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What makes a good trainer for my Developmental group?

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Can you train entertainment?)


I certainly hope so, or else Adrian Garcia and Katie Cameron are wasting their time in RIPW in my game. :)


I usually have a trainer for each kind of star I want. So in my current SWF game, I have Steve Flash there to train the cruisers, Louis Figo Manico to train the mat wrestlers, and Larry Wood to train up the big men/power workers. And then, as mentioned, I have Adrian Garcia and Katie Cameron to help train entertainment skills.

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I'd like to think you can train entertainment skills. I've had a number of workers make major improvements in those areas in my SWF game, and I always try to have someone there who is skilled in those areas.


I tend to hire workers for the specific purpose of using them as trainers, but with a bigger promotion that has a talented roster, it can be a good use for fringe veteran for short periods. For someone like the SWF, using Enforcer Roberts in that role for awhile wouldn't be a bad idea.


Some Trainers I have used:

Larry Wood

Louis Figo Manico

Pistol Pete Hall (short time)

Steve Flash

John Maverick


Entertainment Trainers

Katie Cameron

Adrian Garcia

Rodger Doger


Those are the ones I can think of off hand.

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Joe Sexy always says that he's not got enough skills to be valued as a teacher, and he's got A entertainment, so I don't think it does.


Joe Sexy also has something like C Psychology. If he's set to be an active wrestler, he thinks you're sending him down to train people as a wrestler. Which he's not really got the skills to be. I think if you set him to be a non-wrestler, he might go.

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I generally go for Pistol Pete, Flash, Jeremy Stone and Nicolas Lopez once I have ridden him of his attitude. Then non wrestlers Nemesis, Cameron,Garcia and Melanie Florence.


I like it being older guys who speak the lingo (,hence Lopez, Yujiro doesn't speak English and isn't as old, otherwise I would use American Elemental,) and have good performance stats and preferably some overness to rub off. Manico is also very good of course.

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