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Look at the grades. If your averaged angle grades are below your averaged match grades, they are dragging down the show. Look at the lowest-rated angles and find a way to improve those.


Close. You'll get the angles didn't live up to the in-ring action note if the angles aren't as good as the matches on the show. The matches contribute different amounts to the show (see: The Help Files ;)). Main event is 70%, semi-main is 20% and the average of the rest of the matches makes up the last 10%. If the average of your major angles ends up lower than the matches, then you're show rating will take a hit... if it's higher you'll get a boost.


Generally speaking, if you are a performance type company of any size and/or a low level company you'll struggle to put on high rated angles as you won't have the overness to pull them off. A large company will generally do well with angles since they have the stars to pull good ratings. :)

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