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  1. Hello, if you are one of the people receiving this message, I just got the go-to to ask for your permission to use your renders that were seen as free pictures in the AltCverse 2022 mod. I plan on using this on a mod I am creating called The GoldVerse 1985, which is supposed to be a series of mods (1993, 1997, 2006, 2016, and in between 2025-2028). So I'm basically asking permission for all of these mods. So will you be allow me to us some of your renders for workers in that mod?

  2. cw - death / cancer hey just as a heads up, over the last year and half ive been dealing with my life partner going through various stages of cancer, covid and surgeries and so a lot of my work over the year with the 70s graphics and tv logos were connected to me being the other side of the world with her and needing creative outlets while in hospital waiting spaces. She died christmas day so.. just may be a while before im back in a place where im able to find any sort of will to be making things.
  3. Yeahs he's definitely not doing too hot. I have seen him last almost a year and a half i will say. Almost outlasted the company even. I do suspect the only chance CWB has is a new owner and booker getting to take over as early as possible with a bold enough vision.
  4. Early Release v0.1 (99% the full release version and is definitely in a fully playable state - currently just missing custom Intro screens) DOWNLOAD This was originally started as a hotfix for the Beta release of the CVerse 1977 "That 70s Mod" by Mr T Jobs to Me, PeterHilton, jtlant and SadisticBlessings which changes to the TEW client caused the mod file to stop working as well as financial instability to promotions in the gameworld. To that end my main goal of the Hegstrand Edition is to keep the gameworld close to the intention of that original beta release, primarily focusing on bug fixes, rebalancing to address the financial instability and filling in missing data. The only major changes where i know ive made a conscious personal decision to add to the gameworld outside of those points are: Updating Promotion Graphics Added/Edited Broadcasters, Broadcaster Changes and Eras in line with CVerse canon Minor Cosmetic Promotion Narratives 80s British Promotion Added (World Of Wrestling - canon from CV97) Record of Changes are listed below: Broadcasters > reduced size of some US broadcasters (CANN, East Coast Today etc) to fit with CV97 timeline and given same Broadcast Changes in order to grow in reach as years progress. Introduced CV97 historical broadcasters so games that run long enough into that time period players will start to see them open, and older stations shut down. Corrected SWF tv deal to be with Sports America. Heidi Brooks given grifter personality in line with her description (and 97 personality data) UKB Digital corrected to not be open in game start and instead open in 2006 in line with Default data. Fixed Characters missing personalities: Melissa Monroe (lively), Jennifer Payne (Party Animal), Fixed Characters missing all attributes: Natalie Martell Kinuko Saromi had 0 stats Introduced Eras that line up and feed into the CV97 Eras. Given US older companies' events some prestige as many were set to start at 0% even though they've been in business for 10-17 years. Also set their TV shows to have low prestige as prior they started at None. CICW: Set specific seasonal schedule with larger breaks so company has more down time to recover funds via sponsorship CWB and APWF: Changed their broadcasting deal to be with Channel 7 Regional NE (they were set to share Channel Local 10 with APWF which only has 1 company max so APWFs deal would get dropped quickly) - [NOTE this may have been intentional to cleverly force the tv deal loss, sorry if that is the case] Fixed Feds debuting without popularity: GSW, IPW, UKPro, PSW, EMLL, SNP, Added WOW (World of Wrestling) from 97 mod as this is currently the only cverse mod where it exists (canon open June 1979 closes 1987) as a playable promotion. TTW low funds fix West Berlin Wrestling added narrative if it still exists in November 1989 Set a lot of promotions canon owners as preferred, fixed some "random debut" promotions appearing before they should (eg MMA promotions appearing before MMA was invented), also fixed some promotions to start when they start historically eg. BCG. NOTE - APWF, CWB and AAFW will all still struggle financially and are at HIGH risk of closing within the first 1-2 years if played by the AI. All three should hit their close points pretty much in line with canon closing dates of their companies except APWF which will be 6 months late as canon says its meant to be bust within 6 months of gamestart but TEW wont allow a company to go bust in the first year of gameplay. While they are at high risk, all three indvidually do still have slim chances of surviving under the AI if their stars align.
  5. so here's your background jpg version on the left, and a verison i just did (photoshop) on the right: bit more detail and crispness retained. I kept the png layer as a smart file (not sure how that translates to paint.net), so there wasnt any loss of fidelity during resizing it to fit the background, only when i saved the file. When i did the same process without it being a smart layer, the version i ended up with (right) is much closer in blur to yours (left). Hope thats helpful!
  6. there is however only 20 regularly active people on the female roster. If Saraya has similar views to her boyfriend then you're looking at another Punk v Colt situation.
  7. hes uh been pretty transphobic in the past year or two and then doubled down on it, like, Sarayas entrance song was written by him against 'cancel culture' because he decided he had been "cancelled" for his views on trans people. Who knows, maybe this is the pivot to appease WBD, but i feel like its going to lead to some backstage tensions if hes around, or really if he just decides to get on a social media soapbox over it again.
  8. Brandon Thurston on twitter, he runs Wrestlenomics and usually he posts quarter hour break downs but doesnt always post them publicly. Wrestlenomics was set up by Chris Harrington who is now the Senior Vice President of Business Strategy for AEW and close friend to Thurston so theres a lot of underlying detail he knows and they sometimes have Harrington back to talk about the business side of things. They have their radio show on youtube on sunday mornings 11am EST, and a patreon subscriber show on thursdays as well as access to their discord where you can download the Wrestlenomics spreadsheets which contain ratings for basically every US wrestling tv show going back to before the monday night wars etc. Meltzer sometimes gets minute by minute ratings as well which he doesnt post publicly but will comment on and he would only be getting if someone in the business sent to him by either AEW or WWE. The recent Meltzer commented on in that regard was the Yuta v Garcia match had 1.01 million viewers watching it by the end (prior to the mini promo Jericho/Danielson stuff) If theres ever a graphic like that up about ratings, 99% chance its from wrestlenomics. this is the other classic one he puts out after each show.
  9. From Wrestlenomics Very stable stuff, normal bump at the top of the 9m hour, then full ad break at 9:15 as usual lead to a drop in viewers, but then big boost for people coming in for the main event which is cool to see. Just like with last week theres evidence to suggest a lot of people are tuning in to get the main event (Yuta v Garcia had a big viewership by the end). Battlebots and AEW seems a good pairing.
  10. AEW doing 1.1175 mil and 0.39. Good bounce, hard to tell if thats the end of the summer lull kicking in, or if people are enjoying new stories coming through finally rather than the weird holding patterns we seemed to be stuck in for the last few months.
  11. look at all this positive role modelling going on here with guys being MJFs support structure and telling they love one another. Stokely = Wholesome.
  12. Yeah, it reminds me a lot of being a kid watching the B show wrestling stuff we'd get here on saturday morning tv. Things like Heat and Velocity. Just fun vibes but AEW manages to dial it up so much more with commentary and stuff like Infinito and Fuego Dos etc. More of that lighthearted pageantry and playing to the crowds but also often interesting people coming in as jobbers and working up slowly. So many times watching Horowitz doing his thing back in the day.
  13. Sakura v Athena, Sakura v Shida.. lot of great Sakura matches happening on Dark / Elevation. I cant be mad, its the funnest show to watch and aggro viewers wont go near it. in other dark news: Queen Aminata got her first win WHOOP WHOOP
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