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World Championship Wrestling 1998 - Fixing What Is Not Yet Broken

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Tonight, the course of pro wrestling history has changed, everyone in the locker room knows it, and everyone in the crowd knows it. WCW has won the head-to-head battle with the WWF for 80 straight weeks. Wrestling is as hot as it's been in a long long time world wide, and WCW is on top. However, as the famous saying goes: heavy is the head that wears the crown. That is of course, unless the King has changes the game.


By the end of 1997 WCW has a vastly overbloated roster, WWF gaining more and more momentum every week, and head booker Eric Bischoff is beginning to get burnt out of booking. WCW has to do something to slow down WWF's momentum. WWF is building new stars, while WCW has been essentially the same show for 18 months in a row. The NWO which was at one time as red hot as any angle in wrestling history is now beginning to cool off due to over-exposure and over-saturation. The biggest match in the history of WCW Sting vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan is set to happen at Starrcade. However, Eric doesn't know where to go from there. And Turner is about to make it even worse. A few months ago Turner executives told Eric that starting in 1998; WCW would be adding a new two-hour show on Thursday Nights to be called WCW Thunder. Now WCW has to program six-hours of television every week, and Eric Bischoff whom was already overwhelmed is now nearing the point of breakdown.


That is until he gets an idea, one that will change professional wrestling. An idea that could cause WCW to sink just as easily as it could very well make WWF Monday Night Raw the #3 wrestling television show in America. The plan goes into action at Starrcade.


At WCW Starrcade 1997 Eric Bischoff goes one-on-one with Larry Zbyszko for control of Monday Nitro. Eric Bischoff wins the match, gaining control of WCW Monday Nitro. While not the reason why the fans bought Starrcade 1998, it will be the match that WCW diehards will point at as the moment that changed wrestling forever.


The following day, while Eric and the NWO celebrates their victory. The NWO runs a rampage on Monday Nitro attacking wrestlers, referees, fans, anyone. At the close of the show, Ted Turner appears on the ramp. Ted Turner announces that while Eric Bischoff, indeed owns Nitro, he has already proven he isn't responsible enough to run the show without competition. Not the WWF, but competition from within WCW itself. Billionaire Ted announced that Larry Zbyszko has been given control of WCW Thunder. Not only that but Ted also announced that the following Monday--the first Monday of 1998 and the last Nitro before the debut of Thunder--there will be a draft of every wrestler in WCW. Including the NWO.


The announcement of WCW's draft swept the wrestling world in the matter of hours. Eric Bischoff has already been lauded as a genius. Splitting the roster means that new stars can be made, and fresh storylines can be created. However, this could just as easily sink the WCW ship years early.


WCW's Nitro-Thunder draft was a complete success at least ratings-wise; Monday Nitro smashed WWF Raw by over three points. Now that the draft has happened the wrestling world looks at WCW to see if they can pull it off.







Eric Bischoff


Main Eventers

Diamond Dallas Page

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Kevin Nash

Lex Luger

Ric Flair

Scott Steiner


Upper Midcarders

Curt Hennig

Eddy Guerrero


Ray Traylor

Rick Steiner

The Barbarian



Alex Wright

Fit Finlay


Hugh Morrus

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rick Martel

Steven Regal


Lower Midcarders

Chavo Guerrero Jr.


Juventud Guerrera





La Parka

Louie Spicolli




Larry Zbyszko


Main Eventers

Bret Hart

Randy Savage

Roddy Piper

Scott Hall

The Giant


Upper Midcarders

Booker T

Buff Bagwell


Scott Norton

Stevie Ray

The British Bulldog



Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Dean Malenko

Disco Inferno


Prince Iaukea





Lower Midcarders

Ernest Miller

Johnny Grunge


Rocco Rock



Kenny Kaos


Robbie Rage

Sick Boy

Evan Karagias




Post Draft Rules

  • WCW World Heavyweight Champion and WCW Crusierweight Champion will defend their titles on both shows
  • Each show will have their own show-specific #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title. The #1 Contendership can be fought for in matches, or awarded by each show's Commissioner.
  • The penalty for appearing on another show without the permission of the show's Commissioner is to be punished at the behest of the Commissioner who's show was invaded.


OOC: My CGC diary is not dead! This is just a diary I've wanted to do for a long time and since school is over I have time to do it. This diary will only deal with the shows, angles, and the wrestling world at large.

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WCW World Heavyweight Champion



Nitro #1 Contender

Hollywood Hulk Hogan


Thunder #1 Contender



WCW United States Champion

Diamond Dallas Page


WCW World Television Champion

Booker T


WCW Crusierweight Champion

Ultimo Dragon


WCW World Tag Team Champions

The Faces of Fear


WCW United States Tag Team Champions







January: Revolution

February: SuperBrawl

March: Clash of the Champions

April: Spring Stampede

May: Slamboree

June: The Great American Bash

July: Bash At The Beach

August: Uncensored

September: Fall Brawl

October: Halloween Havoc

November: World War III

December: Starrcade

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Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair vs Kevin Nash and Curt Hennig


World Tag Team Title Match

The Steiner Brothers vs The Faces of Fear


Cruiserweight Title Match

Eddy Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon


Steven Regal vs Rey Mysterio Jr.


Goldberg will be in action!


Fit Finlay vs Glacier


Also: Hollywood Hogan has some words for new World Heavyweight Champion Sting






The Giant vs Scott Hall


Chris Jericho vs Randy Savage


Buff Bagwell vs Chris Benoit


United States Tag Team Title Tournament Match

Harlem Heat vs Public Enemy


Wrath vs Riggs


Prince Iaukea vs Saturn


Also: Larry Zbyszko has a special announcement to make concerning Thunder

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LIVE from Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York


Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes open the show. All they can talk about is last week's draft.


Eric Bischoff comes out to start the show, flanked by Hollywood Hogan. He explains to the crowd his disappointment in the decision made by Ted Turner to split WCW in two, and more importantly splitting the NWO in two.


Hollywood Hogan cuts Bischoff off, and begins a rant on the NWO. “Billionaire Ted thinks he can split up the New World Order” Hogan shouted, “but all he’s done, is make the NWO even more powerful! And it won’t be long before the NWO is running not just Nitro, not just Thunder, not just WCW, but the entire business of professional wrestling, Brother!” Hogan then shifted gears, away from the NWO and towards WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting. A man whom Hogan claims “stole my title, with the help of his little friend from Connecticut.” The cameras notice Sting watching from the rafters high above the arena. The World Heavyweight Title wrapped around his waist, and a smile on his face. Hogan points at Sting ferociously screaming “I’m going to get my title back, Sting! Just a matter of time, Sting! That title is coming back to me!”


Fit Finlay vs Glacier

Fit Finlay looks pissed off. He’s whacking Glacier all around the ring. Glacier’s usual more counter-attacking style is overrun by the assault of Fit Finlay. Under prepared, Glacier is unable to build a comeback. Finlay puts him away with a Tombstone Piledriver.

Winner – Fit Finlay

Steven Regal vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

From the bell this is a classic Tom and Jerry match up. Rey plays the part of Jerry perfectly, agilely dodging and striking. Regal stars as Tom, clumsily grasping at air and narrowly missing a hold on Rey who is a half-step ahead. Regal is able to get his fair share of shots in, putting the match in doubt after reversing a Hurricanrana attempt into a brutal powerbomb. Drawing on the energy of the fans, Rey finds the strength to kick out at 2. Beyond perturbed at the near fall Regal can’t resist arguing with the referee. He regrets that decision as he soon finds himself staring at the ceiling, while the ref counts three.

Winner – Rey Mysterio Jr.

After the bell rings, Regal pops back up and attacks Rey. The referee pulls Regal off of Rey, but not before Regal puts a helluva beating on him.


As Goldberg makes his way to the ring, Tony Schaivone points out that Eric Bischoff has offered un-drafted free-agents an opportunity to get signed to Nitro; they just have to break Goldberg’s winning streak. First up: Jim Duggan


Goldberg vs Jim Duggan

The crowd cheers Jim, his 2x4, and his American flag! The cheers are short-lived however as Jim Duggan is disposed of in quick fashion.

Winner – Goldberg


Dusty Rhodes describes this next match as “like two twirlin’ tops bouncin’ and jumpin’ and flyin’.”


Cruiserweight Title Match

Eddy Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon

The twirling tops bounced off the ropes, jumped over each other, and flew through the air. The excitement is building. Eddy uses some foul behavior to limit Ultimo’s offensive productivity mid-way through the match. At last the referee catches Eddy in the act, and this opens a door. The tides swiftly turn to Ultimo’s favor. Ultimo rides the tide, eventually drilling Eddy face first to the mat with an Asai DDT.

Winner and still WCW Cruiserweight Champion – Ultimo Dragon


Kevin Nash emerges from the back.


His demeanor is less jovial than usual; he walks to the ring alone. Nash mourns the loss of his best friend Scott Hall to Thunder. He tries to gain the sympathy of the crowd, going over how close he and Hall are, and all that he has lost.


A familiar song plays on the PA system, cutting off Nash. The Blue Cross Arena’s roof nearly blows off. Ric Flair walks out to the ring. Ric taunts Nash for going so far overboard. He points out the hypocrisy in Nash bemoaning the loss of his friend, considering all the hell he has put WCW through in the last few months. Flair yells, “the world does not revolve around the NWO. The world doesn’t cry when the NWO gets a taste of their own medicine. But I will tell you this: the world…WOO…can’t wait for me to get in this ring later on tonight. And beat that sadness right outta ya!” Nash pauses.


A thump is heard, its Nash’s microphone slamming into Ric Flair’s head. Security quickly fills the ring to hold Flair and Nash apart.


Louie Spicolli runs out to the ring to save Kevin Nash. He doesn’t make it to the ring, Ray Traylor appears behind him, handcuffs him, and drags him backstage.


World Tag Team Title Match

The Steiner Brothers vs The Faces of Fear

The crowd is electric for this one. The Steiner Brothers are the clear fan favorites. The Faces of Fear, however, get down to business immediately. Rick takes a vicious beat down at the hands of Meng and The Barbarian. Scott urges him on to make the tag. Rick makes the tag, the crowd explodes. Scott belly to belly suplexes both Meng and The Barbarian! The momentum stops abruptly after Meng drills Scott in the back of the head. Scott knocks into the referee when attacked. This was clearly Meng’s intention as The Barbarian makes a beeline for the timekeeper’s table, grabs one of the titles, and tosses it into the ring. Rick grabs the title instead and hits Meng with it. Scott drapes himself over the fallen Meng as the ref recovers in time to count three.

Winners and still WCW World Tag Team Champions – The Steiner Brothers

Rick and Scott celebrate in the ring; they barely pulled this one out. Eric Bischoff shows up and cuts the celebration short. Bischoff announces that due to The Steiner Brothers using “tactics unbecoming of Monday Nitro,” he would be giving The Faces of Fear a re-match, a no disqualifications match. And it’s going to happen right now.


World Tag Team Title Match

The Steiner Brothers vs The Faces of Fear II

Scott and Rick turn around into dual KOs thanks to The Faces of Fear and the Tag Belts. The ref reluctantly counts three. We have new Tag Team Champions.

Winners and NEW WCW World Tag Team Champions – The Faces of Fear

Hollywood Hogan is back in the ring for a second round of promos. He’s back on the subject of Sting, ranting and raving about how his title was stolen.


Lex Luger shows up to defend Sting’s honor, like Flair earlier, Luger points out how ironic it is for the NWO to cry foul about the result of a match. A frustrated Hogan tells Luger to shut his mouth and stay out of the situation. Hogan even goes so far to say, “I’m getting back the World Heavyweight Championship. There’s nothing anyone can do. It’s destiny, brother.” Confident, Luger responds by challenging Hogan to a match for his Number One Contendership, “if it really is destiny, you’ll win right?”


Hogan milks every single cheer possible out of the crowd before accepting. This brings about a smile on Luger’s face. He enters the ring. This match is going to happen right now.


#1 Contendership Match

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Lex Luger

These two veterans are sure trying their best, the crowd was red hot and there was no lack of effort on either end for this one. This is a match up of pure power vs power, with each man trading hard shots back and forth. Referee Nick Patrick soon becomes a factor, pulling Luger off from on top of Hogan for no apparent reason. Using this to his advantage, Hogan low blows Luger in clear view of everyone, Nick Patrick looks on. No call. Hogan whips Luger into the ropes and hits the big boot. The crowd knows what’s coming next. Hogan misses the legdrop. Luger rolled out of the way at the last second. Luger gets Hogan up in the Torture Rack. But the hold has to be broken after Hogan grabs the rope with the help of Nick Patrick. This sneaky strategy was sniffed out by Luger who gets in Nick Patrick’s face. Hogan clubs Luger in the back. Another big boot. This time the leg drop connects. Hogan wins it.

Winner and still #1 Contender – Hollywood Hulk Hogan


Hogan holds his hands high in victory. Sting repels from the ceiling and attacks him from behind. He sends Hogan flying over the top rope to the outside. Sting throws Nick Patrick over the top rope as well.


In the back, Mean Gene Okerlund is with Diamond Dallas Page. DDP has the United States Championship with him. DDP taunts Curt Hennig, whom he won the title from at Starrcade. And states that he's ready to beat him again tonight.


Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair vs Kevin Nash and Curt Hennig

Hennig and DDP started out for their teams. There is definitely no love lost between these two. Hennig drops a knee on DDP’s chest. DDP is able to make the tag to Flair. Hennig works Flair over in the corner, but soon Flair has the advantage due to Hennig getting winded. Now Flair has Hennig right where he wants him in the middle of the ring. He starts to work on Hennig’s leg, Nash jumps into the ring to break it up. This draws DDP into the ring as well and all hell breaks loose. DDP clotheslines Nash to the outside, and they begin brawling on the floor. Flair continues working on Hennig, but Hennig retreats to the outside. Flair follows and now all four men are going at it outside of the ring. While on the outside Hennig used the environment to hammer Flair. Hennig tosses Flair back into the ring and goes for a pinfall, but Flair kicks out. DDP re-enters the ring, but is urged back into his corner by the referee. However, because he put up a fight, this allows Nash and Hennig to quickly attack Flair two-on-one. DDP pushes the ref out of the way and evens the odds. The referee finally re-gains order. Hennig drags Flair over to his corner and tags in Nash, who does his signature corner knee strikes. Nash signals for the Jackknife. Flair crawls between his legs to tag in DDP. Diamond Cutter out of no where! It’s over.

Winners – Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair

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LIVE from the Comcast Center in College Park, Maryland

Mike Tenay and Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan welcome us all to the world-wide debut of WCW Thunder. The Commissioner of Thunder, Larry Zbyszko, stands in the center of the ring. He tells the crowd that Thunder will be something completely different from Nitro. He pledges that he will take his job seriously, and will not stand for the same repugnant actions in his ring. While under his lead, Thunder wrestlers will look to hold themselves to a higher level of professionalism.


Sting repels from the ceiling into the ring, the crowd goes berserker! Larry Zbyszko hands him the microphone. Sting declares his approval of the direction Zbyszko is trying to take Thunder. He also had to thank someone who helped him out when he needed it most. Bret Hart.


Bret Hart walks out to the ring and hugs Sting. To show his gratitude for helping him out at Starrcade, Sting announced that he would be making Bret Hart Thunder’s #1 Contender. This was done with Larry Zbyszko’s blessing of course.


Hart looks on as Sting exits through the crowd.


Buff Bagwell vs Chris Benoit

This match was an interesting battle between Benoit’s ground attacking style, and Buff Bagwell’s growing frustration at not being able to just over power Benoit and needing the help of Scott Norton. Half-way through the match it’s clear that Bagwell wished he could make a tag to Scott Norton, but alas this is a singles match. Scott Norton was most assuredly a factor in this match. Whenever it looked as if Bagwell was on his last legs; Scott Norton would threaten to get into the ring, Benoit would go over to confront him, and then Bagwell would attack Benoit from behind.


All things considered, Benoit did everything he could. The threat of Scott Norton getting involved was enough to distract him, and keep him from putting the finishing touches on Bagwell. A preoccupied Chris Benoit ends up falling victim to the Buff Blockbuster, giving Bagwell the win.

Winner – Buff Bagwell

After the match Benoit was gripped up by Scott Norton. Norton nails Benoit in the face; all the while Buff Bagwell taunts his downed adversary. Dean Malenko races to the ring and evens the odds! Vicious and Delicious head out of the ring before things get too out of hand.


Scott Hall makes his way to the ring. Much like Kevin Nash on Nitro, he looks verklempt. Hall laments being drafted to Thunder.

“Hey yo. You know when I heard about the draft with Nitro and Thunder, I was excited. When I found out that Larry Zadisco had drafted me to Thunder, and that Nash and Hogan were staying on Nitro, I got pissed. But when I showed up tonight here in College Park, Maryland I was excited. But then, Larry Zadisco had to come out here, and say that he was going to take all the fun out of rasslin’. Well now I can say: I am depressed. So Larry, I’m gonna ask you nicely. Call up Bischoff and make a trade. Trade me to Nitro. Or I’m going to make Thunder an unsafe work environment for everyone.”


Roddy Piper stands laughing at the entry way.

“If Thunder an unsafe work environment for anyone here, it’s you. My suggestion to you is this: make the best of it. If you start stepping on toes over here, you’re going to pay. You can’t snap your fingers and have your cronies kicking ass in seconds. You’re going to have to fight. Alone.”


Scott Hall replies, “I have friends in high places.”


Piper laughs as if he had just heard the ravings of a mad man.


Wrath vs Riggs

Raven’s Flock sit by ring side, Raven’s usual seat is empty. Riggs is no match for the much stronger Wrath. Can’t say the effort wasn’t there from Riggs, but he is dominated by Wrath. Finally Riggs is defeated thanks to a Meltdown slam from Wrath.

Winner - Wrath

Before Wrath can even get to his feet after the match Raven’s Flock storm the ring and surround Wrath, but they don’t attack him. This bizarre display goes on for an uncomfortable amount of time. Saturn snaps his fingers and The Flock scurries from the ring and out through the crowd. Saturn, who has a match up next, remains.


Prince Iaukea vs Saturn

Prince Iaukea is shot out of a pistol to start this match, he looks up for this one. Saturn stoically watches Prince Iaukea warm up. Iaukea starts to feel awkward thanks to Saturn’s unending gaze. Saturn seems to be either much focused or completely insane. Finally Iaukea goes at Saturn with some right hands and the action picks up in the ring. Prince Iaukea keeps in constant motion, always whipping himself and/or Saturn into the ropes and working from there. Eventually Saturn catches on and deposits Iaukea to the ground with a murderous lariat.


After the lariat, Saturn begins to control the tempo. The only motion Iaukea displays is his attempting to protect himself from Saturn’s club-like punches. Trying to build some momentum, Iaukea whips Saturn into the ropes, racing off of the ropes himself, and runs directly into a superkick from Saturn. The almost decapitated Iaukea finds himself locked in the Rings of Saturn. Iaukea submits.

Winner – Saturn


United States Tag Team Title Tournament Match

Harlem Heat vs Public Enemy

Public Enemy work very well together but they are just overmatched by Harlem Heat. They fought hard, and at sometimes cheap but Harlem Heat had an answer. As the match goes on Public Enemy are increasingly frustrated by Harlem Heat’s seamless team work. They lasted longer than the average tag team but fell short after a Harlem Hangover from Booker T. Harlem Heat are going to fight for the right to the United States Tag Team Titles at Revolution!

Winners and US Tag Title Tournament Finalists – Harlem Heat

In the moments before his match, Chris Jericho grabs a mic.

“I would like to offer a retort to Scott Hall’s bitching about being drafted to Thunder. I for one am proud to be a member of Thunder. In case you don’t know who I am, I am Chris Jericho. You may remember me as a member of WCW’s roster at the time the NWO decided to try to ‘takeover.’ I’ve seen them take some good men in the year and a half they’ve been here. That includes my opponent, and a former hero of mine Randy Savage. That’s why tonight…”


Jericho is cut off by the PA blaring “Disco Fever!” ad nauseum. Disco Inferno dances around Chris Jericho in the ring. He then leaves as quickly as he came. The confusion in the audience is palatable.


Randy Savage appears in the ring behind Jericho and attacks him.


Chris Jericho vs Randy Savage

Savage continues his assault on Jericho after the bell. After landing a barrage of blows, Savage leaps and drives his knee into Jericho’s chest. Jericho is on the proverbial ropes. Savage climbs to the top rope. Jericho lies prone on the mat. Savage elbow…misses. Jericho moved out of the way. Looking to pounce on the opportunity, Jericho hits the Lionsault. Near fall.


Jericho continues trying to score the upset victory with an onslaught of quick pin attempts but Savage is able to power out of them, and even tosses in some pin attempts of his own. Still with the advantage, Jericho hastily looks to lock Savage in the Liontamer. But he is unable to turn Savage over to lock the hold into place. Jericho goes for another Lionsault but Savage gets his knees up!


The force of the impact keeps Jericho on his feet, but not for long as Savage hits an atomic drop. Savage heads up top and comes down on Jericho with a flying double axe handle. While Jericho is on the mat, Savage connects with another knee drop to Jericho’s sternum. Savage heads back up top. Savage Elbow…hits! Chris Jericho is out cold, and Randy Savage is the winner.

Winner – Randy Savage

Backstage, new Thunder backstage reporter Ed Ferrera is set to interview The Giant.

“Well I can’t say that I’m not excited to be here, but standing next to The Giant, I can say I feel rather small. Giant, you have a match tonight against Scott Hall who has already made it known he doesn’t even want to be here. What is your strategy going into this match?”


The Giant looks at Ed, and then into the camera. And walks away without saying a word.


Scott Hall vs The Giant

Reluctantly Hall goes at it with The Giant. It’s clear his heart isn’t it, and it’s clear he’s getting his ass handed to him. Bruised and POed Hall leaves the ring and heads up the ramp. Standing in the entry way is Larry Zbyszko, who orders Hall back to the ring. When Hall returns to the ring, he transfers his anger on to The Giant. Hall sends The Giant to the mat with ring shaking body slam. Hall goes to follow up but The Giant grabs him by the neck. The Giant rises to his feet holding Hall by the neck. In a move of pure desperation, Hall pokes The Giant in the eyes, freeing himself.


Hall has had enough. He low blows The Giant, and goes to attack him but ‘accidentally’ hits the referee. After The Giant realizes what Hall did, he grips him up for a Choke Slam. Hall fights his way out of it and knocks The Giant back with a discuss punch. With this separation, Hall gets out of the ring and nails The Giant with a steel chair. The Giant goes down. Hall follows up with another chair shot. Hall gets rid of the evidence and wakes up the referee. He stands on The Giant’s chest as the ref counts three.

Winner – Scott Hall


Bret Hart enters the ring and gets in Scott Hall's way. Scott Hall asks if he wants a fight. Bret Hart shakes his head and gets in Hall’s face. Bret Hart is standing face-to-face with Scott Hall as Thunder comes to a close.

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Thunder wrestler Wrath has been injured thanks to a mystery assault after Thunder's tapings last night. Early indications suggest that he received a severely dislocated shoulder and cuts and bruises. If true, Wrath could end up on the shelf for 10-14 weeks.


We will update you on the situation as details come in.

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Nitro Preview

Two best friends will be joining forces in an attempt to shut up the biggest trash talker in the sport. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting will be teaming up with his best friend Lex Luger to take on Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash. As the #1 Contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, Hollywood Hogan will be looking to cause Sting as much damage as possible. And also, one must wonder if Eric Bischoff will be a factor in this match up.


A wrestling legend is being forced into a match against his will. By order of Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair will be in action against Steven Regal. Doubtlessly, this is punishment for Ric Flair’s comments to Kevin Nash last week. But why Steven Regal?


With revenge in mind a former champion begins the chase after what is rightfully his. After having the WCW World Tag Team Championships stolen from him and his brother last week, Scott Steiner has challenged Meng to a match on Nitro. Meng has accepted the challenge. Scott Steiner will be looking to gain a measure of revenge on Meng, and get one step closer to re-gaining the WCW World Tag Team Championships.


A pair of winning cruiserweights from last week's edition of Nitro will be tagging together. Rey Mysterio Jr. and WCW Cruiserweight Champion Ultimo Dragon will be going up against Eddy Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero Jr. There is no love lost between these four competitors, this is sure to be an electric match.


Eric Bischoff's 'Goldberg Challenge' continues this Monday Night. Goldberg will be in action. Who will be his opponent? We don't know! Find out this Monday!



Thunder Preview

Larry Zbyszko, the Commissioner of Thunder, has refused to announce a card for this Thursday night! But he has promised one thing: “heads will roll.” Larry is NOT a happy camper due to the actions taken by Thunder's talent on the debut show. The law shall be laid down this Thursday!



Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash vs Sting and Lex Luger


Ric Flair vs Steven Regal


Meng vs Scott Steiner


Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Rey Mysterio Jr and Ultimo Dragon


Goldberg vs !?



Heads Will Roll!

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LIVE from the CoreStates Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Tony Schiavone and Dusty Rhodes open the show talking about the main event. They begin to run down the card but are cut off by the NWO’s music. Hollywood Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring. He begins by berating Lex Luger for getting involved in his quest for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Sting is next on his list, “and Stinger. How long are you going to duck me? Tag-team matches, sending your friend Luger after me. I’m the Number One Contender, Brother! You gotta fight me, and you gotta put my Championship on the line!” Sting appears high above the crowd. The cameras zoom in to show Sting standing with Lex Luger beside him. Lex has an ear-to-ear smile on his face, and Sting is pointing at Hogan. Hogan is going ballistic inside of the ring.


The Goldberg Challenge


Goldberg stands in the center of the ring waiting to see who is opponent is going to be. Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael rushes into the ring and goes right after Goldberg. Following a flood of punches, Goldberg quickly gets in McMichael’s face, unaffected. Now McMichael is begging for mercy, which he does not receive.

Winner – Goldberg


Kevin Nash and Louie Spicoli are standing in the back. Nash orders Spicoli to go into Lex Luger’s dressing room and “rough him up.” Hellbent on impressing Nash, Louie heads to Luger’s dressing room, steel chair in hand. Noticing the clear mis-match he’s about to get himself into, Louie freezes in fear. WCW’s Head of Security Ray Traylor handcuffs Louie before he gets the courage to bust into Luger’s room.


Eddy Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Rey Mysterio Jr. and Ultimo Dragon


Eddie orders Chavo to start the match against Ultimo Dragon. Ultimo beats the living hell out of Chavo, making the point that he is sending a message to Eddy. An early Dragon Sleeper attempt is broken by Eddy sneaking into the ring and poking Ultimo in the eye. With Ultimo blinded, this allows Chavo to hit a Death Valley Driver. Eddy orders Chavo to tag him in, which he does. Eddy begins to attack Ultimo, but with his vision now regained, Ultimo begins to fight back. Eddy immediately goes to tag Chavo who will not let him. Backed into a corner, Eddy is getting beaten down by Ultimo. Ultimo goes to whip Eddy in the opposite corner, but Eddy reverses. Ultimo does a head stand on the top rope, but Eddy pushes him off of the top rope to the floor below! Chavo pushes Ultimo back into the ring. Tired of their chicanery, Mysterio leaps from the apron onto Chavo! Meanwhile in the ring there’s a near fall by Eddy. Rey climbs back into the apron and urges Ultimo to make the tag. But Eddy won’t allow it, holding back Ultimo. Eddy tosses Ultimo into the ropes…Asai Moonsault! There’s the opening! Ultimo makes the tag! Mysterio is full of energy! He drops Chavo and then drops Eddy with consecutive hurricanranas. Mysterio leaps to the top rope…and falls to the mat in a heap after Dave Taylor hits him with a chair. The ref didn’t see it! Eddy crawls over and covers up Mysterio to pick up the win.

Winners – Chavo and Eddy Guerrero


Meng vs Scott Steiner


Meng carries his Tag Team Championship belt to the ring, infuriating Scott Steiner. Even though there’s no chance he can win the titles in this match, Scott Steiner is fighting with enough intensity to raise question if he was informed of that fact. Meng is immediately on his heels and being pummeled by Steiner. The plan of the Steiner Brothers seems to be to beat the Faces of Fear into submission, and so far, so good. Meng bails out of the ring to regain his bearings, but this strategy backfires because Steiner has followed right behind him. On the outside of the ring, it’s much of the same story as it was on the inside of the ring: Steiner is total control and Meng isn’t one-hundred percent sure where he is. Meng is finally able to get an offensive move in and slams Steiner into the security barrier. Looking over to the announce table, Meng grabs a steel chair. He does not have good intentions on his mind. Meng slams the chair onto Steiner! And again! The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ – Scott Steiner


Scott Steiner is still down on the outside when Rick tries to go and save him, but he receives a chairshot instead. Now The Barbarian comes to ring side and The Faces of Fear continue their beat down on the Steiner Brothers.


Mean Gene Okerlund stands in the ring, prepared to perform an interview. NWO’s music hits and Curt Hennig enters the ring. Hennig wants a shot at Diamond Dallas Page’s US Title. To prove that he is superior to any potential challenger that Page would have he makes an open challenge to anyone in the back that wants to go at it with him, right here and right now. The challenge is answered by Fit Finlay.


Curt Hennig vs Fit Finlay


Finlay didn’t come out and accept the challenge so much as crash the ring and start taking it to Hennig. Hennig is forced into the corner with a series of elbows. Finally Hennig is able to fight back and grab some breathing room. Hennig takes him down with a snap mare, and follows up with a rolling neck snap. A knee drop try comes up empty for Hennig, this allows Finlay to apply a grounded headlock. To fight back, Hennig begins digging fingers into Finlay’s eyes! Finlay is forced to release the hold. Both men get to their feet and trade shots in the middle of the ring. This contest is much more of a battle than Hennig expected! Hennig tosses Finlay into the ropes, but Finlay clotheslines him! He lifts Hennig up into a fireman’s carry position. Rolling Hills! A near fall. Hennig looks to slow up Finlay’s momentum, locking him in a sleeper hold. Once he gets him to the ground Hennig goes to drop an elbow, but misses. Finlay pushes him off into the ropes. Hennig rebounds off of the ropes backwards and Finlay grabs him from behind, Hennig reverses their positions, Back suplex! With a bridge….and a near fall. Finlay is sent back down to the mat with a right hand from Hennig. It looks as if Hennig has caught on to Finlay’s rhythm now. Finlay fights to get back to his feet and lands a few shots in on Hennig. He uses the ropes to pick up some momentum…into a Hennig-Plex! Hennig wins!

Winner – Curt Hennig


Immediately after the match Curt Hennig is joined in the ring by Mean Gene Okerlund. Mean Gene comments that Hennig didn’t look very prepared for a match that he had requested. Hennig replies that he still came out on top, that that’s all that matters, and that that is what going to happen the next time he’s in the ring with Diamond Dallas Page.


Ric Flair vs Steven Regal


Early on in this bout it’s apparent why Eric Bischoff had chosen Steven Regal to be Flair opponent tonight. Regal immediately took Flair to the ground and put him in an Indian Deathlock. Flair’s cries of agony fill the arena. At last Flair is able to wiggle out of it, but is visibly hobbled. Regal continues going to town on Flair’s leg. Beaten down to a crawl, Flair uses the turnbuckles to help him to his feet. Smelling blood in the water Regal charges and knees Flair in the head! Flair slumps to the mat as Regal poses to the crowd. Regal turns his attention back to Flair. He mockingly grabs Flair’s legs setting him up for the Figure Four. Flair kicks free and sends Regal flying through the ropes and out of the ring! This gives Flair more than enough time to regroup and get his bearings about him. Flair goes back out after him. Revenge is a dish best served in the form of cold steel. And Regal is getting served a heaping helping thanks to Flair. Dazed and confused, Regal face plants on the outside after a particularly rough meeting with the guardrail. Flair tosses Regal back into the ring. Worn out and hurting, Ric Flair musters up whatever energy he has left and goes for the Figure Four…he locks it in! Regal flails around on the mat, he’s got nowhere to go! He taps!

Winner – Ric Flair


NWO’s music hits and Hollywood Hogan returns to the ring, this time he is with Kevin Nash and Eric Bischoff. Bischoff begins by stating that Hogan and Nash made a special request that the main event have an added stipulation. That it will be a no disqualifications match, and whoever wins the match gets a match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship live, the Nitro following Thunder’s WCW Revolution pay-per-view. The crowd makes known their displeasure with Bischoff’s blatant NWO bias .


Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash vs Sting and Lex Luger


Sting and Luger entered the ring area from the crowd and were met by Hogan and Nash. They brawl on the outside, Hogan on Sting and Nash on Luger. Sting whips Hogan into the guardrail, while Luger and Nash fight their way into the ring. Luger overpowers Nash while in the ring not allowing Nash an inch of space. Curt Hennig and Rick Rude race to the ring and start a group beat down on Lex Luger. The Steiner Brothers hit the ring to try to even things out. The Faces of Fear are not far behind them. Everyone is brawling everywhere! There is pandemonium in and around the ring! Bischoff sneaks to the timekeepers table and grabs the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Belt. He tosses it into the ring and Nash drills Lex Luger in the head! Nash covers…he wins!

Winners – Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan


Hollywood Hogan and Sting have no idea what happened. They hear the bell ring and see Bischoff raising Nash’s hand in victory. Hogan quickly enters the ring and gets in Kevin Nash’s face, things clearly did not go according to plan. Nash and Hogan continue their heated conversation as Nitro comes to a close.





Destiny - 3 for 5


MartinC - 3 for 5

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Dirtsheet Derby


After 81 consecutive weeks of superior ratings in the head-to-head Monday Night battle, World Championship Wrestling's flagship show, Monday Nitro was defeated by WWF's Monday Night Raw by the slimmest of margins. Raw has been gaining momentum for months now, and they have finally knocked off Nitro. Nitro scored a 4.33 rating last night, and Raw scored 4.34. This seemingly small victory is huge for WWF as they have shown that they can defeat WCW at their own game. Since WCW decided to split their roster in between Nitro and their Thursday night show Thunder, there has been speculation that this radical decision may be backfiring. No more proof was needed. However the news is not all sour for WCW, Thunder which airs uncontested on Thursday Nights debuted last week ago with an astonishing 7.4 rating. The highest cable rating any wrestling show has ever scored. Even though Raw won this week's Monday Night War, it is looking as if it's a battle for second place.

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