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League of Legends (Free Game!)


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Has anyone played this or heard of it? It's really awesome and I recommend you look into it.


I was just introduced to it a few days ago by a friend and apparently it's based on a Warcraft III mod called Defense of the Ancients.


League of Legends, though, is a fully stand-alone successor to that mod with great production value considering it's FREE.


It's kind of a fusion of real-time strategy, RPG, and tower defense elements.


You (the person reading this) play the part of a "summoner". Your summoner "character" carries over as your profile in the game and there's an over-reaching spec tree and level system that progresses as you play the game. As the summoner, you can "buy" champion characters and things called "runes" that give you permanent bonuses and so on with either real money (how they support the game) or points that you earn as you play. Though there are a couple things that appear to be exclusively pay upgrades, there's nothing I'd remotely call essential that you can't get by just playing.


In the actual game, you control a character called a "champion". There's a fairly large roster of champions to choose from, all with greatly different abilities and preferences (giant axe-wielder guy, squishy mage that becomes epic if you don't get crushed immediately, etc.). Your choices of champions will cycle weekly (you can choice from 6 or 8 at a time), but you can permanently unlock a champ with real or in-game currency too if you get attached.


The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy team's nexus structure thingy before the other team destroys yours. There are always 2 teams from 1-5 champions each. (Free 10 player online goodness, people!)


On a set cycle, your nexus produces minion creeps that automatically advance towards the enemy base. There are 3 or so paths connecting your base and the enemy base. Along the way, each team has set sentry towers that automatically attack advancing minions and champions.


As a champion, the goal is to penetrate the enemy defenses without being slaughtered by the opposition. Each champion has 3 regular attacks, a special-er attack, and a passive ability.


You also have 6 items slots that can be filled by buying items from the store in your base. There are dozens and dozens of items to pick from and a lot of the strategy in the game comes from balancing your gold (you earn it by killed creeps and champs and naturally as the game progresses), buying and upgrading items, and upgrading your abilities.


It's a hard game to explain, but it is quite great. It is one of the better free games I've ever played and you should check it out.




Referral Link: If you sign up, please use this link. I have no idea what kind of rewards I get for referring people, but I'd appreciate the assistance either way!


If any of you get the game, my in-game name if Lexxon. Add me to your friends' list. We can become an awesome team and win and stuff!

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Anyone? This is probably the greatest value you'll get from a game. The graphics are surprisingly good, and the gameplay is top notch.


Plus, there's over a million players. I'm surprised no one out there doesn't already play!


Im going to give it a go 1st thing sunday my time cause yr a cool dude and it looks fun.

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