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  1. Among the newly opened federations (that are not there when the game starts), which one is the most successful (or if you don't mind writing a long post, I'd love the most successful of each game area to be covered)? Any interesting story about it?
  2. Not sure if this is relevant but did you check the bookers of these companies? If those bookers have very high rating in booking but still come up with such set up, then I have nothing to say. Otherwise, changing the booker to someone with better booking skill or just edit their booking skill to 100 "might" (I am not sure either) have a chance for them to do better.
  3. This is far from the easiest way to learn about EMLL and it involves a lot of reading. You can download the demo of all the TEW versions (probably need to find the freeware TEW05 somewhere else) and create a new game with the default database just to read up on the wrestlers and companies bios. This gives you lore info of every few years of what happened in the CornellVerse.
  4. It's only from the game's manual (the "?" in game). But I assume those info are accurate by now since Adam has plenty of time to fix them if they are not.
  5. I agree on matches as I can see the advantage of Three Ring Circus over Regular. However, when it comes to angles, here are the descriptions as I see it: The rating is calculated as 70% of the highest rated angle, 20% of the second highest rated angle, and 10% of the third highest rated angles. If there aren't enough angles to do this then the highest rated angle's percentage is increased to make up the difference. The rating is calculated as being the average of the three highest rated angles. If there are less than three angles then the average of the remaining angles is used. Both of them uses a max of 3 angles. This is unlike matches, where the 10% is the average of the entire undercard barring the match used for the 20%. This is just 3 angles and the other angles are completely ignored. So we are looking at this distribution: 70%/20%/10% VS 33%/33%/33% I plugged in a lot of numbers into an excel sheet just to compare and "70%/20%/10%" always yield better result no matter what. Hence, I don't get the benefit of highlight focus at all -- unless the description is incorrect and highlight focus is calculated differently and that is reflected in your testing.
  6. Is there any reason to use "highlights focus" for angle over regular focus? I see no situation where highlights focus score a higher score than regular focus. They also both use three angles.
  7. As a NBA fan, I laughed when I see this gen. If USPW ever release him, I am getting him and giving him a b-ball player gimmick.
  8. I have the same thoughts as you here. I think my approach as to keep me closer to feeling like I have a personal character is to always use a few specific characters I like whenever possible so the story feels more focused on them.
  9. Extra cool (but unlikely aesthetic feature) if the "media comment" section has the UI and look of a smartphone so you feel like you are going through the worker's Twitter account or something akin to that when you are checking what he has said to the media.
  10. Those are questions only you yourself can answer, man. It's not like we know you enough to know your behaviors. My idea for you is just start 9 games on all the dates you listed. I mean, you are worried about long term continuity with TEW 2020 in the horizon, so don't be. Open up all 9 games and just book whatever you want, this should probably hold you well for now. You will not get very far into any of those(unless you somehow are hooked on one of them) but that's by design. You will not feel like you are abandoning a long-term save when 2020 comes out.
  11. I hope the social media stuff is done better than in WMMA5. WMMA5's just feel way too robotic to be immersive.
  12. I think differently from you. I am all for putting details into the smaller features and adding complexity if possible. When it comes to the simulation genre, I like complexity in every aspects. But I also understand that's just not how it goes with small features in Greydog games and I am cool with it being implemented either way.
  13. I think it makes sense to give a slightly higher chance of media storm happening for higher pop wrestlers, but definitely don't ignore the indie guys. An unknown can be memed and be famous a day later, that's the power of internet. But I don't think this small feature(said so in the journal) is going to be made with extra detail, so I am cool with just everyone having an equal chance.
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