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Player recruitment

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I've been playing this game for a while now and I finally have figured out how recruitment works. This is what I have discovered:


First thing you need to do is check out your defensive coach, offensive coach, and ST coach. Remember, you do not have to get 5 star players immediately, you can get 3 star players and develop them into better players. You want to create a stable program, not a one hit wonder.


For offensive coach selection, O-line development is the most important because it is the O-line that makes the holes for the running back and gives the passer time to throw.


For defensive coach selection, cornerback development is most important because teams will throw on you no matter how good the defensive line is so you want to have fantastic pass defense, as well as using the cornerbacks to stop the run if they do not throw.


So, now, once you have gotten your coaches, then you start recruitment.


If you are a big name team with much prestige then you can go after the 4 or 5 star people because you might be attractive to them. If you are a lower level team go after lower level people because with your coaches, you can develop them to be better.


How to pick recruits:


pick recruits by their interest level, not their stars, because if they are not interested, you will just be wasting money and scholarships. Also, you more than likely will only be able to get recruits from your region, esp. as a medium-or-lower level school because you don't have that recognition yet.


When picking a player, it's best to pick one who

1) has high interest

2) is in a position of need

3) You can give a scholarship to (those are entiicng).


When I say position of need, I don't mean only number wise but developmentally wise. Let us say you have an offensive line who is all composed of players who are all rated 2/4. You might think, damn, I need to recruit more offensive linespeople. You don't. Your OC can develop them, and you can play ball to their weaknesses. In that case, the OL is not a position of need. But let us say in the defensive back position, you only have 5 CB/S. No matter if they are all 5 star people, you need more than 5. So this is an area of need, and an area you would recruit in.


Also, and this goes for big name schools as well, only pick players that you would have some sort of chance to get. Someone in MS being offered a scholarship by both Miss. State and Ole Miss would be safe bet if you were a coach in MS. Somebody from RI getting offers from Brown, IL, UNC, and many others along the eastern seaboard would probably not commit, even if you used every cent of recruitment money and all scholarships.


When it comes to scouting them out to see what it is to make a player happy in order to get them to commit to you, I generally start recruiting and scouting as soon as they are on the watch list. I've come to find the more I spend on recruitment, the quicker I find out what they are looking for in a school and I can pitch it to them. But make sure you do not throw a pitch early, even if it is 8 weeks in. Just recruit them with the money to keep contact and wait until you find the pitch that is very important because even then that may make the deciding factor. Many times I have passed on the sales pitch until I knew for sure what they wanted, and that's how I get the humans.


Finally, when it comes to development, I've found that skills>conditioning because in some cases even high conditioned people can be outplayed by those with skill

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one thing that has helped me is looking more at the key skill ratings after I scout them than just the number of stars.

You might find a 3 star offensive lineman with 80 rated blocking skills which are as high or higher than a 4 star (thus finding the diamond in the rough).


In a recruiting class I just finished - I had 2 ILB's which was a key position - both had me as their TOP ONE, and I nailed the pitch and maxed out my recruiting for them. However, both signed with another school. In both cases, it was to a higher prestige school. SO I think that's important when recruiting - to expect to lose players when a higher prestige team swoops in.


I'm just not sure if we lose every time to the higher team (like some games do) or if we have a fighting chance

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You do have a chance. It depends on a lot, though. Are you close in prestige? are you close to home? your style of defense, offense, etc. A really important thing is how deep you are at that position. The deeper you are, the less a player at that position will commit


For example, if you have an OLB who is between you of 70 prestige and another school of 80 prestige. However, you run a 3-4 (which has more LB use) while the other school runs a 4-2-5. Your school is in the same state and your coach has good prestige. You'd have a fighting change with that guy


However, let's say it's the same situation between the schools and schemes but now you are fighting over a DT. DTs have more usage in a 4 down defense than a 3 down defense, so you might not have much of a chance with that guy.

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