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[center][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v341/shamelessposer/wrestlecircle.jpg[/IMG] [b][size=5]WrestleCircle Exclusive Interview![/size][/b][/center] [b]Yesterday evening we talked with new Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling booker Kip Klondike about wrestling in the Tri-State region, Alex Braun, and what it's like to represent wrestling's invisible minority. Read on for more.[/b] [i]MR[/i]: This is Malcolm Reynolds from WrestleCircle.com, and tonight I'll be talking with the head of PSW's new booking team. Care to introduce yourself? [i]KK[/i]: Hi, everyone. I'm Kip Klondike, and I've been booking Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling for about the last week. [i]MR[/i]: That's a pretty big change from the status quo. How did Mitch Naess go from a veteran of the territories like Alex Braun to a guy half Braun's age? [i]KK[/i]: Actually, Alex was part of that decision. I met him in the DAVE locker room a few months before the company went out of business, and we hit it off immediately. He suggested me to Mitch because he thought that while the two of us had similar minds for the business he was getting a little too close to burnout to not be a liability to the promotion. But don't worry, he's still a part of the roster and my go-to guy for advice. [i]MR[/i]: That's interesting. I would have thought there'd be some animosity there. [i]KK[/i]: Hardly. I'm one of Alex's biggest fans and I've told him so in the past. He's stood by me and helped to get me bookings since I was trying to break into the Tri-State region last year. He's a great guy who just wants to take his creative energy in a different direction. Right now he's writing a comic book proposal for Image. [i]MR[/i]: Sounds like I'll need to get him in here for an interview sometime. Have you got any big plans for PSW? [i]KK[/i]: Oh, yeah. Definitely. There are a few guys and a couple of ladies I've already spoken to about involvement with the promotion. The response has been positive so far, but we're still working out logistics. I'd love to get, say, Evil Spirit in Pittsburgh for a couple of shows, but it's not reasonable to expect him to travel across an ocean and a country for a payday that only might cover his plane ticket home. But guys like Mitch and Alex are so well-liked that the more local wrestlers are lining up around the block for a chance to work with us. [i]MR[/i]: Could you name any names for us? [i]KK[/i]: There aren't too many deals finalized, but two debuts for next Saturday that I can talk about are Annie Hitch**** and Rudy Velasquez. [i]MR[/i]: Menace is conspicuous in his absence on that list. [i]KK[/i]: [laughs] Yeah, he'll be making a debut too, as Frankie Future's bodyguard. Just didn't want anyone to think I was playing favorites. [i]MR[/i]: Then the rumors are true? [i]KK[/i]: Yes. But I don't want anyone thinking that a casting couch situation was involved in PSW taking him in. He had the look and style that Mitch wanted, and he got signed a few days before I was in a position of power with PSW. Dude just wants a chance to prove himself since his move to the US. It's been a rough few months for Terry since he came to the country, and while I'll swear all day that I had nothing to do with his hiring I'm not about to lie about being glad that he's with PSW. [i]MR[/i]: What's it like being a gay couple in wrestling? [i]KK[/i]: Same as being a gay couple anywhere else, only we wear more spandex in public venues than most. There's the odd stare backstage or when we're at a restaurant and people from the shows recognize us, but we've agreed to try and keep our relationship separate from our characters. There's homophobia in wrestling without one of us using our sexuality as a bludgeon to get over, so why contribute to it? [i]MR[/i]: It's PSW, so it's pretty obvious that your choice has nothing to do with maintaining a family friendly environment. [i]KK[/i]: Exactly. There are kids in the audience, and while I'd prefer that elementary school students don't attend our shows I'm far more comfortable with them seeing me get busted open than being the target of a "faggot" chant. And wrestling fans being who they are, heel or face a portion of the fans will make sure that's going to happen if I make being gay a part of my character. After this interview it might happen anyway. [i]MR[/i]: Let's hope not. Before we go would you like to pimp your show? [i]KK[/i]: PSW's Cutting Edge will be next Saturday at the usual place. Johnny Martin will be in action, a new tag team will make its debut and Little Bill Lebowski will face off against Steven Parker for the PSW National title in a Loser Leaves Town ladder match. [i]MR[/i]: I'll be there and I hope our readers will be too. Thanks for the interview.
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