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RW Multiplayer 3-4 Way @Regional (Sign Up)

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Regional Beginnings 2017


Hey peeps I'm looking to start a new Multiplayer. With winter coming, I've got a lot more time to spend inside staying warm and dry. So having some good multiplayer action would help. I already have 1 multiplayer going http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=537417 which has been going since Jan/Feb this year and still going strong.

It doesn't matter what continent or time zone your on, or your play style, anyone is welcome. All you need is time to book, familiarity with the game and the ability to have some “banter” over the booking :-).

The Multiplayer idea is set around 3-4 smaller promotions all starting out with an alliance to each other and a common goal. You can stay in and reap the benefits of an alliance, or set out for yourself after 3 months and battle it alone.

Every one of the players promotions will be identical to each other in Momentum, Prestige, Money, Size, Broadcasting deals… The only difference will be the location you chose, the name and who you draft as your roster.

To kick everything off a mini Draft will take place on google doc’s. You will be able to sign 6 “Written” contracts and 10 “PPA” contracts. To sign a written worker, they must be a free agent and to sign a PPA worker, they must not be in an exclusive contract. Apart from that it's a free for all. With the power of an alliance, this means there is always the possibility of loaning workers.

  • Mod: Modern Day 2017 - RWC by Fleisch
  • Size: Large Regional
  • Location: Anywhere
  • Prestige and Momentum: Equal
  • Money: $2,500,000
  • Alliance: Together for 3 Months Minimum
  • Written Contracts: 6
  • PPA Contracts: 10
  • TV Show: 1x 1 Hour
  • PPV: x12 - x1 Legendary, x1 Historic, x2 Highly Regarded, x2 Above Average, x6 Normal
  • Broadcaster: Self Owned Subscription
  • Chat: Facebook
  • Data Share: Dropbox

The existing promotions like WWE, ROH and GFW will still be in place and act as competition.


I will work on a first come first serve basis. First to say they are in and leave a Promotion Name and Location. Anyone after the max 4 will be reserves and in the future if anyone ever drops out, they will get first refusal of joining.Leniency will be given on booking turnaround times after WWE2k18 is released :-P.



Agreed Playing Rules:

  • Maximum Written Contract [Length 2 Years] (Unless competing with the AI)
    This is to allow players to fight over contracts more often and not just sign everyone to 10 years and kill the fun of the game
  • Shortlist all workers you wish to Negotiate for (When you have the notifications though email, users will then know not to skip your turn)


  • You cannot select a Worker to play as or own your promotion, You must create yourself as a worker.
  • Using the in game editor without clearing it with other players is not permitted and can carry a fine or dismissal.
  • Being non responsive for more than 7 days may mean you are eliminated from the game.
  • Turn around on the data must be within 48 hours. If a player takes longer (without prior notice) they will have a 5% fine on their promotion finances. For every 24 hours after, it will increase by 1%. Hopefully this rule doesn't have to be enforced, but it's there to keep things moving and not getting stale.
  • Passing the Data between each other should be done when you have shows to book. otherwise the last person to book shows should go through the days until notifications or decisions pop up that require your attention. If you wish to have the data to make any offers or so on in the meantime just request to have the data in the Facebook chat group.
  • A Maximum of 3-4 players can take part at one time, Once someone exits and makes room for another, it will be posted that there is room to join. The game play will carry on until someone is found.


  • New Worker Frequency: Very High
  • Relationship Frequency: Medium
  • Strict Storylines: Enabled
  • Company Battles: Enabled
  • Injury Frequency: Medium
  • Kenny Deaths: Disabled
  • Regeneration: Disabled
  • Dirty Tricks: Enabled
  • Chemistry Effects: Enabled
  • Restricted Areas: Semi

User Prefrences

  • Fog of War: Disabled
  • Show stats as Grades: User Choice
  • Owner Goals: Enabled
  • Small Roster Penalties: Enabled
  • Repetitive Booking Penalties: Disabled
  • Crowd Management: Enabled
  • Gimmick Effects: Enabled
  • Worker Morale Effects: Enabled
  • Locker Room Morale Effects: Enabled
  • Dirt Sheet Match Breakdown: Enabled
  • PPV Buy Rates eMailed: User Choice
  • TV Ratings eMailed: User Choice
  • Industry Effects: Enabled
  • Pre Booking Reminders: User Choice
  • Match Ratios: User Choice
  • Left Off Show Complains: Enabled
  • Match Aim Requirements: Enabled
  • Momentum Effects: Enabled
  • Sex Appeal Requirements: Enabled
  • Worker Overuse Penalty: Enabled
  • Lifestyle Effects: Enabled
  • Show Main Event at Top of Lists: User Choice

Promotion #1: Championship Wrestling Alliance (CWA) South West, USA = Togg

Promotion #2: Elite Wrestling Federation (EWF) Tri-State(USA) = Sandman22

Promotion #3: Total Extreme Wrestling (TEW) ???, Mexico = hassnain123

Promotion #4:






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I'd be up for this. EWF(Elite Wrestling Federation) Location:Tri-State(USA)


Id also want to try this. TEW (Total Extreme Wrestling) Mexico



Welcome aboard :D. I'll leave the invites open untill tomorrow before we discuss times to get our promotions and rosters sorted :)

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