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Total lack of front headlock/turtle guard after sprawls + Lack of guillotines.

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I noticed a successful sprawl currently almost always, from what I've seen in several hundred matches, leads to both fighters standing up disengaged, which is simply just not accurate. Often, or perhaps more often than not, a successful sprawl will result in a front headlock against a turtle guard which can be an extremely effective position even if just to strike from--Amplified much more if the rule set allows knees to the head. Currently though, that never happens, and in a match-up against a wrestler with "Constant Takedowns" as a trait, this will result in the wrestler shooting 10+ times without any consequence even if they fail every time.


As well, I don't think I've seen a single guillotine choke attempt off a takedown into guard, which is common even if low success rate.

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I've definitely seen the guillotine off a takedown multiple times.


(Rd 1 - 05:00) We open the prelims with Juana Mendez squaring off with 'High Kick' Lauren Carter.

(Rd 1 - 05:00) Refereeing this bout will be Leo Behan.

(Rd 1 - 05:00) The judges are: Edward Wilde, Gregory C. James, and Reginald Wodehouse.

(Rd 1 - 05:00) We are underway!

(Rd 1 - 05:00) They start with a touch of gloves.

(Rd 1 - 04:45) The two fighters engage with strikes but neither lands anything worthwhile.

(Rd 1 - 04:16) Moving forward constantly, Carter is pressuring Mendez.

(Rd 1 - 04:16) Mendez hit a counter left hand.

(Rd 1 - 04:16) Carter fails to find a home for her jab, but then she hits a body kick.

(Rd 1 - 03:52) Carter steps forward and a striking exchange begins.

(Rd 1 - 03:52) Mendez fires off a counter jab but doesn't connect.

(Rd 1 - 03:52) Carter connects with a nice jab and then she hits Mendez with a beauty of a straight right.

(Rd 1 - 03:33) Carter comes forward.

(Rd 1 - 03:33) Mendez hits a jab in the exchange.

(Rd 1 - 03:33) A jab hits home from Carter and then she hits a nice straight right.

(Rd 1 - 03:17) Moving forward constantly, Carter is pressuring Mendez.

(Rd 1 - 03:17) Mendez hit a counter left hand.

(Rd 1 - 03:17) A jab hits home from Carter and then she scores with a right cross that landed hard.

(Rd 1 - 02:56) They stand and trade in the center of the cage but neither fighter gives or takes any real damage.

(Rd 1 - 02:23) We've now passed the halfway mark in this round.

(Rd 1 - 02:23) They exchange strikes but nothing really gets through.

(Rd 1 - 02:00) The two fighters stand and trade strikes but neither lands anything damaging.

(Rd 1 - 01:31) Mendez shoots in, looking for a takedown.

(Rd 1 - 01:31) Mendez gets the takedown! Carter pulls guard.

(Rd 1 - 01:31) Showing great awareness, Carter got a guillotine off the takedown and now threatens to choke out Mendez!

(Rd 1 - 01:13) Carter gets the guillotine fully applied and Mendez has to tap out!

(Rd 1 - 00:51) The winner, by submission, is 'High Kick' Lauren Carter!

(Rd 1 - 00:51) Official Result: 'High Kick' Lauren Carter defeats Juana Mendez (Submission (Guillotine) in 4:09 of round 1). The fight was rated as being Great.

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