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Jim Cornette and Mister Rogers.


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I spent most of the morning listening to Jim Cornette promos and interviews. I spent most of the afternoon reading about Fred Rogers. The fact that I consider both of these men to be personal heroes is resulting in some amazing and occasionally painful cognitive dissonance. I thought it'd be fair to share some of this cool stuff with you guys.


I won't link to any of the shoot interviews, as there's enough profanity there to make Quentin Tarantino blush, but I do highly recommend you look up the one where he explains why he was fired from OVW. It's hilarious stuff.


On the other hand, this is from a series of segments they ran on RAW in 1997 and 1998 where they basically stuck Cornette in front of a microphone and let him shoot on... pretty much everyone. There's a definite anti-WCW slant to what he's saying, but in some of these segments he takes shots at prominent WWF personalities as well. Even allowing for the stuff that's obviously a work, it's hard to imagine the 2010 Vince McMahon would ever have approved segments like these.


Here's some cool Mister Rogers stuff.


Here is a touching article written by someone who spent some time with Mr. Rogers in 1997. It's interesting stuff, and I teared up reading some of it.


Here is Mr. Rogers in 1969, pulling an A* on his Bad Ass gimmick change by arguing the Senate into giving public broadcasting the funding it had been promised by the Johnson administration.

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<p>I dunno about a gimmick change. But that was a sweet promo in that second video, regardless.</p><p> </p><p>

To be honest, before I saw that I had little affect for Mr. Rogers, personally. But that was a damn fine speech.</p>

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You don't mess with Mr. Rogers. You just don't.


That man is god; donning his famous sweater in Heaven right now.


I heard once that his car was stolen and once the burglar found out it was Mr. Rogers, he returned it with a note apologizing.


So to stress an earlier point, you don't mess with Mr. Rogers. You just don't.

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