen. Mr Appleby, do you have a response? Tempest just starts spinning in a circle. WHIPPER SPENCER MARKS Fantastic. BULLROPE MATCH FOR CGC TELEVISION TITLE /w George DeColt ALEX DECOLT VS DAN DALAY /w Eric Tyler Jerome Turner "There will be no running away this time. Both men have been tied together by ten feet of rope. Only a pinfall will end it." Eric Tyler is once again furious to see George DeColt at ringside, giving his son advice on how to deal with the School's Bully. DaLay struggles with the rope, tripping over it and being unable to retreat, but Alex has a little too much fun giving the bully a taste of his own medicine and gets clobbered. DaLay bullies his former victim around the ring, confidence rising as he seems to remember just how big and strong he is. He repeatedly throws Alex from the ring, claims he's running away, before pulling him back in for more punishment. Powerful Punches! Not-So-Pretty-Powerslam! Snap Driving Elbow! DaLay tries to run, but Alex won't let him. He slowly starts to pull the panicking DaLay back... but underestimates how strong the Champion really is. Alex gets yanked into the turnbuckles, and DaLay climbs the ropes to try to hang him with the Bull Rope. Alex fights out. Superplex! On Tyler's command, FRANKIE FLAME and RASH REILLY run towards the ring, but George DeColt calls out EDDIE CHANDLER and JOHNNY MAVERICK to stop them. ... and here comes JACK DECOLT, wading into the fray with amateur takedowns. Security, George DeColt and Referee Francis Long all try to break it up. ... and that's when JOHN McCLEAN hops up onto the apron and begins exposing a turnbuckle. Alex nails him with a DeColt Thrust, but turns around into a Big Boot from DaLay! The Referee turns around to count the 1... 2... 3. DAN DALAY RETAINS (9:41) The two groups continue to fight as Security try to maintain order. WHIPPER SPENCER MARKS I order you all to stop fighting immediately, under punishment of immediate suspension. As the representative of the CGC Matchmaking Committee, this is unacceptable... but as the next inductee in the Hall of Legends, I want to see more. I'm making my first match. In the Company of Legends. School of Tradition versus Team George DeColt. Gang Warfare!
  7. Steve DeColt Promo 67 NELSON BLAIS VS CONDOR 44 George DeColt Announces In the Company of Legends 72 ROCKY PSYCHO VS XANDER ROBINSON 32 Fight over the Tomahawk 35 Highlights from Fort McMurray 52 Upcoming Events /w Jack & McClean 51 LAND MASS & MAMMOTH VS JAKE SLOAN & MOOSE MULDER 40 Alex DeColt Bullrope Promo 66 Eric Tyler hypes up Dan DaLay 48 BARRY BOWEN VS STEVE DECOLT 67 Post Match Attack 55 FINAL RATING 66 Best episode of TV in a while. Even kept fairly short, it was a strong main event bolstered by some solid promos. I've been down on Steve DeColt as a talker, but give him 2 minutes and a script and he'll nail it. He only suffers when paired with someone who hates scripts, like Alex. Historically, In the Company of Legends might be my least favorite CGC PPV. I've never fully grasped the concept, and it's the first one I cut when trimming my PPV calendars. However, I took that as a challenge this time, and think I like what I've come up with. I'm not looking for gimmicks to paint onto wrestling shows. I like the idea of legitimate events (carnival, hall of fame ceremony) that would be improved by having some wrestling on it. For a company without a pay per view deal, that already runs live events, that feels right to me as the 'special' shows. We'll see how long that lasts. As a note, don't expect me to write a full Hall of Fame style speech recounting Whipper's career. I don't think I'm up to that task, and I don't think Whipper would enjoy delivering it. He's not a promo guy. Kinda cruel how often I make him talk. I've done something I never do in my private games. I've turned off repetitive booking penalties. I'm a huge fan of anything that punishes you for spamming the same matches over and over again, but booking good Live Event cards was becoming a chore, and realistically the show in Fort McMurray and the one in Revelstoke wouldn't need to be any different. Those towns are 11 hours apart. No fan is going to be at both. Since WrestleFestival, Live Event attendees have been able to enjoy... Ed Monton vs Barry Bown Students of Tradition vs DeColts & Eddie Chandler (various combinations) Biff the Bruiser vs Steve DeColt OR Ted Moore Christopher Hart vs Moose Mulder (Hart recently moved local, so prime for training) ... plus Black Sheep, Bubbleweight action, and whatever match I need footage for TV. Plus, I'm always trying some new combination of tag team or manager. There's still some puzzling out to do with cards, but having a consistent, satisfying main event and keeping the DeColts in the ring with some relatively safe workers (and Dirty Frank) is nice. Next week, on Title Bout Wrestling... Bullrope Match for the CGC Television Title: Alex DeColt vs Dan DaLay Frankie Flame & Rash Reilly vs Eddie Chandler & Johnny Maverick Wolfgang Zimmerman vs Howling Dog ... plus Whipper Spencer Marks announces the first match for In the Company of Legends.
  8. INTERVIEW ZONE STEVE DECOLT has the CGC World Title around his waist, and IMANI (25, DJ) on his arm. STEVE DECOLT There have been delays, there have been derailments, but the Runaway Train is finally pulling into my station, looking to take this sweet, sweet belt from around my sweet, sweet waist. I'm not afraid. As big and mean as he is, when push comes to shove Barry Bowen always finds a way snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Tonight, I'm going home with the belt. I'm going home with the girl. Barry Bowen's going home to play with his train set. NELSON BLAIS VS CONDOR Jerome Turner "These two veterans have emerged as early top contenders in the new CGC Bubbleweight division." Arm Drags! Dropkicks! Running! Running! Running! Unable to keep up, Blais grabs a handful of mask and grounds his opponent for a military grade beatdown. Condor fights back with karate kicks and judo throws, but pauses to adjust his mask before attempting Flight of the Condor (Top Rope Splash) and gets shot out of the sky with the Anti-Air Missile (Dropkick to Flying Opponent)! 1... 2... 3. NELSON BLAIS WINS (6:10) INTERVIEW ZONE GEORGE DECOLT is giddy with excitement, beside a stern WHIPPER SPENCER MARKS. GEORGE DECOLT Last year, my friends and family threw me the surprise party of a lifetime; In the Company of Legends. A night dedicated to yours truly, Gorgeous George, inducting me as the inaugural member of the CGC Hall of Legends with an night of amazing wrestling action in my honour. I enjoyed it so much that this year we're going to do it again. Only it's getting awful lonely sitting in the Hall of Legends all by myself, so this time I want someone else to be the guest of honour. It can only be one man; my fellow Calgary Wolverine, someone who helped me build this company from the very beginning; Whipper Spencer Marks. WHIPPER SPENCER MARKS I am humbled by this honour, and mortified at what you have planned for the ceremony. Last year the entire city of Vancouver ran out of red carpets and dancing showgirls. GEORGE DECOLT Leave the festivities to me, Whipper. All you have to worry about is the matches. Normally, you have to fight with the rest of the Matchmaking Committee to get your way, but on this night the golden notebook is in your hands. CGC is at your feet and the world is your oyster. Everyone watching is invited, one and all, to be In The Company of Legends. ROCKY PSYCHO VS XANDER ROBINSON Jerome Turner "Rocky still has the magic tomahawk in his possession, and he refuses to give Howling Dog a rematch." Rocky's all smiles with elegant arm drags and fancy head scissors, but it only takes a few sharp knife edge chops before he snaps! No elegance. Nothing fancy. Punches. Headbutts. Stomps. Slice of Life (Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop)! 1. 2. 3. ROCKY PSYCHO WINS (3:51) Rocky tries to use the magical tomahawk to create a downpour... but only manages a couple of drops. Ringside Security start to get nervous and- HOWLING DOG sprints to the ring, looking to fight! Rocky's waiting... ... for the massive and muscular WOLFGANG ZIMMERMAN to intercept the charging Dog. Big clothesline! Lumbering slam to the outside! Security rush to help and Rocky gets a microphone. ROCKY PSYCHO Silly puppy. There will be no rematch. What's yours is mine now, and I have a friend to watch my back. Arividerchi, puppy. Jerome Turner "Didn't make the trip for Fort McMurray last night? Here's what you missed." Pie eating champion MOOSE MULDER knocks out CHRISTOPHER HART with a Moose Punch and celebrates by eating a delicious pie. BLACK SHEEP steals the referee's watch and plants it on SWITCHBLADE MIKE. Mike gets caught with the goods, and Black Sheep rolls him up as he argues his innocence. STEVE DECOLT celebrates his latest victory when BARRY BOWEN tries to jump him. The two fight before Security pull them apart. Jerome Turner "Tensions are mounting. Excitement is brewing. Barry Bowen won't have to wait long. He gets his shot at the Champion tonight." UPCOMING EVENTS Saturday Week 2 May - CGC Live! Smithers Bulkly, British Columbia Saturday Week 3 May - CGC Live! Powell River, British Columbia Sunday Week 3 May - Title Bout Wrestling in Langley, British Columbia Saturday Week 4 May - CGC Live! Kamloops, British Columbia Sunday Week 1 June - CGC Live! Medicine Hat, Alberta Sunday Week 1 June - Title Bout Wrestling in Calgary, Alberta Saturday Week 2 May - CGC Live! Grande Prairie, Alberta Friday Week 3 June - In the Company of Legends. Vancouver, British Columbia JACK DECOLT This Saturday I'm coming to the Smithers Fall Fair Grounds, where I get my hands on Mr. Tyler's new Students of Tradition. I bet Mr. Tyler's been teaching them all of his dirty tricks, but I'm going to work my hardest and try my best-est to make my family proud. JOHN McCLEAN Fat chance! The only person who's going to be proud is Mr. Tyler when he finds out what his Students do to you ungrateful DeColts. JACK DECOLT Mr Tyler is a creep and a conman. He's just using you the same way he tried to use me. JOHN McCLEAN Mr Tyler is a great man. A visionary. The only mistake he ever made is seeing potential in a worthless ruffian like you. But he doesn't need you any more. He has me. And this Saturday at Smithers I'm going to show you the power of a proper education. /w Helen Wheels LAND MASS & MAMMOTH MOOSE MULDER & JAKE SLOAN Jerome Turner "Not only did Helen's team cost Jake the Bubbleweight Title last week, they've also made an enemy of Moose in Pie Eating Contests all over Canada." Helen roller skates around the ring with the CGC Bubbleweight Title, distracting Jake who gets squished and squashed. Eventually the undersized underdog manages to overcome the odds to make the tag and Moose unleashes some burly brawling! Pummel! Thump! Wallop! Left Hook! Right Hook! Mammoth and Moose fight over the Pie Eating trophy, which allows Helen to hit Sloan with a rollerstake. Ten Ton Avalanche (Corner Avalanche)! 1. 2. 3. LAND MASS & MAMMOTH WIN (6:01) INTERVIEW ZONE JULIE FORLETTA interviews ALEX DECOLT. JULIE FORLETTA Next week you finally get your rematch against Dan DaLay for the CGC Television Title. You had your choice of stipulation. Why have you chosen a Bullrope match? ALEX DECOLT Because the last three times we've faced off have all ended the same way, with Dan DaLay trying to run away with his tail between his legs. He's not going to run away from me this time, not when he's tied to ten feet of the finest rodeo bull rope money can buy. And on the other end, his worst nightmare. Me. Nowhere to run, Danny. Nowhere to hide. A number of CGC wrestlers are having a Tug O' War with the Bull Rope. They strain and struggle (Black Sheep mostly smokes) but the rope holds steady. That's one strong rope. ALEX DECOLT This rope can keep a two tonne bull in place. It's going to have no problem keeping DaLay from running away with my belt. SCHOOL OF TRADITION CLASSROOM DAN DALAY sits on a stool, facing the corner, wearing a dunce cap. He is furious. ERIC TYLER stands over him. ERIC TYLER You're not on the playground any more, Daniel. You're not twice the size of everyone around you. Some of your opponents are going to be able to look you in the eye. They're going to fight back... and like it or not, Alex DeColt, that scrawny nerdy twerp you remember from school... he's one of them. You need to learn to take it. You need to learn to put him in his place. He's not the bully. You're the bully! You're a shark! When someone punches you on the nose you don't run for your life, you bite their whole hand off. Next week, in the Bullrope match, you're not stuck with Alex DeColt. He's stuck with you. Make him pay. FRENCHIE'S FIVE FRENCHIE MARCEL We are moments away from ze CGC World Title match, but how did we get here? Who were ze previous World Champions? CGC WORLD TITLE MATCH /w Roger Rogers BARRY BOWEN VS STEVE DECOLT /w Imani Jerome Turner "DeColt has been a fighting Champion since picking up the belt in November, but he's yet to cross paths with the Runaway Train." Steve tries to strut his stuff, but Bowen is too strong to be overpowered and too big to be stretched across his knee. He does manage to delight his date with an Ima-Knee Lift, but a distraction from Rogers allows Bowen to change tracks, swapping power for punching and bludgeoning the Champion. The train has left the station, and with every mighty blow and forceful slam, Bowen picks up momentum, becoming more and more devastating by the second. Carrying Steve on his shoulder, he rams his cargo into the turnbuckles at increasingly alarming speeds... but Steve won't go down without a fight, kicking out of a high backdrop and escaping a Powerbomb. Powerful Punches... but Bowen keeps charging! Luscious Lariat... but Bowen won't stop! He charges right into a Sexy Slam, but immediately kicks out and counters a Running Bulldog by launching Steve over the top rope and out to the floor. Steve's dazed, but there's no time to recover. Not with a Runaway Train bearing down on him. The Train Wreck (High Velocity Shoulder Tackle) sends the Champion flying into the guardrail. He's helpless. Referee Francis Long starts counting, but Bowen can't resist one more Train Wre- Steve moves! Bowen crashes through the barricade, into the fans, getting tangled up in chairs. Steve crawls back into the ring at the count of 8 while Roger Rogers tries to help untangle his client. His wheelchair only gets in the way! Bowen is counted out! STEVE DECOLT RETAINS (9:49) Jerome Turner "A dominant performance from the challenger, but a single mistake ended up costing him." Barry Bowen is furious as he watches Steve leave the ring, with Imani on one arm and the World Title on the other. In a fit of rage he shoves Imani aside, grabs Steve's head, and slams him face-first into the steel steps! Blood. Lots of blood. Steve's down, writhing on the floor, holding his face as security flood in to restrain Barry Bowen. Jerome Turner "Oh no. This looks bad, folks. We need to get some help out here! Someone-"
  9. That's something I thought about doing a little while ago. Either a reformatting or perhaps a full remastering, with all new AI art and some minor tweaks to the writing. I actually thought the entire project was lost when the forums underwent some changes and only found it again quite recently. I've been meaning to find a way to simply and quickly back it up to a PDF file, like I've done with my other projects. Just in case of another forum disaster. Losing the project really bummed me out for a while. If you've done any work to make it readable, I have no issues with you releasing that. I have my hands full right now as it is.
  10. Probably. This version of Frenchie's Five was kind of a last minute addition to the episode. Something to amuse myself while playing with the AI art generator and coming up with jokes and references, so don't read too deeply into them. I'm not foreshadowing some master plan. However, there's definitely some narrative potential to them. They exist in the universe, and could be used at a moment's notice. The tomahawk and Baby belt are already bouncing around. I like a bit of magic in wrestling. Well, part of me does. There will always be a wrestling purist in me who thinks it's dumb. But the other part of me loves that it's dumb. More undead wizards!
  11. SUNDAY WEEK 4 APRIL 1997 Calgary, Alberta (626 in attendance) Broadcast on Alberta on Air (3,329) and BCB (3,332). Combined Rating <0.01 Reilly & Flame vs Maverick & Chandler 37 School of Tradition Promo 46 NELSON BLAIS VS CANADIAN DRAGON 36 Highlights from Revelstoke 55 Rogers, Bowen & Steve 57 JAKE SLOAN VS HELEN WHEELS 36 Howling Dog Promo 25 Frenchie's Five; Magic Items 38 DALAY & McCLEAN VS JACK & ALEX DECOLT 52 Rogers Promo 55 FINAL RATING 53 A little bit of the blind leading the blind in main event, with four inexperienced youngsters doing... fine. It was fine. Someone mentioned McClean being odd man out, and he was. Even though on paper he's the second best worker in the match, the crowd don't buy him as a main event guy. That's not his role. Ironically, in canon I think McClean ends up the most successful of all of them. At least globally. Also disappointing was the main promo segment of the night. Steve isn't the best talker, and neither is Roger Rogers. They're good, but noticeably a level below Eric Tyler & Alex DeColt. They do the job, but it's not a combination that will elevate a show with a weak main event. Side note; When did Chris Jericho start using "learning tree" in his promos? I saw something on a newz site about him trademarking it and it gave me a chuckle. In financial news, we lost $9,387 this month. Perfectly acceptable for a growth period, and a month with no major live event and only three house shows. Good ticket sales. Cheap cards. The goal is to build Alberta a little more, expand into Saskatchewan, and up merchandising, before any big push to Medium size. If that happens accidentally (we only need a few BC pop points) so be it but I'm not going to hotshot things to rush it. Financially we're comfy, but can't afford to hire global megastars right now. Next week, it's more Title Bout Wrestling... CGC World Title: Barry Bowen vs Steve DeColt Land Mass & Mammoth vs Jake Sloan & Moose Mulder Nelson Blais vs Condor
  12. Jerome Turner "Helen Wheels may have bitten off more than she can chew when she interfered with the new CGC Bubbleweight Title. She stole the belt. Tonight she has to defend it. But first, Eric Tyler believes he knows what's best for the youth of CGC, but that will be put to the test in two tag team matches between some of Canada's fastest rising young stars." FRANKIE FLAME & RASH REILLY VS EDDIE CHANDLER & JOHNNY MAVERICK Jerome Turner "Reilly and Flame are being personally tutored by Eric Tyler, while Eddie and Johnny turned down the exact same offer. Who will come out on top?" Eddie and Johnny are eager to work together, but struggle to get on the same page, screwing up simple double teams. That's not a problem for the Students, who have been studying the same Eric Tyler playbook of choking, biting, and distracting the referee. Eddie unleashes a spirited flurry of forearms and a fabulous dropkick, but Johnny won't give up the spotlight and Eddie tries to call for a double team in French. It doesn't go well, and the Students take advantage. Pit Stain (Diving Reverse DDT)! Skid Mark (Flying Double Knee Drop)! 1... 2... 3! FLAME & RASH WIN (7:23) INTERVIEW ZONE ERIC TYLER is pleased, accompanied by a beaming JOHN McCLEAN and a glowering DAN DALAY. ERIC TYLER Eddie Chandler & Johnny Maverick could have sat under my learning tree, but instead they're staring up at the lights. The path to success begins with a proper education, and you can only get that in the School of Tradition. JOHN McCLEAN Wonderfully put, Mr. Tyler. And let me just say on behalf of all of us; Thank You. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to teach us, and on a personal note, thank you for selecting me to fight in tonight's main event. I've always dreamed of finding a mentor, and knowing that you have this much faith in me so soon into our relationship fills my heart with joy. I will make those degenerate DeColts pay for the disrespect they showed us- Showed YOU last week. ERIC TYLER You better had. The DeColts need to be put in their place. No more screws up. And no more running. Tyler glares at DaLay. NELSON BLAIS VS CANADIAN DRAGON Jerome Turner "These two will be paying close attention to the first ever CGC Bubbleweight Title defense, later tonight." Arm Drags! Dropkicks! Running! Running! Running! Blais manages to ground his target for a military grade beatdown, until the Dragon roars to life, scorching the ring with a fiery comeback. He takes to the skies and- Anti Air Missile (Dropkick to Flying Opponent)! Blais shot him out of the sky! 1... 2... 3! NELSON BLAIS WINS (6:12) Jerome Turner "Last night the stars of CGC were at the Revelstoke Forum. Here's what you missed." BIFF THE BRUISER lays down and lets TED MOORE pin him, in the hopes he'll lose the Poor Widdle Baby Title. No luck. Referee Francis Long gives him back the belt as Moore celebrates. Rogers Rogers distracts ED MONTON just long enough for him to get run over by the Train Wreck (High Velocity Shoulder Tackle)! Powerbomb! 1... 2... 3! BARRY BOWEN wins. IN-RING BARRY BOWEN paces in the ring. Through the coordinated efforts of several members of ringside Security, and a few jabs with a pointy stick, wheelchair-bound ROGER ROGERS joins him. ROGER ROGERS How can you deny this man? This hero! This knight in shining armour! The CGC Matchmaking Committee may try to hold him down to protect their golden boy, but I'm here to cut through that red tape. With my brains and his brawn we are an unstoppable duo, and Steve DeColt is going to hear all about it. BARRY BOWEN No more running, pretty boy! No more hiding! I want the CGC World Title! And I'm not waitin' any longer. STEVE DECOLT struts to the ring with HARMONY (25, beauty technician) on his arm. STEVE DECOLT Who's running, Bowen? Who's hiding? I've been right here this whole time taking on every challenger that comes my way. Where have you been? You huff and you puff but every time you say you're pulling into my station, you get suspended. Or disqualified. Or fall out of the ring. There's no conspiracy here. No one's holding you back. The only person stopping you from scoring a date with Stunning Steve is you. Maybe because you know you're not man enough to take me. Bowen is immediately in Steve's face, as Rogers tries to maneuver himself between them. ROGER ROGERS Don't fall for it, Barry. This is just what he wants. I bet his Dad is back there waiting for any excuse to suspend you. BARRY BOWEN That right, boy? That how you're gonna beat me? Go running to your Daddy? That's all you've got, aint it? Daddy's trunks. Daddy's catchphrases. What about that hussy on your arm? Another George DeColt hand-me-down? STEVE DECOLT This "hussy" has more chance of pinning me down than you ever do. Bowen chuckles... and tackles Steve to the ground, but the Champion won't go down without a fight. Fists fly as Harmony flees to safety and Rogers shrieks for Security, who flood in to separate the two fighters. CGC BUBBLEWEIGHT TITLE MATCH JAKE SLOAN VS HELEN WHEELS /w Land Mass & Mammoth Jerome Turner "If Helen Wheels wants to wear that belt, she'll have no choice but to defend it." Helen avoids the fight by roller-skating around the ring, until Jake trips her, takes off her skates, and puts her across his knee for a spanking. Mammoth manages a cheap shot behind the referee's back, and Helen attacks with a surprising fury, but can't keep Sloan down for the count, so she feigns an injury to distract the referee and summons her giants to finish the job. Sloan avoids Mammoth's Running Splash! He dodges Land Mass's Corner Avalanche! Referee Andy Gordy ushers the big men out of the ring, which allows Helen to bash Jake over the head with a roller skate for the 1... 2... 3! HELEN WHEELS WINS (5:53) INTERVIEW ZONE FRENCHIE MARCEL interviews HOWLING DOG. HOWLING DOG The tomahawk that Rocky Psycho has stolen is no toy. it is a sacred totem of my people, capable of opening up the skies to bring great wonder, or in the wrong hands, great woe. I will not let it remain in Rocky Psycho's possession. I will be as the sled dogs of my village. Tenacious and persistent. I will return the tomahawk to my people, and Rocky Psycho will suffer for this insult. FRENCHIE MARCEL Ze Tomahawk is full of magic and wonder... but what are ze most magical objects in CGC history? BIFF THE BRUISER Hold up. What did that just say??? UPCOMING EVENTS Saturday Week 1 May - CGC Live! Fort McMurray, Alberta Sunday Week 1 May - Title Bout Wrestling in Edmonton, Alberta Saturday Week 2 May - CGC Live! Smithers Bulkly, British Columbia Saturday Week 3 May - CGC Live! Powell River, British Columbia Sunday Week 3 May - Title Bout Wrestling in Langley, British Columbia Saturday Week 4 May - CGC Live! Kamloops, British Columbia /w Eric Tyler DAN DALAY & JOHN McCLEAN ALEX & JACK DECOLT Jerome Turner "Eric Tyler's students came out on top earlier tonight. Can they make it a clean sweep?" McClean is eager to impress, but Alex bullies him around the ring with wedgies and nipple twisters, trying to get under DaLay's skin. It works. DaLay repeatedly loses his cool, getting in trouble with the referee and allowing his partner to fall victim to classic Calgary Wolverines double teams. Double Hip Toss! Hard Double Whip to the Buckles! DaLay finally turns the table with a handful of Jack's hair, and tries to get under Alex's skin with the same bullying tactics. It doesn't work. Alex is unfazed and Jack counters a wedgie with an Olympic takedown! Alex tags in and DaLay bails out, leaving his partner to suffer every single Powerful Punch, Pretty Powerslam, and Smooth Driving Elbow! Tyler orders DaLay to get back in the fight, and he manages to blindside Alex with a Big Boot and overpower Jack with a big throw, before Alex tackles him out of the ring and they brawl into the crowd. McClean has Jack all to himself. He's thrilled... but wants to make sure Tyler is looking before hitting the final blow. Tyler's watching the brawl, so he waits. And waits. And- Jack with the Iron Claw! Eric Tyler finally turns back to the ring to see his Student screaming in pain and tapping out! ALEX & JACK DECOLT WIN (10:50) INTERVIEW ZONE WHIPPER SPENCER MARKS is with ROGER ROGERS and BARRY BOWEN. WHIPPER SPENCER MARKS Ladies and Gentlemen, next week's Title Bout is going to be a big one. At the request of the champion and passing with a unanimous vote, Steve DeColt will defend the CGC World Title against Barry Bowen. ROGER ROGERS You're a bad liar, Marks. I don't believe for one second that you voted for this, because this is the match that no one in power wants to see! The Committee have been trying to thwart him! Your golden boy's been running from him! Barry Bowen is all of your worst nightmares rolled into one, and now he has me to cut through the red tape and knock down the hoops and get him the big match he deserves. Next week, the Runaway Train runs over Steve DeColt!
  13. My original plan was to finish him up at WrestleFestival (in canon I think he leaves CGC in December '96) but for now he's still with the company. He has his good qualities. A solid experienced heel with size. However, he's also kind of expensive and comes with more travel costs than most. It's possible you'll never see him again, or he could show up next week. While on the subject, here are some other bits of roster news... Brys Turcotte has finished up. Really, I only brought him in to work WrestleFestival and a few Live event shots. Unlike his tag team partner, he isn't local, and despite Brys being a solid, dependable guy, that's not worth the plane fare from Halifax. If Nelson ever needs to work a tag match, I have his number. Similarly, Andy Gordy is a solid referee, but lives too far away and isn't worth the travel expenses. Noel Madden just debuted, and he lives in Calgary. Financially it made more sense to use him. Xander Robinson is in the final month of his contract, and I'm probably not going to resign him. I don't have room to push him right now, but he's far too talented to just be a job guy. Like, outrageously talented. So good. He needs to disappear and return in 6-8 months with a fresh coat of paint and be a force to be reckoned with. Switchblade Mike is in a similar boat. I tested some ideas on Live Events, but the chemistry wasn't there. He has a good thing going in DAVE, so I'm tempted to let his contract expire and see how things look further down the line. I have enough big, musclehead projects to develop. Finally, Bob Casey is the quintessential job guy... but he's not local, and it's hard to argue he's worth the travel expenses when I have a growing number of cheap youngsters at home. I could easily see myself reversing any of these decisions at a moment's notice, but my roster is getting a bit big.
  14. SUNDAY WEEK 3 APRIL 1997 Calgary, Alberta (626 in attendance) Broadcast on Alberta on Air (3,706) and BCB (3,688). Combined Rating <0.01 Alex DeColt calls out the School of Tradition 69 ROCKY PSYCHO VS HOWLING DOG 47 Bowen & Rogers Promo 58 CONDOR VS MARIO HEROIC 26 George DeColt tries to get the belt 58 BIFF THE BRUISER VS TED MOORE 20 Highlights from Cranbrook 20 Live Events /w Ed Monton 53 THE FLOCK VS SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE 52 George DeColt announces next Title Bout 60 FINAL RATING 57 Posting late. Sometimes my job requires me to work weekends. I thought the most interesting thing about this week's Frenchie's Five (favourite babyfaces in Alberta) would be Ed Monton's popularity... but Condor's the fifth most popular? Poor guy. He's been less than an afterthought this entire time. No wonder so few thought he could beat Mario Heroic. Speaking of Mario... Is he a popular character is more modern version of the database? I've only ever seen him as a washed out never-was or 18 year old still figuring out his first handful of matches. Maybe in the future the upside will emerge, for now Condor is twice the wrestler he is. Next time on Title Bout Wrestling... CGC Bubbleweight Title: Jake Sloan vs Helen Wheels Dan DaLay & John McClean vs Jack & Alex DeColt Rash Reilly & Frankie Flame vs Eddie Chandler & Johnny Maverick
  15. Jerome Turner "Last week Barry Bowen made a statement with an attack on Steve DeColt and Ed Monton, seemingly supported by Roger Rogers. Is a new alliance forming? It won't be the only one. The School of Tradition has expanded. Not only do they boast tonight's defending tag team champions, but they have some new students, already in the ring. " IN RING ERIC TYLER has his entire roster of School of Tradition students lined up in the ring. FRANKIE FLAME. RASH REILLY. JOHN McCLEAN looks absolutely thrilled to be there, while DAN DALAY looks like he'd rather be anywhere else, clutching his CGC Television Title belt. ERIC TYLER Settle down and listen up. School is now in session. Last week I introduced you to the men who will soon become household names in this sport. Alone they have suffered, but together, under my guidance, they will become the finest athletes this country has ever seen. Paragons of virtue. Monuments to my excellence. And why? Because they have something those DeColts could only dream of having; a willingness to learn. ALEX DECOLT There's only one thing your students have that I want, and that's the CGC Television Title. I feel like you've been avoiding me, Dan DaLay? What happened? I used to see you every week. Attacking me. Bullying me. Now all you do is run away like a coward. What changed? Surely it's not because I kicked your ass at WrestleFestival. Why don't I come down there right now so we can 'talk'. For old time's sake. ERIC TYLER You've got a big mouth, Alex, but I'm sorry to inform you that your newfound confidence is just warm, comforting self-delusion. Dan DaLay didn't run from you at WrestleFestival... he simply granted you mercy. A rookie mistake that will not be repeated. If you want to provide my students another learning opportunity, we'll happily welcome you into this ring... but Dan DaLay isn't the only one looking to take you DeColts down a peg. I think you'll find yourself quite outnumbered. ALEX DECOLT I don't know about that. EDDIE CHANDLER and JOHNNY MAVERICK slide into the ring and pull all of the Student's trousers down! Reilly covers his shame. John McClean falls over himself trying to cover his sparkling white tighties whities. Frankie shamelessly tries to give chase in brown-stained underpants. DaLay is furious and embarrassed and Eric Tyler finds himself face to face with JACK DECOLT, who is preparing the Iron- Tyler bails, hiding behind security as the attackers leave laughing. ROCKY PSYCHO VS HOWLING DOG Jerome Turner "Two weeks ago Howling Dog broke Rocky's undefeated streak with a shock roll-up. Rocky demanded this rematch." All smiles, Howling Dog mocks Rocky with roll up attempts and culturally inappropriate pasta references. Rocky struggles to keep his cool, but elegant arm drags and fancy head scissors can't put the Dog away. Rocky snaps and- Sky High Spinebuster! 1... 2... Rocky kicks out but Dog uses his anger against him. Small package! Victory Roll! Dog climbs up top, but underestimates Rocky's fury and gets shoved all the way to the outside! Cannonball dive! Rocky is relentless, hammering away with punches and headbutts and the referee counts... 7... 8...9... Rocky comes to his senses just in time to roll inside, and Dog is counted out. ROCKY PSYCHO WINS (9:29) Security are terrified that Rocky is going to continue the assault, but instead he takes Dog's magic tomahawk and leaves. INTERVIEW ZONE ROGER ROGERS is pleased as punch to have his wheelchair parked up alongside the gigantic BARRY BOWEN. ROGER ROGERS I'm sure you have been worried all week, but let me assure you that I am fine. I escaped unharmed from the violent and vile attack upon my person by Steve DeColt, and it's all thanks to this man, Barry Bowen. A hero. A knight in shining armour. He saw an innocent fan in need, a disabled man who simply wanted to cheer on his former favourite wrestler, and he came to his rescue without a second thought. Yet how does CGC reward this heroism? With scorn. With talks about another suspension. Ludicrous! Unfair! A travesty of justice! I will do everything in my power to make sure the treacherous Committee can't stand in his way, because I know exactly how it feels to have George's DeColt's cruel boot upon my neck, keeping me from what I want. Me and Barry Bowen are two peas in a pod, and all of CGC are going to feel our might. BARRY BOWEN No more running, DeColt. No more hiding. That belt belongs to me. CONDOR VS MARIO HEROIC Jerome Turner "It's time for some fast paced Bubbleweight action!" Condor uses karate kicks and judo throws to try to solve the enigma that is young Mario, but to no avail. His moves? Mysterious. His tactics? Strange. He flips and flops and misses a springboard backflip done for reasons unclear, allowing Condor to swoop in with the Flight of the Condor (Top Rope Splash) for the 1... 2... 3! CONDOR WINS (4:35) Jerome Turner "The Bubbleweight division is heating up. There's just the small matter of CGC management getting their hands on the belt..." BACKSTAGE GEORGE DECOLT is trying to get into a locker room, but the door is blocked by the massive LAND MASS. Inside, HELEN WHEELS has the CGC Bubbleweight Title belt. GEOERGE DECOLT Helen, be reasonable. If you're not going to defend it, why do you want it? HELEN WHEELS I'll defend it! Bring Julie Forletta over here and I'll defend it right now. Or one of Steve's girlfriends. Line them up I'll knock all their teeth down their throats! Why didn't you make a women's championship, huh? Sexism, that's why! You afraid of strong women, George? I'll give you back your precious, shrimp belt for babies, when you get me my own belt. CGC Queen of Everything! I want jewels! I want gold! Give me the prettiest belt the world has ever seen and maybe I'll consider trading you. George considers barging in, but there's no way past Land Mass. GEORGE DECOLT I'll talk it over with the Committee... FRENCHIE'S FIVE FRENCHIE MARCEL We asked ze fans here in Calgary who their favourite wrestler is... BIFF THE BRUISER VS TED MOORE Jerome Turner "Biff has been forced to hold the "Poor Widdle Baby" belt ever since he embarrassed himself in a pie eating contest at WrestleFestival" Ted mistakes the Poor Widdle Baby belt for a teddy bear and Biff doesn't like that one bit. He bashes, batters and bruises before hitting a Lariat for a pin. BIFF THE BRUISER (2:45) Biff's pretty pleased with himself, until the referee gives him back the Poor Widdle Baby belt. Jerome Turner "Last week CGC were in Cranbrook, British Columbia." Undersized and overmatched, JAKE SLOAN hits CHRISTOPHER HART with a baseball slide to keep him out of the ring and score a count out victory. RASH REILLY distracts the referee so that FRANKIE FLAME can take out the opposition with a chair and JOHN McCLEAN can lock in the Tradition Lift (Double Chicken Wing) for the tap out. UPCOMING EVENTS Saturday Week 4 April - CGC Live! in Revelstoke, British Columbia Saturday Week 1 May - CGC Live! Fort McMurray, Alberta Sunday Week 1 May - Title Bout Wrestling in Edmonton, Alberta Saturday Week 2 May - CGC Live! Smithers Bulkly, British Columbia Saturday Week 3 May - CGC Live! Powell River, British Columbia Sunday Week 3 May - Title Bout Wrestling in Langley, British Columbia Saturday Week 4 May - CGC Live! Kamloops, British Columbia ED MONTON Roger Rogers has found someone else to try to ride to the top of CGC, but it'll take more than cheap tricks and powerbombs through furniture to keep me down. If Barry Bowen wants a piece of me, he can meet me this Saturday at the Revelstoke Forum. I said I wasn't aboot to let Rogers get away with any more tomfoolery, and I aim to be a man of my word. CGC TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH Black Sheep & Battering Lamb THE FLOCK THE SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE Chance & Fate /w John McClean Jerome Turner "Black Sheep humiliated John McClean at WrestleFestival, so he's paying extra special attention to this one." John McClean has set up a little school desk at ringside, where he can take notes as the Soldiers deal with his sworn enemy. Black Sheep constantly messes with him, throwing balls of paper, until the Soldiers stop his farmyard fun with cohesive destructive power. They herd Black Sheep into their corner and do exactly what they've been paid to do; teach McClean how to solve an irritating problem. Chance repeatedly gives the student openings to interfere behind the referee's back, but McClean messes each of them up. Taking too long. Talking too loud. Missing a punch and hurting his hand on the ring post! Battering Lamb is finally unpenned, and battering rams his opponents with shoulder tackles and mutton chops before dropping a big Leg of Lamb! Slow Roast (Torture Rack) to Fate! McClean tries to interfere, but Black Sheep chases him. Around the ring. Under the ring. Through the ring! In the meantime however, Chance has saved his partner, disposed of Lamb, and the Soldiers intercept Black Sheep with a Spinebuster/Senton combo for the 1... 2... 3! SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE WIN (11:16) INTERVIEW ZONE HELEN WHEELS looks incredibly smug as LAND MASS guards her from GEORGE DECOLT, who stands beside a large podium with a sheet covering it. What could possibly be under there? Helen is thrilled. GEORGE DECOLT Against my better judgment, the CGC Matchmaking Committee have determined that we are unable to force Helen Wheels to relinquish her stolen property, so we have no choice but to give her what she wants. If Helen wants to be a Champion, we hereby officially recognize her as the first ever CGC Bubbleweight Champion... Helen is confused. GEORGE DECOLT ... and we are thrilled to announce her first ever title defense. Next week! Title Bout Wrestling! Helen Wheels versus... George whips the sheet off of the podium to reveal... It's JAKE SLOAN! HELEN WHEELS What? No! That's not what I... No!
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