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So, I've got a blog now.


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Hi. I'm Clayton. I will merrily shill my own work. After a year of inactivity, I've started my blog again. Here is a sample post.


This is Kid Psycho.




Having first appeared in Superboy #125 (December 1965), Kid Psycho is an awfully good guy. All he wants is to help people, and to that end he applied for the Legion of Super-Heroes. He had the ability to levitate stuff with his mind, create impenetrable force fields made of pure will, and, get this, drill a path through time by thinking hard. Awfully sweet, right? All the perks of being Jean Grey, but without having to schtup Scott Summers. Considering that the Legion not only took on a guy named Bouncing Boy, but also saw fit to put him in charge of the universe's greatest superhero team despite his inability to distinguish the difference between soda and super-plastic, the bar for entry is pretty low. So how did Kid Psycho not make it onto the team?


Every time he uses his powers, a year is taken off of his life.


This brings us to the title of this post. I submit for your approval, gentle reader, that by the year 3000 it has become patently obvious that God has abandoned us. No just God, no kind, loving, decent God worthy of worship, would give such an amazing set of super powers to such an altruistic guy and then go "Yeah, but if you use these powers for an issue's worth of action, you'll die."


The Legion, for their part, made him an honorary member. Giving honorary Legion membership to a guy with both a wish to be a hero and this craptastic a drawback to his powers is just asking for trouble. It's as irresponsible as letting Kurt Cobain know where you keep your heroin, your shotgun, and your guitar.



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