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The Supreme Wrestling Federation || The Reign of the Supreme

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[The Reign Of The Supreme]

Richard Eisen. If you haven't heard the name, check Wikipedia or something, but just find out. The man known for destroying the American Territorial system, and possibly, the most important man in the North American Wrestling Scene. Perhaps even the World. Think about it, every wrestling promotion in the world, fears the fact that the SWF may take their top talent. Even TCW, BHOTWG and PGHW. Imagine That. The Top Dogs, afraid of the bigger dog, stealing their talent when it's the right time. Granted the same could go for the SWF, but since being the Number One Promotion on earth, it's hard to deny the fact that everybody would prefer wrestling for them, than the lesser popular promotions. Everybody wants to work for somebody bigger at some point in their career, and the SWF is as big as it gets. Without Question, the fact that they have the top talent in the world, short of guys like Cornell, The Stones, The DeColts, who will obviously come in time, but without question, the SWF is the best in the world, no contest... When Richard Eisen took the helms of this promotion, it wasn't the biggest thing in the world. In the 70's, this wasn't the place to be, not at any level, it was much a territorial promotion to some extent. But, as wrestling grew more popular, the SWF got bigger, and their sports entertainment style, catered to more people, as there already is MMA, so why be the same, why not, make up a new style, thus, the top promotion, was getting to a new high. It's not only the fact, that they had top talent to begin with, but they gained some on the way. Rich Money, and some of the other guys didn't start out in the SWF, they were working their way up the ladder, until they were ripe for the picking.


[Developing Stars]


Rhode Island, the home of the, well, development. When the SWF took in Rhode Island Pro Wrestling as a new territory for their development system, the Rhode Island wrestling scene got that more popular. Seeing Rip Chord create such a popular wrestling fad that is MAW, why not create one yourself. Thus, RIPW was born, and boy was it a birth. New talent such as Atlas, Marshall Dillon and Bear Bekowski came to fruition, backstage workers Hannah Potter and Emmy were finally noticed, and prospects such as Lassana Makutsi, John Greed and Nevada Nuclear finally got their big breaks. It was a huge success, and with the ability to get a developmental system anywhere in the world, with their International Popularity, the SWF seems to have a very big talent pool reserved for the future. With new talent joining the wrestling ranks everyday, it should be easy to gain some more talent should the SWF ever lack in that department.


[The Tuesday Night War]


The Hollyweird Grappling Company, founded by JK Stallings in times of the past, the copycat warfare waged on with a battle of Sports Entertainment, but when the SWF gets in a war, in their home domain, they usually don't lose. If they did, it'd be a landmark in the History of the Wrestling Industry. However, they were late in arrival, as with over 20 years of advance, the SWF was dominating the war, and HGC was losing ground, fast. It seemed like the financial rut they were in, they would never escape, this lasted for 8 years. Until, in 2004, Tommy Cornell arrived on the scene, and bought out HGC, bringing up a new style. Tradition, Re-Invented. A Hybrid mix of Sports Entertainment and Tradition, which would cater to a mass amount of fans. Multiple ideas for the new promotion's name were pitched, but, they narrowed it down to two, Total Championship Wrestling and Tommy Cornell Wrestling. In 3 words or less, It was TCW. Total Championship Wrestling, would continue the Tuesday Night War, and would try to gain the ground they lost, in the long run.

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[King Eisen]


I went for my first meeting with Eisen today. What a gruesome office. The guy has, truly the best heel persona in the history of Pro Wrestling, and he keeps it up in the office. He literally has pictures of the guys he's fired in the past, and just keeps them there, to look, to look and smirk at the guys who didn't belong here in the SWF. I didn't want to be one of those guys. Eisen, also has the very words he used to fire these guys written everywhere on the wall, just to remind himself of the so-called 'Good Ol' Days' of the past. These memories are what fuel his fire, what makes him get up in the morning. What brings him to the office each day, what makes him, what he is today. I caught myself thinking, If I don't play my cards right with this guy, I'm going to wind up not only on this wall, but in his everyday life. I wanted to be a part of the SWF lifestyle, but not this way.


I walked the somewhat endless hallway. I think they honestly made it this long so they could make room for the future people that'll be fired, and I had a feeling one of them is coming soon. I noticed a drug test result paper on the secretary's desk meaning to go to Rich, the lady asked me to give it to him as she recognized me as being the New Booker for the promotion, and she thought I should take a look at it myself. The First name on the list, was an abrieviation, as in it was a long name, and they didn't want to write out the whole names of everybody on the roster, so you had words like, Remo, Money, Faith, Bruce, Knuckles and Lobster in a giant mix of dyslexia in the making. I continued walking down the seemingly unfinishable hallway when I noticed the abrieviation. BSS. I was trying to figure out who this guy was...


Bull Sh*t Sammy ? Back Sass Styles ?


But then it hit me. The man that was spoken of on this piece of paper that could potentially ruin the career of one of the wrestlers on the SWF roster was...


Big Smack Scott.


It was in big bold letters, red to be exact, meaning one thing, either he's a heel or he failed, chances are on a drug testing result paper, they wouldn't write down the alignment of the wrestler. So, due to to the fact that Scott was a friend of mine during my younger days, well, not exactly a friend, I bought him his porn, and he gave me tickets to SWF shows. Considering I was getting tickets to probably the best wrestling show on earth, I figured it was a good deal. Anyways, I thought I'd get him on the safe side, I went up to the secretary once more, and asked her if she had any white out, as I'd spilled some ink on my storyline ideas to Richard, and I wanted to fix it. Due to my obvious Babyface act, she gave in and gave me the white out, which I then used to blank out Scott's name, and wrote very neatly Scott's Name out in Blue. Meaning he hadn't failed the test. Long story about my handwriting, one day they found out the tickets were scalped, they told me to repeat the signature that was on the ticket receipt. I got caught, and was sent away. I wound up going home and practicing my signatures for that one style, and every time I arrived to the show, I made it in just due to that, but an Arena Bouncer and Richard Eisen are obviously two different people, so, you know, if it didn't work, I'd better have a damn good excuse. I was still working on it during my walk, before I reached the door. Finally as I let out a deep sigh. In giant writing, shiny gold, to be exact, it was written 'KING EISEN'. I was having second thoughts...




I Put my shades on, gulped, and finally brought up the courage to knock on the door. Richard told me to enter. I walked in, expecting a scary dude with a nice tux and everything, but I walked in on a tape recorder. I looked around for Rich in the office, and just as I walked to the closet, there he was, right behind me.


The Jackass.


He was wearing a Vengeance Suit, scared the hell out of me. Turns out he's actually a nice guy once you figure out how to get him out of the heel persona. He talked to me about how important keeping SWF on top is to him, and why he wants to succeed in this business. He told me about his son, Eric. Told me about how Rich and Remo were the top guys here, and gave me some ideas for future feuds, but he didn't give me every possible idea in the book. He gave me subtle ideas, expecting me to figure them out myself. The rest that is. I finally told him that I had to head out and go prepare some matches for Supreme TV and set up some Storylines, and handed him the paper.


THE Paper.


He took a glance at it, and said goodbye. He'd bought it.


Just as I was walking out, he took another glance at the picture and let out a huge 'Oh !?'


*Gulp* I knew it was too easy.


'Shane, You should have fun tonight booking your match-ups, because I'm so surprised that everybody is available ! Nobody failed their drug tests !'


No Way.


I said good bye and got the hell out of there as fast as I damn well could. I wanted to make sure he didn't catch on. I headed home to book the first card, and to be honest, I was pretty proud of it, but It would be a few days before I handed it to Eisen himself. Until then, I'd be meeting the champs and the rest of the roster...

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[Champs and Chumps]


Today was a big day, I was meeting the Roster. The Champs, and the Chumps. Not forever though because anybody can win at any time, and in not very long, the Champs, could become the chumps themselves. So, just because you're the champ, doesn't mean you should stop focusing on the match itself. First Up, walking into the office was Mr. Money himself, along with his usual entourage of Emma Chase and Remo Richardson. I had a feeling I'd be seeing a lot of them.


'Make this quick bud, I got things to do today, people to see, money to spend'


'Mr. Money, you might not know who I am ?'


'Oh, I know who you are, I just don't think I'm going to give you the time of day right now until you prove yourself to me and my crew.'


'Yeah, Cause if the boss ain't happy, Nobody gonna' be'


'Don't worry about them, they're both a little edgy since Richard doesn't have all the control anymore. They're nice guys once you get on their good side'


'I Imagine that you've been there for quite awhile yourself'


'Well, the SWF was always passing offers to me while I was working with DaVE in 2005. Then, I asked DaVE to switch me to a Written contract to stop these booking bugs at SWF, No offense.'


'None Taken'


'As I was saying, they signed me to a Written Contract, and you obviously know what happened to DaVE right ?'


'Well Yeah, Sure ! They went out of business in 2007 and almost their whole roster was signed to other Promotions, and then the brainchild of Mitch, PSW came onto the scene, bringing in some of their old DaVE talent again. You obviously came over to the SWF, Bach went to TCW, Acid, Nathan Coleman and Art Reed went to Japan. Bunch of the other guys like Galindo and Chavez went to FC...'


'Ok, Ok Big Guy, You obviously know your history, but let me finish that sentence for you. Giedroyc and Brandon came over to the SWF as well, but Brandon wasn't the Clean Big Money character he is today. He played Big Cat Brandon, a wild hardcore brawler who didn't stop coming until the match was over.'


'Well of course, he was a psychopatch'


'Close, but not exactly, Brandon was just a giant, brawler who was used as a face, a nice guy'


'Yeah Yeah Spare me the details'


'Anyways, when DaVE went under, the SWF signed us three and he saw Heel personalities develop in me and Brandon, not so sure about Jack. But back on track here, we were then recruited to Big Money Incorporated, and here we are today, Emma Chase, Remo, and our kingpin, Rich Money. Well, not exactly him, it's Eisen.'


'Hey !'



I made my trip over to the next room, and there I met the fun loving Tag Team Champions, the Bumfholes. Randy and Zimmy, are probably two of the craziest, zaniest people in Wrestling today. They literally wouldn't sit still for over 30 seconds.

'Dude !'


'Dude !'




After a rather awkward introduction, they broke the ice...


'My Name's Zimmy and this is...'


'Dude !'


'Randy... He's got kind of a problem... You see, he hung out with High Concept at the bar yesterday, and well, you know...'


'Oh god...'


'Dude !'






'So does being twins give you an advantage in the ring ?'


'Well, you see, the advantage of nobody knowing who you are, it's much easier to win the match, cause they think that I'm in front, but then Randy here gets in back, and then we do some Righteous Double Team Moves !'


'So You must have been wrestling for quite awhile then ?'


'TELL ME ABOUT IT !!! We've been around the place for about 3 years after graduating that boring ass school ! Me and Randy here were training with guys like Tom Gilmore, Christian Faith, Jack Bruce, Joe Sexy everyday man, I think my Rumble Teacher was Runaway Train himself !'




'Go ahead...'




'Well I gotta head out and meet the other champs, see you at the show tomorrow guys'


And with that, I left for the next room.



To Be Continued...

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[Champs and Chumps Continued]


As I walked into the third room, I knew what to expect. Probably DuBois, because they wouldn't have the best of the best in the third room, and then show me DuBois in the fourth, which would completely piss me off. As I walked in, I caught something really unexpected.


'Hello Again...'


'Again ? What the hell are you talki... SCOTT !?'


'I heard you F*cked around with my drug result the other day, is that true'


'Yes, Yes I did, I wanted you to survive in this promotion and not wind up like the guys on this wall. You're my friend Scott, I don't want you F*cking up your whole life !'


'Have You Ever Thought maybe that's what I wanted to happen ? Maybe I failed on purpose ? DID YOU EVER CONSIDER THAT SMART GUY !?'






'He was happy for you. He wanted to see you succeed. Maybe it's your heel persona, but deep down, he wants you to succeed...'


'Yeah Right. He probably just wants me to succeed so I don't mess up the view of the press on his "Precious" Promotion.'


'That's Not True Scott...'




'That's All I Needed to hear...'


'Mr. Eisen ?'


'The One and Only. Scott, I want you in my office later, we're going to have a little.. how would you say it... Talk ? A Chat ? A Jive ? Scuttlebutt ?'


'Okay Okay, I'll be in your office just shut the F*ck up !'


'Richard, I'm very sorry for what I did, But Scott was my friend, I repeat, WAS ! But Now, I'd like to start off fresh.'


'I completely understand, but don't f*ck around with me again, so here's what we're going to do. Scott, In my office. As for You, I want you, to punish Scott. Finish off the meetings with the champs, and then, meet up with Scott.'


'... Dude.'


<hr>'Marc DuBois...'


'Yes ?'


'As in the 'Shooting Star' Marc DuBois ?'

'Yes, that's me, is there something I should know here ?'


'You could say that. I'm the new head booker here, and I'm very pleased to meet you.'


'Ahh, So you're the fresh meat I've heard so much of for the past weeks, nice to meet you, You going to be stepping into the ring ?'


'Hell No, but I'll be watching all your matches, and be working behind the scenes with you, so that's why I had to meet you, you're the champ of course.'


'Yup, You got that right, but I gotta go right now, we've got to head to training tonight, so I'm getting ready. See You Tomorrow'


'I gotta go see Bruce anyways, so again, Nice to meet you, see you soon !'



Well after one big argument and one easy going meeting, it's time to meet the big dog, Jack Bruce.


'Jack ?'


'Wat's Youz Doinz Here ? Who The Hells are you ?'


'I'm The New Head Booker, you don't seem okay, are you ?'


'Yeahz, Mes and Christianito were at the bar celzebratzing our win oer that Money feller, Rich Something, and Remo, and Emma, and a Cat...'


'Big Money Incorporated ?'


'What are you Psychotic ?'


'You mean Psychic ?'


'NO ! Umm, wait, is that when you see in minds ?'


'Yes, Exactly, where's Christian ?'


'You Mean Christmas Chris ? HA !'


'Yeah... Are you sure you're alright ?'


'I'm just messing with you, Christianito is in... zzzZZZzzzz...'


'I think I'm done here.'


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[scott's Plea for Help]


I was making my way to the office. The Flashbacks we're swarming me. Every step I took I could see it again, it kept coming back to me. The words were echoing in my head. Before I knew it, I was already back to the office, re-evaluating my situation before I even thought of knocking. What was I going to say ? What could I say, I mean, Scott's an old friend but he betrayed me. He didn't help me out, after I'd been trying my hardest to get him on the right track. Maybe I'd have to fire him. Who knows, but I finally got up the courage to knock.


He opened the door, not Scott. Him. The Man who put me in this situation in the first place. Richard Eisen. The guy kept getting scarier and scarier every time I saw him. Apparently he'd been talking to Scott about the situation for a bit of time before I'd arrived. Richard allowed me in, and told me to sit down in the chair opposing Scott. He sat down across the room, just waiting to hear what I had to say, I guess it was an excercise to see if I was fit for the position as Head Booker. I tried to speak, but the words wouldn't come out. He yelled. Loud. That triggered it.


'Scott, I'm not impressed'


'What the hell are you talking about, I haven't done anything wrong, You knew what my situation was ever since I was a kid, you knew I was screwing myself up ever since, and now you have the frame of mind, that tells you that you're going to talk down to me ? Me, of all people, somebody you've known ever since you were a kid, you're going to disrespect as much as you're doing right now !'


'You Son of a... That's beside the point, you know that doing drugs is going to take down the promotion with you, so not only you're damaging yourself, you're damaging the career of some of the best wrestlers in the world. You're f*cking up dozens of lives here Scott, and I'm not going to take that anymore. Scott... I'm afraid I'm going to have to fine you 25% of your purse in your next match...'




Scott Threw a Punch, and I guess he was one of the numerous people who didn't know my pedigree as a wrestler. I ducked under and took him right down to the ground. I held him there, until bodyguards could keep him steady, and stop him from doing anything he'd regret. Richard Motioned to me a nod, and sent me away. I let out a sigh of relief, and walked out.


Until somebody else noticed me. Somebody Else. Out the door came a new, sober Jack Bruce, I felt we should resume our talk from earlier.


'Jack ! I'd like to talk to you again ?'


'Oh god am I glad it's you, I needed to talk to you about earlier. Look, I'm sorry, I'm usually not like that, you know I've just been really happy since our wins over Big Money Inc lately that we've been celebrating. Alot. So I just wanted to say I'm sor...'


'Actually I was wondering if you wanted to head to the bar to continue our conversation'


'Sorr... What !? You wanna go BACK to the bar ?'


'Yeah, I figured everybody here liked to celebrate, so I invited everybody down there so we could all celebrate the new era of the SWF.'


'SWEET ! Just you wait, I'll go get my Guitar ! I'll be right down !'


And thus ended, my first days with SWF. Tonight, we head to the bar, and tomorrow, it's time for the first show to be booked

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[The First Show]


I was in the office, walking down the hallway with my sheet, showing how I wanted the show booked, and I was pretty damn proud of it. I had a packed line-up of matches, and I even had Scott on it, and I'm pretty sure he won't win his match, he's against former DaVE champ Jack Giedroyc. Although I didn't specify who should win, I'm fairly certain Scott won't be having his hand raised afterwards. He pretty much cursed my name after I fined him. So, I'm not going to take it graciously, but I'm not going to be flat out mean to him, I'm just going to give him seemingly unwinnable match-ups. Before I knew it, all my bad thoughts lead me up to the office, where I quickly stepped in and handed Richard my paper. As I walked out, Scott walked in, and muttered something to me as he walked to pay his fine. I was actually surprised that he payed the fine, I would've thought he would've let it slip and get fired. But Scott is full of surprises, and they can come up at any time. I continued to walk back, and I ran in to Giedroyc himself, I told him about his match with Scott, and that there was no pre-determined winner, so that he had to make sure he was ready for a no-holds barred match-up. He flashed me a confident smirk and continued to walk. I left the office, and headed back home, preparing for tonight's show.


Predictions Form

The Biggz Boyz vs The Amazing Bumfholes (Non-Title)

Frederique Antonio Garcia vs Lobster Warrior

Marc DuBois vs Enygma (Non-Title)

Big Smack Scott vs Jack Giedroyc

Christian Faith vs Vengeance

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