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  1. Night of WRESTLING, December 1998 Danger Kumasaka vs. Luis Figo Manico in a submission match You've been building Figo up for a while now and while Danger Kumasaka is a big name time isn't on his side. Boundary 87 (Go Matsunaga & Takeshi Umehara), Hayate Hasegawa, Fukusaburu Inao and Shimi Komatsuzaki vs. Kazuo Mitsushi, Rebel Cell (Harumi Okazawaya & Sotatsu Sarumara), Walter Morgan and Yodo Nakane Definitely a get everyone on the card type of throwaway match here. Could go either way, but I like Walter Morgan so I'll take his team to win. Koryusai Kitoaji vs. Nobuatsu Tatsuko I think Nobuatsu's impatience costs him yet again. Chuichi Sanda and Team STRENGTH RUSH (Lee Wright & Raymond Diaz) vs. Mamoru Nagahama and Strike Force (Dino Maldini & Pistol Pete Hall) Team STRENGTH RUSH would probably take Strike Force in a straight two versus two, but Nagahama is a stronger partner than Sanda. Eisaku Hoshino © vs. Eisaku Kunomasu for the Historical Japan title Tough choice but I'll go for a title change since I'm predicting the champions to retain in every other match. Team Dynasty (Shuji Inukai & Yoshimi Mushashibo) vs. Team MYTHOS (Mito Miwa & Sean McFly) © for the Glory Tag Crown titles I think Team MYTHOS will get a long reign as champions. Dread © vs. Hito Ichihara for the Glory Crown title I think Dread completes his quest and firmly cements himself as the unstoppable monster on top of the throne of PGHW.
  2. SZW First Steel Cage Match - Lone Rider vs Rusty Mills Tough pick here, but I'll take Lone Rider. Like John Lions said, he's the bosses son and a SZW original, and with a babyface champion you need to keep building top level singles heels to challenge them. Tag-Team Number One Contender Match - The Golden Grapplers vs Smokers & Suplexes vs The Runway I hate to just look like I'm copying Jonh Lions picks, but I do think it's time for Lifeline to win the belts and the Golden Grapplers are a much fresher title challenger then the other two options. Greatest Fear - ???? vs Armando Guerrero I'm guessing the mystery man/animal is Lone Shark of ZEN/APW fame. He's someone who'd be a big get in terms of ability and definitely add something new to your product even if he's a bit weird compared to (most of) the rest of your roster. I love Armando, but I think he can afford a loss and I could see this being a long running storyline where Armando isn't yet ready to face his fears and loses here, but eventually (with some help from his surfing coach) builds himself up and comes back to get the big win down the road. Sydney Championship Number One Contender Match - Dizzy G vs Blackwell Bush Tough to call, especially since Vortex feels like a tweener to me. I'll go with Bush here since a singles match between him and Vortex could easily land in your list of top matches. Buckminster Snark Invitational - Buckminster Snark vs ??? Snark could be big for you if he can be built up right, and a winning streak goes a long way towards that. Sydney Championship Match - Jake D’Angelo vs Vortex © I really like how you've taken Jake D'Angelo, who's frankly a pretty unremarkable indy journeyman, and turned him into a interesting character and credible title contender. That being said I can't imagine him winning here. Tag-Team Championship Match - Lifeline vs ??? vs The Devoted Souls © It's amazing how much the redebut and rebranding has helped turn Lifeline from thrown together afterthought into homegrown babyface heroes. The mystery team involvement here certainly shakes things up, but I think a three way could be an opportunity to make the Devoted Souls look strong in defeat since they still would be undefeated in straight up two versus two matches. I'll go with Lifeline getting the big win here. Australian Championship Match - The Kipper vs Adgee Cross © I like Kipper and hope he can turn back the clock here and deliver a main event worthy performance. Tie-Breakers One - Top 3 Matches of the Night 1. Golden Grapplers vs Snakes & Suplexes vs The Runway A lot of guys in this match that pretty much always deliver ratings. 2. Lone Rider vs Rusty Mills Rusty Mills always delivers, and Lone Rider should be an able partner. 3. The Kipper vs Adgee Cross This is the one I'm least certain on, but I'm optimistic this'll be good. Tie-Breaker Two - Promo of the Night (List 3 workers): Delbert DeGeorge interviewing The Devoted Souls.
  3. Francis Burke v Lucas Pobb Based on your bio info it seems Pobb has been a surprisingly good performer for you and is more over as well. I like Francis Burke a lot as well, soI'm hoping that he'll get an opportunity going forward here even if he disappointed in your 2016 save. The Party People (Cody Cook & Toasty Bonnar) & Fuzzy Freeman v Sturt's Three Henchmen (Henchman #1, Henchman #2 & Henchman #3) This one is tough because on paper "Sturt's Henchmen" seems like a designation for out and out jobbers and since Sturt is a tag team champion it would naturally put Party People in line for a shot. The thing that worries me is that based on bios you aren't too high on Cook, Toasty, or Fuzzy, so if Sturt's henchmen have a bigger role to play then taking out a trio of guys you aren't really that high on is a good way to establish them. I'll go for the safer pick and have the henchmen losing to set up the Party People as a title challenger, since even if you do plan on dumping them it's probably worth getting what you can out of them first. YEPT Tag Team Title Match: Sturt & HoBoo v Dick & Morty (Felix Harding & Mortimer Pyle) I could see the challengers winning here given that Sturt is older and possibly in time decline now, and Wes Snorefest is a massive downgrade from Boo. That being said I rarely see people swap titles on the first show, and you mentioned there being a queue of challengers so I think the champions retain here. 3 Way Elimination match to become number 1 contender for the YEPW Australian Title: Australian Devil v Lone Rider v Quick Silver Tough to pick here since all three of these guys are near the top of the card with solid records. I'll pick Quick Silver since no one has picked him yet and a match with Jester has a nice hero vs villain angle.
  4. Great show! I love the idea that Armando is actually an experienced surfer, but watched a movie with a killer shark and swore off ever going into the ocean again.
  5. DIW Title: Seth Wish v Dexter Mattell (c) Like many effective heels, I think there was a lot of truth in what Dexter Mattell said about having brought Seth Wish to relevance. Don't get me wrong, Seth was always a guy who seemed to have potential, but his feud with Mattell is what has really gotten fans to see that he's not just "a guy" but that maybe he could be "the guy." Seth's shown he can be a great challenger, but the issue is that ideally you want a champion who can not only shine against better opponents, but go in there and get the best out of less developed guys as well. I'm just not sure Seth can do that yet. Based on my last paragraph I have the wrong name bolded, but there's other factors here. Having a babyface lose twice in a row is tough, especially when they're putting a big stipulation on the line. There's a real chance that losing like that cements them as an also ran in the eyes of the fans. With Kobra he could get away with losing in a stipulation match because he immediately turned heel, adopted a new name and persona, and won championship gold. Seth Wish isn't the best guy on your roster, but with how this storyline has played out I think you have the chance to have a great cathartic moment here. Putting the belt on a fan favorite like Seth Wish also gives a beautiful opportunity for Bryant Hall and the Ares Death Cult to jump back to the forefront of DIW. Sure they could feud with the Pros, but there's definitely an odd dynamic there and while Dexter Mattell vs Bryant Hall would no doubt be a great match, I feel like the Final Boss going after the plucky underdog babyface right after his career making title would be a strong direction coming out of this. Mattell losing his title, while his stablemates kept theres, would also be an interesting shakeup in their power dynamic. That being said I'm pretty sure I'm dead wrong here and just talked myself into picking a guy who I know really shouldn't be champion win it. Tag Titles: The Dream Team (Milton Hittlespitz and Rob Edwards) v The Benchmark (Donovan Boon and Rusty Mills) (c) Another really tough decision. In a way the Benchmarks recent singles wins makes me think that could be setting them up to lose here, but leave them credibility as singles wrestlers. The Dream Team angle also feels like it has legs so them winning would ensure it continues. That being said I talked myself into the idea of Dexter being the only pro without a title belt so I have to pick the Benchmark to retain here. Australian Title: Con McReady v Kobra The Conqueror (c) This is the easiest title match to predict since Kobra just won the title from Con and losing it back so quickly would kind of undo the work you've put into trying to rebuild him. I think Con has more of a future in his tag team with Seth moving forward than as a primarily singles guy to be honest. (Which kind of makes me question why I have Seth winning again, but I made my decision.) Hack The Hunter v Bryant Hall I like Hack, but I just can't see him winning here. In a way this kind of just feels like a tune up match for Bryant Hall to stay busy as he bides his time before going after the DIW championship. The Barracudas (Chopper Rourke and Vaughan) v The Barbarians (Lloyd Banks and Psych Ward) The Barracudas deserve a spot in the DIW Hall of Fame, but their best days are behind them and if nothing else the Barbarians association with Bryant Hall means that they really should be kept strong as well. Two Badass Bulldogs (Hendrix Hughes and Wrecker) v D.O.A. and ? It's hard to pick against a mystery man, but D.O.A. has real midcard for life energy while Hughes and Wrecker are guys who're on that border of being able to hand with the big names.
  6. Zoe Levine vs Victoria Labelle Victoria continues her winning streak against a dojo graduate who hasn't yet pushed past the young lion phase of her career. Nirvana Moon vs Mahuika Mahuika can't be in a great mood after GEISHA cheated to beat her on the last show, and I think poor Nirvana Moon is going to be an outlet for that frustration. Whiskey Black vs Mischa Brooks Whiskey has been one of the surprise breakout stars of this diary after her cinderella run in the tournament and feud with DeathGrip, but has struggled as of late having lost the blowoff match versus BlackThorn and lost in the qualifier of the Next-Gen ladder match. I suppose her struggling could be made into a storyline like Gianna Giancarlo's losing streak, but I don't think you'd run that storyline again quite so quickly and I don't know if Mischa Brooks is quite ready to be winning matches against competitors of this caliber. Paris Priest vs Marinette I know I expressed sympathy for Nirvana Moon having to face an angry Mahuika in an earlier match, but given Marinette was last seen laying waste to two women with a steel chair I think Paris Priest is the rookie with the most to worry about heading into her match. The Damned vs Dana Lynn & Deonna Deen This is a really tough match to call because The Damned have been shown as very strong going head to head with DeathGrip, but Dana Lynn and Deonna Deen have been on a roll as of late. Both teams have feuds set up with other teams (BlackThorn for The Damned and Tigers in the Mist for Lynn & Deen) so I feel like this could go any way. I'll go for max chaos and say that for the third time in a row The Damned's match ends in a messy draw/non-decision. Starlet Tag Team Championship Better Than You (c) vs Hiroko Mori and Hotaru Goda I don't think it's time for Better Than You to drop the titles, and I'm interested to see what happens next between them and Charlize. No 1. Contenders Match For Starlet Grand Championship Malice vs Kelly Kanzaki vs Killshot Ayama vs Charlize I don't think Malice gets two title shots in a row, so I'll pick Charlize winning by capitalizing on Kanzaki & Ayama's mutual hatred and stealing a victory. Starlet Next-Gen Championship (Ladder Match) Lottie Deville vs GEISHA vs Wildfire vs Ella Frost vs Black Sheep vs Dallas Fox There's no bad choice here, but to me Lottie would be the perfect inaugral champion to establish the Next-Gen title as being about exciting young wrestlers, and show that your dojo graduates have what it takes to step up and become champions.
  7. Good shows, I've been enjoying the build to your next big show and I think over the last couple months in game you've done a really nice job re-building your tag team division and strengthening your midcard. I like the rebranding of Kobra as a way to establish his new heel persona; though it's a bit interesting that it was Dexter Mattell renaming him rather than him doing it for himself. I suppose if he ever leaves the Benchmark/the group splits up down the road he might re-name himself again; perhaps King Kobra given that species primarily feeds on other snakes and poor Brown Snake keeps getting brought in just to get hit with the ripcord knee. I'm probably a bit biased, but I do enjoy that Rick Horn is so chill about Milton teaming with Rob instead of him. It's kind of nice that in a locker room that is full of drama (in storyline...mostly) he's just pretty chill and is willing to go head to head with anyone. Given Hack is challenging Bryant Hall I can't see Horn winning, but at least it should be a fun heavyweight slugfest. The stipulation for Seth Wish vs Dexter Mattell is interesting, as it's enough to give doubt to Mattell just retaining again, but not so heavy as to make it feel like there's no way you could go through with enforcing it. I'm also very interested to see how the pairing of Milton and Edwards goes since they are both great talents, but they're both so valuable as singles stars that it's hard to imagine them being together long term; especially given how their last teamup ended.
  8. Week 4 Pick'em Sheet World Tag Tournament Semi-final The Wild Bunch VS The Hot Taggs W/February Malaise Comments: I like the Wild Bunch, and the Hot Taggs got beat down after their surprise pin in the opening round so they're probably not 100%. Hardcore Rules "Blue Collar Outlaw" Pepper Pelton VS Original Sinner W/Deacon Darkhold Comments: Sinner has backup. Willams & Casey VS The Canadian Blondes W/Mya Catalan Comments: Easy win for the Blondes. Jerry Pepper VS "Evil Genius" Chess Maniac Comments: Chess Maniac has been quietly racking up a good win record, so I expect he'll be more involved in a major feud sooner than later. Warren Technique VS A Local Competitor Comments: Squash World Tag Tournament Semi-final The Wrecking Crew VS The War Chiefs Comments: Didn't the War Chiefs already beat the Wrecking Crew in the first round? I think the Night Terrors should be in their spot unless it's a storyline replacement thing.
  9. Predictions Card for Night of HONOUR, September 1998 Elite Tag Series Semi-Final 1: Team EXPLOSION (Eisaku Hoshino & Eisaku Kunomasu) vs. Team Dynasty (Shuji Inukai & Yoshimi Mushashibo) Team EXPLOSION avenge their loss in the finals last year. Elite Tag Series Semi-Final 2: Team MYTHOS (Mito Miwa & Sean McFly) vs. Team STRENGTH RUSH (Lee Wright & Raymond Diaz) I think Team MYTHOS gets a big upset here. Boundary 97 (Go Matsunaga & Takeshi Umehara) and Hayate Hasegawa & Fukusaburu Inao vs. Rebel Cell (Harumi Okazawaya & Sotatsu Sarumara) and Strike Force (Dino Maldini & Pistol Pete Hall) I'm a Dino fan and Pistol Pete seems to be a much bigger name than anyone on the opposite team. Luis Figo Manico vs. Nobuatsu Tatsuko Tatsuko seems to be leaning into a more heelish aggressive persona and I think he takes it here. Chuichi Sanda, Koryusai Kitoaji, Shimi Komatsuzaki and Yodo Nakane vs. Danger Kumasaka, Dread, Hito Ichihara and Mamoru Nagahama Dread and Ichihara on the same team is hard to bet against. Elite Tag Series Finals: Team EXPOSION vs Team MYTHOS I think Team EXPLOSION take it here.
  10. Great shows! Cross winning was a surprise, but it's cool to see an underrated journeyman of the aussie independant scene finally get his due; don't worry Francis Burch, you'll get yours one day too. I'm really enjoying that the last few shows have given some promo time to some of your midcarders. It's cool to see so many guys wanting to challenge Vortex for the Sydney title since secondary titles often feel like afterthoughts and the little promos helped establish their characters a bit. I really enjoyed the Armando Guerrero segment and hope to see more of his adventures; the dose of levity certainly stands out given how serious a lot of the wrestlers in your promotion are and it's a good niche for him. I like Smokers & Suplexes, but I feel like Brown Snake declaring that they were still the #1 Contenders and were getting another title shot in three months immediately after being knocked out and pinned was strange. Like saying you aren't giving up and want another shot is one thing, but my man hasn't even left the ring and he's already got a date set. Though given their match was the only one on the last show to deliver I guess who am I to argue if he wants to book his own matches.
  11. Haven't posted in a bit, but I've been reading and enjoying what you're doing. I didn't see the Kobra Khan turn coming at all; I actually thought he might end up helping Seth rather than screwing him. I did really like the explanation you gave for his betrayal as it makes a ton of sense, and with how manipulative Dexter Mattell is I could see him playing off Kobra's dislike of Seth Wish (and Con McReady) to sort of convince him to join their side. Kobra is an odd fit for a group who pride themselves on being professionals and look down upon hardcore wrestlers, but heels being hypocritical is a staple of wrestling. Maybe Dexter Mattell and The Benchmark just have a really high opinion of Desert Trios and figured once he signed there that he was Pros material. To be honest the guy he's replacing also kind of stood out since sure McReady shared a locker room with Mattell and the Benchmark for a few years in APW, but he never had their technical skills (or overall talent tbh) and was cut by APW before he joined DIW. Kobra winning a title immediately certainly gives him a big boost to shake off his reputation as a choker, and while he's held the title before it definitely feels like he's got more to work with character and storyline wise now so I'm hoping we can see more of how that evolves. It does feel like Kobra's reign as champ is a chance to establish the Australian Title as a home for the more violent hardcore matches that DIW built it's reputation off of as a sort of contrast to the more conventional excellence put on by the likes of Rob Edwards, Dexter Mattell, and the Benchmark. Seth Wish vs Hendrix Hughes is a very interesting matchup since both guys are fan favorites and mutual dislike of the pros, but Hughes at least might dislikes Seth even more after he cost him a title match. I really don't know who wins it, but it'll be interesting to see whether they end up settling their differences or if Wish has found yet another long term rival after his previous one cost him his chance to win the DIW title. The other matches seem easier to call bar a massive upset, but Edwards vs Horn sounds like a great slobberknocker. Rick Horn's win-loss record isn't amazing, but I feel like the fans gotta respect a guy who's not afraid to go head to head with the toughest guys in DIW and I think one day he'll get his due and score that big upset win.
  12. MASSACRE 2024 DIW Title: Seth Wish v Dexter Mattell (c) My pro wrestling brain is telling me Con McReady saying he is on Seth's side on screen, while coincidently never being there to help him when it counts, means he's going to betray him for sure, but then there's a part of me that thinks it could be a sort of double swerve where he'll pretend to be betraying Seth Wish only to actually turn against Mattell. My brain is telling me that Seth Wish losing here and feuding with McReady is the simpler and more logical outcome, but I do think Seth Wish winning the DIW title, and doing it by outsmarting Dex and using his own scheming against him would be a fantastic moment so I'll go with my heart. Tag Titles: Rob Edwards and Wrecker v The Benchmark (c) I could see this going either way, but the Benchmark are just so damn good as a team that I have a hard time betting against them. Australian Title: Hendrix Hughes v Con McReady (c) Tough call here, but I think McReady is going to be embroiled with Seth Wish one way or another in the weeks going forward and doesn't really need this championship while winning the belt would mean a lot for Hughes. Cage Match: Milton Hittlespitz v Bryant Hall This one is really tough because Milton could use a big win, while at the same time Bryant Hall's whole final boss persona means he really can't afford to lose too often either. I'll go Hall here since he seems primed to challenge for the DIW title in the near future. The Barracudas v The Street Stallions I like the Street Stallions as a pairing, but you yourself mentioned that Lorenzo Olivier is one of the least known guys in New South Wales on your roster and I don't think the Barracudas are quite ready to be put out to pasture yet. Hack The Hunter v Pat Rigsby I enjoy Pat Rigsby, but I think him being an obnoxious hateable troll who loses pretty much all his matches is honestly the best use for him. Hack the Hunter is a guy with the tools to be a big player, and I'm interested to see how he fairs in DIW.
  13. Quick Picks: Vortex vs Peril © Vortex probably should win, but until proven otherwise I see no reason to bet against the booker. From a storyline perspective having Peril, the "lesser" team member keep his title while Adrian lost his could lead to some interesting storyline stuff as well. Toasty Bonnar vs Dizzy G Could go either way, but Dizzy G has reached higher heights than Toasty even if he's been on a bit of a slump as of late. Michel Bernard vs Lee Bawes It's time for the Suplex Master to go to work. Blackwell Bush vs XS Bushwell has shown himself to be a top level performer and I can't fathom a reason for him to lose here. The Kipper vs Warren Lydecker Kipper is established as a top guy while Warren is just a guy. Smoker & Suplexes vs The Devoted Souls © I think Peril doing double duty costs him here. Adgee Cross vs Lone Rider © I think Lone Rider losing would mean you're hot-shotting the title around a bit too much. (Tie-Breaker) Who has the highest rated angle of the night? I'll gamble and guess Delbert DeGeorge will interview someone and it'll be your best angle. (Tie-Breaker) Who are the top 3 rated matches? Blackwell Bush vs XS, Vortex vs Peril, Adgee Cross vs Lone Rider
  14. Prediction Key Velvet Cassidy vs Victoria Labelle Victoria had a strong debut and I think she keeps er momentom here. Team 720 vs Dana Lynn & Deonna Deen Dana Lynn & Deona Deen have been picking up wins lately and I think they keep that momentom to build to a title shot. Qualifier For The Next Gen Ladder Match Wildfire vs Zoe Levine I'll take Wildfire since Zoe's still young, but I wouldn't be shocked by an upset here since Wildfire is usualy a tag team wrestler. Qualifier For The Next Gen Ladder Match Lottie Deville vs Paris Priest A ladder match seems like an ideal place for Lottie to make a mark. Qualifier For The Next Gen Ladder Match Mahuika vs GEISHA Tossup since GEISHA is more established, but may be distracted with DeathGrips feuds elsewhere. Everyone else is going with Mahuika here, so I figure I'll go against the grain. Akikio Ishizaki, Hiroko Mori & Hotaru Goda vs VIP Exclusive There seems to be some dissention amongst VIP Exclusive, so I think the Joshi trio win it here. Kelly Kanzaki & The Damned vs DeathGrip Kelly gets a measure of revenge in this match. Starlet Grand Championship Liberty Austin (c) vs Malice I don't think it's time for Liberty to lose the belt so soon.
  15. Pick'em For Week 3 Astro & Dragon Americano VS Ben Williams & Bob Casey Comments: Williams & Casey keep doing what they do best. World Television Championship 3 Way Dance Qualifier #3 Babau VS "Omega Man" Harvey Robbinfield Comments: I'd normally not pick a tag guy to advance in a singles title tournament, but Babau is a low-key great wrestler and the Omega Man is still pretty green. "The Bone Collector" Christopher Ball VS Local Comeptitor Comments: Local Competitor just doesn't have the same appeal as ???? World Tag Team Championship Tournament Round #1 Gangsta Nation VS The Wild Bunch Comments: Both members of the Wild Bunch are favorites of mine, so I have to pick them here. "Wildfire" Cip Conduit VS "Prime Time" Jack Pryde Comments: Prime Time has the higher ceiling, but he's still green as grass. World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final #1 "The Iron Man" Conner Threepwood VS Texas Hangman Comments: Hangman is definitely the worst in ring guy of everyone left, but at the same time he just has a main event heel aura and I think he takes it here. World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final #2 "The Southern Psycho" Animal Harker VS "The Phenom" Phillippe LaGrenier Comments: Animal Harker feels like the right man to be the first champion.
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