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DOTM: Cornellverse Poll

DOTM: Cornellverse Poll  

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  1. 1. DOTM: Cornellverse Poll

    • bigpapa42's "TCW: Tuesday Night Wars"
    • Phantom Stranger's "TCW: A Quiet Retirement"
    • Yuu Onuki's "Memoirs of a Booker"
    • BYU 14's "NYCW: Passing The Torch"
    • Angeldelayette's "USPW: A Slow Ride To The Top"
    • Infinitywp's "Welcome. You Know the Drill"
    • jhd1's "USPW: The Battle for Prime Time"
    • Eisen-verse's "DOA: The Evolution of GREED"
    • mistaken's "Money to Burn"

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Cornellverse DOTM nominee's:

  • [thread=82514]bigpapa42's "TCW: Tuesday Night Wars"[/thread]
  • [thread=47928]Phantom Stranger's "TCW: A Quiet Retirement"[/thread]
  • [thread=80587]Yuu Onuki's "Memoirs of a Booker"[/thread]
  • [thread=84880]BYU 14's "NYCW: Passing The Torch"[/thread]
  • [thread=72945]Angeldelayette's "USPW: A Slow Ride To The Top"[/thread]
  • [thread=73040]Infinitywp's "Welcome. You Know the Drill"[/thread]
  • [thread=93410]jhd1's "USPW: The Battle for Prime Time"[/thread]
  • [thread=76886]Eisen-verse's "DOA: The Evolution of GREED"[/thread]
  • [thread=35958]mistaken's "Money to Burn"[/thread]

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Typically tough month to pick. I think I could honestly put my pick behind any of the nomations and feel justified in that. Ended up going with PhantomStranger's TCW just because it remains one of my favorites on the board here after so long.
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I voted for "Welcome. You Know the Drill." as well. It's crisp, concise, and has dots of humor thrown throughout it. I love the new AZCW "brand" in it as well. I also have some bias towards non-picture dynasties...
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I voted for BigPapa42 since I'm a huge fan of his work with TCW. This company, this product, this style, just seems to fit him best when it comes to booking/writing. I never thought I would say this, but with time, this could go down as an even more epic piece of work than his SWF attempt. Why? Because even though the companies have changed, the wrestlers are rated on something different, and the storylines are less SE-styled, he still continues to put forth great work.


Hat's off to the Teacher. ;)

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