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I wonder about TEW now and then

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Tohoku is basically a "rural backwater" with a harsh climate, at least compared to the rest of Japan. Its also a very very very small area compared to most of the regions in the game, which is a huge factor. You could argue that there are some very poor regions in Eastern Europe... but there are also some relatively wealthy areas as well. Since its such a big region, it has to cover all of it. The bigger regions are diverse in what they include. Tokohu isn't.
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Hi Big Daddy.


Yes, Tohoku is rural, the people talk funny (though they'd disagree). But it seems like there would be more to it than that.


The five least affluent areas in the game are:

1. Tohoku (24%)

2. Central Australia (30%)

3. Shikoku (35%)

4. Puerto Rico (45%)

5. Scotland (50%)


According to Wikipedia the population of Tohoku is about 10 million, with a similar size and population density to Switzerland. GDP comes out to a little less than half of Mexico's total. Crammed into 1/10th the population of Mexico.


This is easy to adjust in game, I just had not looked much at the regions in TEW2010 and thought it was interesting how they were set up.

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Why is Tohoku Japan the poorest region in the world? I wonder if it's a balance thing or something. Otherwise it makes no sense to me that Japan is just about the poorest country in the world.


Just one of those things I wonder now and then.


It's a game, does it really matter? The entire game is based around a fictional world anyway...

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