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You[I] cannot[/I] run both partitions at the same time. You start up your computer in [I]either[/I] Mac or PC mode. It's a little annoying, but it's the only way. That being said, you [I]can[/I] drag files from your Mac, into your PC, when in Mac-mode... but only if you formatted the partition to Fat32. On my Mac desktop right now, I can see the partition (mine is called "NO NAME" which I'm scared to change) I often download files for my TEWing while doing my day-to-day Mac stuff, then drag them in. I'm no computer guy, I'm sure there are other forums out there that can help more specifically, like on [B]Apple.com[/B]. My experience with Boot Camp has been incredibly smooth, so advanced troubleshooting isn't my thing.
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