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The Canadian scene was in a pretty bad way. Well, as bad as a scene can be with two massive juggernauts ruling over it. CGC and NOTBPW have a stranglehold, and 4C’s challenge at the throne was laughable at best. That’s why I applied at ACPW – I wanted to contribute to the new wave of Canadian wrestling. Colour me surprised when they hired me to sit in the booth.

People talk about my creative “ideas”. In truth, they just made sense to me. Do away with a rigid heel and face divide. People will boo or cheer for whoever they like – why force workers into a particular mould? Help name the monthly events for the next year. Yawn. We made a slight change, making the fans aware that people may get mic time sometimes.

The Real Name Rule was my biggest one. Every worker must have a forename and a surname. We’re a modern promotion. People don’t go for “The Mortician” and “Quadruple H” nowadays. They just don’t work. The owner wasn’t sure how the workers would take it, but almost all of them jumped at the chance. Only one was a stickler; El Diablo. “It’s how the fans know me”, he said. “Yes,” I argued, “But you’re not Mexican. Or anywhere near. It’s nonsense”. Now I’m branded a racist by one of our main eventers. He’s too good to punish. Wonderful.

And so the Tom “Face” Nelson era of ACPW begins. This will be interesting.




As an out of character note, welcome to my new diary. Those that have followed me through my Oz diaries will know I usually go for a very image/graphic intensive diary. Whereas these are all very well and good, they burn me out quicker than anything and I get truly sick of them. This diary, heavily inspired by “Welcome to the Coastal Zone”, will be pure text. Unless I have any alter egos/title designs/logos to share with you. It’ll be a very low res diary, which will suit the time I have. I hope this suits everyone. Thank you for reading.

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Show #1 - ACPW Payback – Monday, Week 3 of January.


Attendance: 12


We have got some heavy financial burdens on us. We’ve got $50k. We must not be in debt ever. And we mustn’t be below 20k after two years. This show will be a big test to see what we can afford. We want monthly events, but they may have to be bi-monthly.


With these finances in mind, we’ve made no moves to add to our roster yet. I went into the night wanting to evaluate the talent openly and fairly. It was just an hour show. Enough time to have a look at some things, test some people out, but not to run the risk of thoroughly ruining everything the boss got running since August.


So, off to Quebec. We’ll be running out of here. The Maritimes is a great place to have as a home, but it’s not important enough. Concordia Hall will be our home for a while.


Mimic Copiste came out with a microphone, shouting about El Diablo breaking the rules within ACPW and not changing his name. El Diablo comes out, and a match is agreed. Tag action up next, testing out two of our tag teams. And it sucked. I knew I didn’t like the look of the Mafia – Marc Raisin and Dermot Ayres. Raisin has an awful look. And awful name. The Express, our tag champs, didn’t look THAT awful, but the match stunk as the champs took the win.


First main event talent came in after that, as Jayson Van Pelt took on Luke Dagger. A solid enough match, Dagger dragging it down. Pelt took the win with an Axe Kick.


I’d had a bit of a meddle backstage, and up next was the Mimic and Diablo match, but we changed it to a ladder match to let them show off their talents. And it worked. This was the match of the night and they tore the house down, with Mimic Copiste taking the win with the Screwdriver.

It was time to change it up a little bit, and Jamie Atherton came out and challenged Mario Da Silva to put his title on the line in the main event. Da Silva accepted, and the match began immediately. Atherton was quick enough to avoid the intentions of the “Tap Out Artist”, and smashed him with a Lightening Bolt; picking up the shock win of the Canadian Regional title.


Final: E - increased popularity.

Height of the night: Mimic Copiste vs El Diablo (D-)

Fright of the night: The Inner City Express vs. The Montreal Mafia (E-)


End of Month Summary for January:

We lost $3000, but that’s not too disappointing and we should be able to recoup some funds somewhere down the line. The monthly shows stay. Disappointing title match, but Mimic and Diablo looked great so we’ll use them again. No comings or goings for workers – how long will this last?

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Sweet, an ACPW diary.


I had to change up the product for it to work for me. But then I realized I didn't know enough about Canadian wrestlers, so I decided to just stick with the USA.


Will definitely be following.

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Sweet, an ACPW diary.


I had to change up the product for it to work for me. But then I realized I didn't know enough about Canadian wrestlers, so I decided to just stick with the USA.


Will definitely be following.


Canadian wrestlers arent hard to find, over half the good ones either work in the USA or with CGC or NOTBPW. Ones from the USA include Steve Flash, Steven Parker, Darryl Devine ( not 100% on this one) Jacob Jett. You can build a good roster for a canadian promotion just scouting the cult, regional and smaller promotion in the US for those who are Canadian born. But yeah, 3 of the 5 areas of Canada are a total bitch to get popular in. Might want to move the promotion home area to British Columbia or Quebec so you can grow faster.

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I guess my other deal was being too much of a Proud American.


Stinkin' Canadians.


Yeah, it's really hard to get popular in The Maritimes.


But I'm glad I got over the ACPW kick, because that led me to SCCW and "A Family Tradition". It's the most entertaining game I've ever played.

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Show #2 - ACPW On Thin Ice - Monday, Week 3 of February.


Attendance: 12


Back to Quebec, hoping to build on the success of our last show. This time, rather than being backstage, I'm going to hop on the commentary desk. I'm sure all 12 fans in attendance will be thrilled.


Just before the event, we agreed to contral renewal terms with Kirk Drury. He's only 20, and green as hell, but he's a warm body. $150 bucks a show is simple enough. We also got El Diablo to sign on for another nine months at $600 a show. That's worth it.


So, on to the show. Backstage rating is like 60%. That's AWFUL. Need to work on that. Diablo starts off on the stick, spouting about how he's not bending to the will of "The Man" and can't believe Mimic Copiste has already changed his ideals to get ahead. Went over much better this week as the crowd were more ready to be spoken to.


Opening match was pretty terrible, but we found some chemistry between Richoshet Ramone and Sky King, as King squeaked out a win. Jay Becker then took down Luke Dagger; Becker is one of the tag champs and this sends a strong message to Dagger who is part of a team with Mimic.


Mimic got on the mic shortly before his match, telling us about how Diablo is disrespectful and doesn't deserve the title he holds. He challenges Diablo to put it on the line - but there's no response. He then had a very solid match with Jamie Atherton, the new Canadian Regional champion. Copiste picked up the win following a Screwdriver - moving to 2-0 since I took power.


Our main event was a match that was also really good - El Diablo in a non title match against Mario Da Silva. Da Silva continued his losing ways after last week, with Diablo smashing him to the ground with a Diablo Driver. Both men looked to have picked something up from the match, too.


Final: E+ - increased popularity.


Height of the night: Mimic Copiste d. Jamie Atherton (D-)

Fright of the night: Sky King d. Richochet Ramone (E)


End of Month Summary for February:

We lost $2000 thanks to being a bit more careful with who we use. Maybe tag matches are off the agenda for a bit. A successful show boosts us in Quebec again. That's definitely our "spiritual" home now. Who starts a wrestling promotion in the Maritimes anyway?!



Thanks for all the kind words guys - I have NEVER even looked at ACPW before, so this is all trial and error and awfully fun :)

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Dude good luck with this. It was tough. Didn't hit regional until 2016 and since Maratimes has no spillover I'm stuck with how to grow. I'll keep an eye see if you can do better than I did.


Post your shows on the net for spillover, once that hits the max also start promoting in one of the other Canadian regions and move back to dvd.

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Post your shows on the net for spillover, once that hits the max also start promoting in one of the other Canadian regions and move back to dvd.


Not favorable to sponsorship money means I can barely afford to run two shows a month and once the overness hit comes for not visiting a region all the overness being made from internet goes away. I have to wait till I can afford a weekly show so I'm running 5 shows a month for internet sales to work for me.

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Show #3 - ACPW Xtreme Overdose 2010 - Monday, Week 3 of February.


We're hoping that this will become our pinnacle show - think Supreme Challenge. But better. That's a way off though. We've switched distribution to a free internet streaming model. I always hated having to buy DVDs or wait for a really slow torrent to pick up, so this is more of a personal choice than a business point. We extend contract offers to two very talented workers. One flat out rejects us, the other wants just a little too much. Will wait a bit and see if his demands come down. Jay Becker turned up late. Like, just in time for his match. I told him we couldn’t have him doing that, and we really want big things for him. He seemed relieved – what kind of Hitler do they think I am? Hopefully that’ll be the last of it.


Onto the show, in Quebec again. 10 fans this time. Whee. We start off the event with me on the mic in front of the fans; we have now decreed that all title matches in the ACPW will now be ladder matches. This better fits our workers and should result in spectular title matches every time. No more 5 minute squashes ala SWF.


Opening match stunk, but we all knew it would. Taylor Kidd defeated Sky King. We had Jaysen Van Pelt take on Jay Becker next. Despite Becker being late, we told them to feel free and work out the finish themselves. The match wasn't great - but Becker picked up a shock win. Interesting.


Next comes Luke Dagger, who gets a bit of mic time. He's not a natural, but he's not awful, so that's positive. He challenges "washed up" Mario Da Silva to a match - and out comes Silva to accept. The match was our second best of the night, and Silva put Dagger over well. Luke could be big.


To finish off the night, Mimic Copiste challenged El Diablo to test our new ladder rule match, and put his title on the line. Diablo accepts the challenge, and manages to narrowly win the title by grabbing it from above the ring. It was close, though, and a very solid match.


Fright of the Night: Taylor Kidd d. Sky King

Height of the Night: El Diablo d. Mimic Copiste (ACPW Junior Heavyweight match)

End of the month summary for March:


Lost another $2k, which isn't so good, but it's not looking drastic yet. However, the internet move was a great success and has spread us around just a tiny bit. Keep on trucking.

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Show #4 - ACPW Retaliation - Monday Week 3 April.


Attendance: 13


We bring in Jared Johnson, who was trained by Johnny Bloodstone but is a complete unknown. He doesn’t want a great deal. I imagine he’ll be snaffled up pretty soon, but we can give him a start here. We let him open the match against Kirk Drury, and immediately begin a push for him giving him a clean win.


Next up is some tag action – the Montreal Mafia are terrible and should really be replaced as soon as possible, and they faced a new team of Taylor Kidd and Topher Smith – going under the original name of “Kidd Smith”. Kidd Smith pick up the win in another poor match.


We then had Jamie Atherton defending his Canadian regional title in a ladder match (as per ACPW Mandate #1). This was his first defence. And he lost it. Simply because I was a moron, and booked him in for a midcard title in the first match. I thought it was the main title. Christ. We put the strap on Dermott Ayres. Atherton didn’t moan about losing, so that’s okay.


Mimic Copiste and Jay Becker then put on a pretty poor match, which surprised me. There was no chemistry at all and it really hurt thematch. Plus both men need characters freshening up. Just painful.


Next up we saw an angry, battered and bruised Jamie Atherton tell us that ACPW management has put him in a title match next month. This time it’s the right one, and he tells Diablo to watch out. Our main event was up next, and creates a strange scenario for El Diablo; Jaysen Van Pelt beat him cleanly even though Van Pelt looked badly off his game. What on earth? Atherton looked thrilled at ringside.


Final: E+ again - increased popularity.


Fright of the Night: Kidd Smith d. The Montreal Mafia


Height of the Night: Jaysen Van Pelt d. El Diablo


End of month review for April: Lost less this month, about $400 less. Ticket sales were up, but only by $12. Need to cut down on the worker expenditure, for sure. We’re paying our road agent $800 a show. That can’t be right. Our referee, $400 a show. Time to negotiate.

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Post your shows on the net for spillover, once that hits the max also start promoting in one of the other Canadian regions and move back to dvd.


I meant do this once you are regional and ready to expand to other areas for a cult or tv move not when you are still local lol.

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Dude good luck with this. It was tough. Didn't hit regional until 2016 and since Maratimes has no spillover I'm stuck with how to grow. I'll keep an eye see if you can do better than I did.


I'm still playing with ACPW and a few months short of 2020 I'm at the doorstep of cult. I just did shows in the Maratimes for forever and then started doing monthly shows in Quebec and only hitting my home region every three months... seems to have worked like a charm as I'm now making money hand over fist. Just trying to decide exactly when I should pull the trigger on the jump to cult.


On the topic of this diary, you're off to a good start but might I suggest picking up Cal Sanders... dude was a lifesaver early on. That and keep an eye out for Kamikaze Christian Vars to enter wrestling, in June I believe.

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On the topic of this diary, you're off to a good start but might I suggest picking up Cal Sanders... dude was a lifesaver early on. That and keep an eye out for Kamikaze Christian Vars to enter wrestling, in June I believe.


Sanders has a bad attitude but he's decent enough in the ring to help you out for a bit. Vars on the other hand 100% Flashiness, just put him in the ring with some with psych and he'll put on some watchable matches. I lucked out and he had good chemistry Ant-Man and they went on as a great tag team.

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Show #5 - ACPW Raw Power – Monday Week 3 May

Attendance: 9.


We bring in Russell Eicke as a new referee. He’ll cost us $150 less a month. We’ve also brought in Jason Rogers who will be a road agent for $300 less a month. Good negotiating, boy. We let Art Lawson and our old referee go. Would like to bring Art back one day.


The event kicks off with a segment I’d hoped would go down better, but was largely crapped on. Luke Dagger cuts a promo aimed at Dermott Ayres, Regional champion – but it bombs. Amazingly, he picked himself back up, and put on the third best match we’ve ever had with Jared Johnson. What an opening match to have!


Unfortunately, the tag action up after that let us down. The Inner City Express defeated Kidd Smith, but they were honestly terrible. Maybe we should copy that European promotion and just do away with the tag divison.

Out comes Jamie Atherton, telling El Diablo about all the awful things he’ll do to him in their match tonight. Diablo comes out to meet him, and they spar verbally for a bit. Interestingly, both men take a seat for the next match – a match for #1 contendership of the Junior Heavyweight title.


Jayson van Pelt takes on Mimic Copiste for the contendership; not in a ladder match – should I extend the rules to these types of matches? Answers on a postcard please. The match was too short unfortunately, but Van Pelt squeaks the win much to the approval of Atherton and Diablo. Interesting.

Our main event was the ladder match for the Junior Heavyweight title. Diablo took the win, showing his specialist skills in this type of match; but was remarkable was that this was the second best match we’ve ever had in the ACPW. Wonderful.


Final: E+ - increased popularity.


Fright of the Night: Inner City Express d. Kidd Smith (F+)

Height of the Night: El Diablo d. Jamie Atherton (Ladder match for ACPW Junior Heavyweight title) (D-)


End of month review for May: Uhh.. well we lost more money, even with my clever money cutting exercises. 3k this time. What the hell? Oh well, we’ll see what happens next month. I’m sure this is just adjustment time. We’ll revisit it next month I guess.



Guys, thanks for using this thread for discussion. Please feel free to continue, it's always interesting to hear the views of others on how promotions have worked for them!


Regarding Cal Sanders, I'm afraid he was rather spoiled for me in 08 by the sheer amount of diaries that hired him from the off. I felt he was rather over relied upon - much like Cameron Vessey, Steve Flash, Cashmir Singh etc. They seemed to appear all the time and just put me off. I'll give him a think, but I quite like the roster I've got here for the time being :)

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Hmm didn't see the leaping lumberjack too much to be honest. On the money issue, do a way with tags for now, up ticket prices with 4, run small events, no backstage extra's, no drug testing, use workers that you are using on your show or with a downside as your road agent and colour commentator instead of having specific workers for it.
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Show #6 - ACPW Blood Feud – Monday Week 3 June


9 in attendance


So, first things first. We re-sign Copiste and Luke Dagger. Mimic is pretty solid already, and we’ve got high hopes for the future of Dagger. We also make a splash on a huge talent who could either bankrupt us or send us soaring into the future.


On with Blood Feud. A bit of a gamble having the main event as a bleeding match – you can never be sure if someone is going to have personal issues with being in a blood match. More on that later. 9 people in attendance. Boo. Open up with Mario Da Silva beating Topher Smith (29/ E) in a match everyone knew the winner of before it started. Mimic then bombed badly in an interview about El Diablo. Gotta cut out these angles. (24 / E).


Up next came Malik Cash, one of our tag champions, taking on Jared Johnson. Double J beat him quite handily and it was obvious that Malik was off his game. (34 / E+). We had a filler match next with Richoshet Ramone defeating Kirk Drury. It was terrible. (17 / F+).


However, that was quickly forgotten about as we hit our main event – a First Blood Ladder Match (first person to cause a bleed wins, not an item retrieval match). Mimic Copiste, Jayson van Pelt, Jamie Atherton and El Diablo absolutely blew the roof off the building – this was the best match in ACPW history, bar none. Diablo picked up the win when he split van Pelt’s head with an axe kick off the ladder. His second defence of the title, as it happens. El Diablo is now in every match in our top 5 best matches of all time. No wonder he’s champion. (41 / D-)


Final: 32 / E+ - Not the greatest ever, but solid.


Fright of the Night: Ricoshet Ramone d. Kirk Drury (17 / F+)


Height of the Night: El Diablo d. Mimic Copiste, Jayson van Pelt and Jamie Atherton in a first blood ladder match for the ACPW Junior Heavyweight championship. (41 / D-)


End of Month review for June:

Looking at increased popularity in Quebec again, and lost slightly less money this month. Our new signing isn’t going to bankrupt us if used carefully, but we may have to move some people out of the main event to cater for him..

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Show #7 - ACPW Pure Fury – Monday Week 3 July


16 in attendance.


After a fairly quiet month at ACPW headquarters, we figured we’d take off the angles a little and just go pure in ring action. We can always build up stuff online instead of in the event.


The opening match was astounding – Dermott Ayres defending his Canadian regional strap against Jared Johnson. Jared has looked solid since joining us, and looked fine here too but was just unable to take out the champion. Ayres looks good with the strap. A very good match – the third best in ACPW history – but if it’d had a bit more time it could have been even more amazing (41 / D-).


A bit of a building match up next, with Jayson van Pelt defeating Kirk Drury in a decent match which showed them having great chemistry. Will have to keep that in my mind. (32 / E+).


A massive debut – the 16 people in attendance couldn’t believe it as Davis Wayne Newton stepped out from behind the curtain and thoroughly beat Jamie Atherton. If last month’s main event was great, this was brilliant – they burned the place down and looked fantastic as they did so. How easily records fall; this match is now ranked #1 in ACPW history (44 / D). How much other history will Newton set?


The main event simply couldn’t live up to the match that preceeded it, but they tried hard. Newly re-signed Luke Dagger faced up against El Diablo and did admirably but never really stood a chance and Diablo picks up yet another win. (36 / D-)


Final: 38 / D-. This is our best show ever, all thanks to Davis Wayne Newton. Wonderful.


Fright of the Night: Jayson van Pelt d. Kirk Drury (32 / E+)


Height of the Night: Davis Wayne Newton d. Jamie Atherton (44 / D)


End of month report for July:


Lost less money on workers, even with Newton commanding a hefty fee. So that’s not so bad. Could this be the start of something big?

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"I can't say I'm thrilled about losing you, Jamie; but I'm pretty happy that you're the first ACPW graduate that's going to hit the big time." Jamie Atherton nodded at me. He couldn't quite manage to hide his happiness and excitement at being signed to CGC, but that was fine. The DeColts had just hit national for the first time in their history; and true to form they raid the indies. That said, I'm happy for him. The kid is young and could go far. "We honestly wish you well. You've come a long way since you joined us. And that's in only a few months. Who knows how you'll do with the DeColts training you?"

"Well, I hope." Jamie put forward. We laughed, it was like a nervous tension releasing itself. I could tell he would rather have done anything but break the news to me.

"You'll be a star. And don't forget little old ACPW when you're up there". We shook hands and he left my office, quite likely for the last time. I began to work on some new plans, scrubbing him out of storylines we'd had brewing up. There was another knock, and Mario Da Silva was stood at the door looking apprehensive. I knew that look.

"Boss," he said, "I just had the most crazy phone call.."



Having never played with a promotion that has talent pinched from it before, this is quite an interesting thing to happen. Here we go :)

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Show #8 – ACPW Live Wire 2010 – Monday Week 3 August


Attendance: 42!


So, disappointing news started our month. CGC hit national and took Jamie Atherson and Mario Da Silva. Luckily, we seem to be untouched for the time being. I always knew we’d get raided – I suppose it taking six months ain’t so bad. We didn’t have many plans for those two either so that’s okay. We were over our roster limits so this may have worked in our favour. CGC also brought in Mainstream Hernandez, Ash Campbell, Mitch Naess, Hollywood Bret Starr and Tyson Baine – so we’re not the only ones hurting.


Time for ACPW Live Wire – we’re hoping this will be our second marquee event of the year after Xtreme Overdose and the crowd and expense we’re putting into it reflects it. After the record setting that happened at Blood Feud we had high hopes – and by god they delivered. Jay Becker defeated Kirk Drury in the opener (19 / E-), and then Luke Dagger put Canadian Regional champion Dermott Ayres back in his place a little bit (35 / E+).

We’re debating pulling the plug on pushing Jared Johnson into the main event, but I don’t think he’s quite there. Worryingly, he didn’t click with his opponent tonight, El Diablo, and the match suffered as a result even with Diablo picking up the win (31 / E+).


However, main event time. Davis Wayne Newton taking on Mimic Copiste. This was absolutely brilliant, and was yet again the best match we’ve ever put on. Davis Wayne Newton is Jesus. He smashed Mimic (53 / D+), and we’ve set him up a title match next month against El Diablo for the Junior Heavyweight title. We won’t put any instructions on the match – we’ll let the men figure out who is the most worthy of winning it.


Final: 46 / D – the best event we’ve ever put on. Again.


Fright of the Night: Jay Becker d. Kirk Drury (19 / E-)


Height of the Night: Davis Wayne Newton d. Mimic Copiste (53 / D+)

End of month report for August:


We outlaid more money for our event this month, but only by about $300. We’ll tone it back soon. However, we seem to be getting more recognition and sold a tonne more merchandise and tickets at our event this time. So that’s positive. Just not enough yet – we’ve got enough money to get to Christmas, whilst keeping a healthy reserve of money in case of disaster.

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Show #9 – ACPW Hellbound – Monday Week 3 September 2010.


Attendance: 43


A shorter event tonight (three matches) in a budget cutting attempt – but with two ladder matches for titles it really shouldn’t disappoint. Luckily we’ve had no more poaching, and may look at removing a couple more workers as we’re still over our ideal level. Attendance was good again – hopefully the merch sold well.


The opener was a decent quality match between two men with great chemistry – Jayson van Pelt defeating Kirk Drury in a match that was a little too long for them (31 / E+).


We went for two co-main events tonight really, and the first was Jared Johnson getting a short at Dermott Ayres’ title again. This was a really solid match but Ayres managed to squeak the win again for his second title defence. Johnson deserves some form of gold, it can’t be too long before he gets his break. (40 / D-).


Our main event gave Davis Wayne Newton a shot at the title, and we told these two to work out between them who should pick up the win. I am really glad they did – this match was astronomical and I had no idea they were capable of such heights. Davis Wayne Newton became our new champion after twenty minutes of solid battle – and the crowd loved it. It was an instant classic – and yet again the best match we’ve ever had. This one is going to take some beating. (64 / C).


Final: 56 / C- - are you kidding me? How is this happening? We’re meant to be E+ at best?!


Fright of the Night and Height will stop running now, there's no point to them.


End of month report for September 2010:


Well, we only lost $1000 after that short show. I figure that as long as the show has quality, the fans won’t mind just having three matches over the course of the hour. So, more quality needed I think! Still going very well, I have to say.

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Show #10 – ACPW Full Burn – Monday Week 3 October


Attendance: 33

We released the overly expensive Sky King and the unused Heather Braband. We signed “Kamikaze” Christian Vars. We’ll drop the Kamikaze part, thanks. Jay Becker was really late for the show; but after a quick explanation of how we can’t have this if we want to look professional, he understood and apologised.


We started with Jayson Van Pelt thoroughly dismantling Topher Smith in a semi-solid match. Van Pelt should really head to headlining soon, but for now he’s cheap and dependable. (30 / E+). Jared Johnson then took it to Christian Vars, with the debutant looking particularly strong in this match. That said, it’s hard to combat someone trained by Bloodstone! (40 / D-).

A bit of a filler match up next – Kirk Drury discovering yet again that he has fantastic chemistry with an opponent. Shame this time it was during a very poor match with Marc Raisin. Raisin is absolute deadweight and Drury smashed him in a short match. (22 / E-).


Main event featured the second coming of Christ himself, Davis Wayne Newton. He took on Luke Dagger, who is now recognised as a main eventer in our organisation which is great for the young man. However, it didn’t help him this time and Newton picked up yet another win in the ACPW in a very good match. The two of them have superb chemistry. (57 / C-).


Final: 48 / D+


End of month report for October:

Lost even less money than last month. Now we’re being a bit more careful with using the amount of top talent we were, things are working. Davis Wayne Newton is still amazing and we’re seeing growth in Quebec which is wonderful.

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Show #11 – ACPW Total War – Monday Week 3 November


Attendance: 75 !


The month started with re-signing El Diablo for only a fraction more than he was on last time, so that’s a bit of a steal. Our first match tonight was Mimic Copiste taking on Kirk Drury. (32 / E+) Drury lost again – but guess what – great chemistry with Mimic. He really can work with anyone and I think it’s time to kick off a push for him. A very long match though, gotta tone it down a bit.


Our sandwich match was deliberately a bit poorer as we held a ladder match for the ACPW Canadian Regional title. Ayres defended his title against Taylor Kidd and didn’t surprise anyone when he managed his third defence in a row. Ayres is a good champion, but Kidd really dragged this match down (27 / E).

Main event time, and up steps Davis Wayne Newton to smash it out of the park again. Except this time they didn’t. He’s been off his game the last three events – how on earth do we fix that? Still a very good match against Jayson Van Pelt (50 / D+) but not his recent heights. More good chemistry for Newton - and with Dagger and Van Pelt our main event could be amazing. Still, lets us set him up for his planned title match with El Diablo next month at Holiday Havoc!


Final: 44 / D – and a rise to Small size! Hooray!


End of month report for November:


Well, our first ever size rise, and hopefully not our last. Plugging away at Quebec has worked wonders, and I think we’ll carry on there as it’s just working well. We’ve also signed KC Glenn who has a huge amount of talent and won’t cost us much. We’ll rename him Kevin Glenn I think. That’ll do, it’s his real name after all.


Also, just checking our finances. And holy crap. We made a profit. A big one. Eight thousand dollars profit as sponsors pour in as we become bigger. Amazing. I think we’re out of the woods a little and can concentrate on growing.


This is the most fun I've ever had in this business.

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Show #12 – ACPW Holiday Havoc – Monday Week 3 December


A death in Europe. Anna Ki, some generic female worker dating Joey Beauchamp, passed away. Re-sign Jared Johnson for another 9 months. He doesn’t want any more money than we’re paying him, which is interesting. Re-sign Dermott Ayres too for $200 a show, which is a steal for the ratings he gives us.

Our final show of the year is up now; Holiday Havoc. I can’t believe it’s been a year already – and what a year! Our opening match was set to run incredibly short and for good reason; Ramone is terrible. He took on Jayson Van Pelt and this gave Van Pelt another credible win to keep him happy. (26 / E). We then debuted Kevin Glenn against another recent debutant Christian Vars. It went on far too long and unfortunately they just looked awkward with each other all match. A shame, Glenn is certainly capable of better (33 / E+).


We had a co-main event where both of our main titles were up for grabs – firstly Dermott Ayres defended his title successfully yet again against Jared Johnson. I just love these two together but again Jared was frustrated by the wily champion (43 / D). Maybe Jared will win it one day?


Our main event was El Diablo challenging Davis Wayne Newton for the ACPW Junior Heavyweight championship – and could we honestly take the belt off Newton at this point? Absolutely not – but what a match and I think some of the fans were wondering if we were that crazy! A good open back and forth match, letting both men show off (60 / C).


Final: 54 / C-


End of month report for December:


We made another $7k from our show this month and we’ve had yet more popularity boosts. The promotion couldn’t look healthier, so this is fantastic. Roll on 2011.

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End of year report for 2010:

A very positive first full year for ACPW, including stabilisation of bank accounts and a rapid rise in size. Who are we kidding – this rise is all due to the genius that is Davis Wayne Newton and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the big leagues come calling for the kid.

Keeping an eye on ACPW alumni will always be fun, so a rough roundup looks like this.


Sky King, Heather B etc etc. (the guys we’ve released) are all unemployed still. I guess when you’re too bad for the lowest ranked promotion to take on board, you really do suck.


Maria da Silva went to CGC and is pleasingly still there. He’s done okay, hardly lighting the scene on fire, but managed to pick up one win against Warren Technique right at the end of December. His CGC record stands at 1-10, which isn’t so great.


Jamie Atherton was our only other member to hit the big time, also joining CGC. His record stands at 5-8 which is pretty decent – he’s not getting lost in the shuffle. His main wins have come over Donte Dunn and Warren Technique, though he’s done a fair share of random teams. Hopefully he’ll continue to grow under their care.


The scene in Canada is getting pretty massive. CGC hit National and NOTBPW hit International over the past year. 4C are putting on some decent shows, but we’re about to overtake them in prestige and things could hot up rapidly.


2011 is going to be fun.


Popularity in Maritimes in January 2010: 8

Popularity in Maritimes end of December 2010: 0


Popularity in Quebec in January 2010: 0

Popularity in Quebec end of December 2010: 14

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