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After a free program with specific features.


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A vague title, but would have too have explained in too much detail what I'm after and it wouldn't have fit.


Right, I'm after a program to keep track of a roster and want to be able to move fields around without having to cut, copy and paste everything, so after something dynamic in that sense. Currently using openoffice, which is very good but if I want to swap fields over I have to cut and paste and when I do that the fields, for whatever reason, enlarge unless I just delete and retype the text in to the field I want it to move to (this happens in the spreadsheet where I have changed the sizes of rows and fields but not in a new one using the default row and font sizes). Maybe I'm just not using openoffice properly but I want to just be able to move and swap the text from one field to another without cutting, copying, pasting, deleting etc. Think along the lines of what Andy Gray used to use on Sky Sports to show how teams might line up (picking up a player icon and moving it freely around the screen).


Must be something out there with this feature that is free?


Hopefully that all makes sense, but I will try and explain more if needed.

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