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ECW- Chugging Along

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Here in ECW we had always managed to just scrape along and survive. We had run our first Pay-Per-View event, Barely Legal, a rousing success. However, going into 1998, I could see that things were only going to get harder. We had already lost many top talents to rival companies, and now, we had the reputation of being a feeding ground for talent to get spotted and then shipped off to the big boys. We had good relations with Vince McMahon in the WWF, so I would support talents that went there, but WCW was the company I always distrusted. They turned my prized possessions like Rey Mysterio and Psicosis into permanent, stuck in 1 place midcard at best talents. I knew that this would continue, and all I can do is keep making new stars. I’ve been doing it for nearly 5 years, I can do it some more. The future is uncertain, but I know that we can weather the storm, and keep chugging along. (this is my first time ever trying something like this so if you guys have any tips please feel free to leave them :))





Main Event:

Bam Bam Bigelow




The Sandman


Upper Midcarder:

Al Snow

The Dudley’s

Jerry Lynn

Justin Credible

Mikey Whipreck

Lance Storm


Axl Rotten

Ballz Mahoney

Brakus (Training for the WWF)

Chris Candido


Doug Furnas

New Jack

Phil Laphon

Pitbull 2

Tracy Smothers


Lower Midcard:

Big Dick Dudley

Jason Night


Little Guido

The Blue Meanie



Spike dudley

Danny Dorring


Chris Chetti



ECW World Heavyweight: Shane Douglas

Tag Team: FBI



One last thing I decided to do before preparing for the last taping cycle of the year was to quietly get rid of pre-disposed faces and heels, the fans can cheer who they want and it’s less micromanagement for me. I also began negotiations to re-sign Droz. I Upgraded our broadcast quality so Bravo UK Would be happy. I did a drug test to Bam Bam Bigelow and New Jack, obvious drug users who I personally like, and when he came back positive for Jack, I fined him. He thanked me for this and promised to clean up his habits, and also promised that he would be loyal to ECW (not that any sane promoter would hire him anyway.) I also fined Bam Bam, in the hopes that it would work too, but it didn't.


Contracts Offered:

Slyck Wagner Brown, a rookie from the New York scene who could be a solid wrestler in the future

Shannon Moore, an OMEGA wrestler from the carolinas, being brought in to form a tag team with…

Shane Helms, another solid worker from OMEGA,

and, at the recommendation of Tommy Dreamer, Beulah Mcgillicuty

All contracts are pay for appearance, and we hope to debut some at Sunday’s Taping.


Before the show, WWF made an offer to Al Snow, which is not quite favorable to us.

We sent Bam Bam and RVD for Ahmed Johnson for an appearance at ECW Hardcore TV, and put RVD Over.[/color]


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<p>Always a mark for ECW dynasties, can't wait to see where you go with it. I was also an Ahmed fan, although not so much when he went to WCW and teamed with Stevie Ray as Big T. By then he was so out of shape he just wasn't the same.</p><p> </p><p>

Glad to see you on board, can't wait to read more.</p>

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<p><strong>(The *'s were my attempt at auto-bolding names but that didn't work. They show up again next time too but then they'll go away.) Before the show, RVD Requests a pay rise. I gave him a 50% pay rise, and he was a bit annoyed at that. Over in WCW on WCW Saturday Night, Jericho jobbed to Ernest Miller. Pitbull 2 had to be sent home for being too drunk to compete, and was happy about getting fined. I did some meddling to get Slyck Wagner Brown and Shannon Moore to get Slyck some friends, but it didn’t work. </strong></p><p> </p><p>

ECW Hardcore TV: (From Leede Arena in New England)</p><p>

*<strong>Tommy Dreamer</strong>* defeated *<strong>Brakus</strong>* in 5:50 with a Piledriver. *<strong>Brakus</strong>* was awful in this match, and it’s pretty clear to me that he can’t handle wrestling. The crowd crapped on everything he did. It was brutal to watch. </p><p>

Rating: 36</p><p>

A hype package with *<strong>Bam Bam Bigelow and Shane Douglas</strong>* aired</p><p>

Rating: 63</p><p>

In a pretty great match, *<strong>Slyck Wagner Brown* and *Lance Storm</strong>* had a back and forth contest, but ultimately, *<strong>Slyck</strong>* fell to the Spinning Leg Lariat in 10:40</p><p>

Rating: 48</p><p>

The OMEGA guys, *<strong>Shannon and Shane, cleverly called Omega</strong>,* had a wild, overbooked brawl with<strong> Axl Rotten and Ballz Mahoney</strong> that ended in 10:02 when *<strong>Ballz Mahoney beat Moore</strong>* with a Michinoku Driver. OMEGA was very impressive in this match.</p><p>

Rating: 46</p><p>

Note:It was clear that Axl Rotten was wasted. I’m going to fine him, and if it happened again he’s outta here. You can do whatever you want outside the ring, but putting people in danger gets your ass fired faster than anything else here.</p><p>

*RVD and Dreamer* had promo exchange, with RVD calling dreamer a fake jackass trying to appease people who couldn’t care if he died. Dreamer shot back that the ECW Faithful are the reason RVD even went to RAW last week. </p><p>

Rating: 58</p><p>

*<strong>Bam Bam* may have sent *Al Snow</strong>* to the WWF when he pinned him in 9:46 with a powerbomb. Al was a great guy, and I hope he does well for Vince.</p><p>

Rating: 61</p><p>

Final Rating: 58</p><p>

Notes: *<em>Ahmed Johnson</em>* refused to put anyone over, and somebody gave him creative control, so he’s being saved for the Pay Per View in December. </p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Ballz Mahoney didn’t like Axl being Wasted last night. I also wished Brakus good luck in his future endeavors. Feelers were sent out to 3 more OMEGA wrestlers, as I intend to make them a stable. </strong></p><p><strong>

Chris Jericho became a middleweight. That might actually help him in WCW. </strong></p><p> </p><p>

<em>ECW Hardcore TV (From the North Carolina Justice Center):</em></p><p>

*<strong>Slyck Wagner Brown</strong>* calls out anyone in the back for a match… his opponent is revealed to be… *<strong>Terry Funk!</strong>*</p><p>

Rating: 46</p><p>

*<strong>Terry Funk</strong>* showed he could still go strong when he beat Slyck in 6:55 with a Piledriver</p><p>

Rating: 44</p><p>

*OMEGA* took on the *Dudleys* in a hard fought contest that ended when *D-Von* reversed a springboard crossbody into a 3-D, which *Bubba* finished in 5:50</p><p>

Rating: 50</p><p>

*Shannon Moore* gets put through a table. </p><p>

Rating: 37</p><p>

In an ok match, *<strong>Big Dick Dudley</strong>* did not have the success of his brothers when he fell to<strong> Justin credible</strong> in 7:23 by submission.</p><p>

Rating: 28</p><p>

*Al Snow* was still around, so the goodbye tour continues, as he lost to RVD in a very competitive match, ending when *RVD* hit a Frog Splash to the outside.</p><p>

Rating: 58</p><p>

*<strong>RVD</strong>* Cut a decently long promo on *<strong>Tommy Dreamer</strong>*, talking about how he hated how Dreamer is an icon of this bingo hall running dump of a company. Even though we technically don’t have heels, RVD is a great one. </p><p>

Rating: 55</p><p>

In a battle that enthralled the fans, *<strong>Taz and Bam Bam</strong>* took on *<strong>Sandman and Sabu</strong>*. <strong>Bam Bam</strong> pinned Sabu in 9:44 with a powerbomb. </p><p>

Final rating: 57</p><p>

Notes: <strong>The Omega guys are impressive, and Terry Funk putting on a good match with Slyck helped get him over. The Sandman was a weak link in his tag match, I think I need to protect him more in matches. I think Taz and Sandman could headline our second Pay-Per-View in December. </strong></p><p><strong>

Al Snow officially left ECW. Francine and Sign Guy signed written deals with CMLL. We picked up Dawn Marie as a replacement.</strong></p><p><strong>


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<p>ECW Hardcore TV: From the Danbury Ice Arena (CT) </p><p>

Jim Molyneux and Blue Meanie became good friends backstage</p><p>

I passed on some tips to Gabe Sapolsky. </p><p>

To Open the show, <strong>Blue Meanie has an ok match with Caprice Coleman</strong>, of OMEGA, pinning him in 5:11 with a meaniesault.</p><p>

Rating: 29</p><p>

<strong>Slyck Wagner Brown</strong> had an open invitational, and said last week he threw the match because he felt bad for <strong>Terry Funk</strong> and his creaky old bones. The challenge was accepted by… <strong>Jerry Lynn!</strong></p><p>

Rating: 41</p><p>

In a pretty good match, <strong>Jerry Lynn defeated Slyck Wagner Brown</strong> in 7:59 with an Anklebreaker. </p><p>

Rating: 54</p><p>

Shannon Moore and Shane Helms prepare for their match</p><p>

Rating: 43</p><p>

In a wild match that involved weapons galore, <strong>OMEGA picked up a win over New Jack and John Kronus</strong> in 10:50 after a Vertebreaker onto a chair.</p><p>

Rating: 50</p><p>

In a decent match, <strong>Shane Douglas beat Doug Furnas</strong> in 10:43 with a piledriver.</p><p>

Rating: 50</p><p>

Note: I can't have back to back crazy matches, the crowd needs a chance to cool down.</p><p>

After the match <strong>Shane Douglas calls Francine to ringside.</strong> He says </p><p>

“Francine, you’ve assisted me through some tough times, and now those times are over since I have the ECW Heavyweight championship… but for the franchise to truly be the franchise… he needs an upgrade.” <strong>Shane </strong>then, in a move that will surely please sponsors, picks up Francine, and Piledrives her! As Francine is out, Shane introduces his new manager, <strong>Dawn Marie</strong>, as the show closes.</p><p>

“This is a travesty folks, an absolute travesty”- Joey Styles</p><p>

Rating: 71</p><p>

Final Rating: 54</p><p> </p><p>

Our next shows will be shown in more markets, such as the Great Lakes and Midwest, due to a deal with local broadcasters to air us at 2:00 AM on Saturday Nights. Also of note, we have a TV deal in Puerto Rico that could open up that rabud market to us in the future. Kaz Hayashi was signed, as well as Silver King, as I plan to build a Junior Heavyweight division around Jerry Lynn and the OMEGA guys. Chris Jericho defeated Wrath and Goldberg on Saturday Night, ending Goldber’s undefeated streak. His contract expires at the end of December, and if they don’t plan to re-sign him something like throwing away Goldberg’s 3 month long win streak on a B show may not be smart, even if he did pin Wrath. Maybe NJPW, AJPW or WWF can sign a great worker like him, but I know now that he’s too valuable for us to afford.</p><p> </p><p>

ECW Hardcore TV (From the Gangelhoff Center in Michigan):</p><p>

In a pre show match, Shane Helms beat Chris Chetti in 6:29 with a Vertebreaker</p><p>

Rating: 35</p><p>

To open the show, <strong>Bam Bam Bigelow beat Caprice Coleman</strong> in 6:26 with a diving headbut.</p><p>

Rating: 60</p><p>

I used this match to get<strong> Bam Bam</strong> on the card, as he is technically the challenger at December to Dismember tomorrow night. Bam Bam called out Shane Douglas and Dawn Marie for a match at December to Dismember, Shane accepts</p><p>

Rating: 71</p><p>

<strong>Slyck Wagner Brown </strong>called out a wrestler this week, saying that last week that hooligan Jerry Lynn cheated. This week<strong> Taz comes out!</strong> And not only is this a match, it’s a TV title match!</p><p>

Rating: 39</p><p>

In a great match, <strong>Slyck Wagner Brown</strong> put on a phenominal showing, looking like he might pull off the big upset, until <strong>Taz </strong>hit the big T-Bone suplex and beat Slyck in 8:52</p><p>

Rating: 60</p><p>

In a tag team title match, the<strong> FBI </strong>were unable to defeat the<strong> Dudley Boys</strong>, when <strong>Bubba Ray pinned Guido</strong> in 9:57 with a Dudley Death Drop. I got the belts off the FBI and onto a more relevant team (at the moment) to allow more defenses of the belts. </p><p>

Rating: 54 </p><p>

In a pretty good match, <strong>Chris Candido defeated a game Shannon Moore </strong>of OMEGA in 6:13 with a blonde bombshell</p><p>

Rating: 51</p><p>

<strong>RVD</strong> addressed the crowd, and called out <strong>Tommy Dreamer</strong>. RVD Challenged Dreamer to end it once and for all at December to Dismember, and Dreamer accepts. Afterwards, RVD attacks Dreamer and nails him several cane shots as we go off air</p><p>

Rating: 66</p><p>

Final Rating: 59</p><p>

We're on our way to December to Dismember! Get ready for that coming up. <img alt=":)" data-src="//content.invisioncic.com/g322608/emoticons/smile.png.142cfa0a1cd2925c0463c1d00f499df2.png" src="<___base_url___>/applications/core/interface/js/spacer.png" /></p>

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