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Non-MMA Competitions

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It might be fun to have non-MMA competitions running somewhere in the background.


This would give a cool, organic feel to certain high-level newcomers, and could actually serve to randomize the fighters (generated or preordained) that make it into the game to compete in MMA.


I'm thinking an equivalent to ADCC in BJJ, possibly even the Olympic Games, NCAA wrestling, things like this. This would give a really cool, really credible reason to super-hype new fighters and give the player a reason to really chase a particular signing (and put the full media hype train behind them ahead of their debut).


It might be realistic to have the top, I don't know, 8 competitors in crucial competitions as approachable, with some saying they're not interested in crossing over, some demanding silly money, and some considering a natural next step.


It would also be a possibility that athletes return to these sports instead of the 'hiatus' routine. The Gracie's, for example, have regularly dipped in and out of MMA, only committing if the money and fights are there.



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You're free to add crossover fighters to your game at any time. To recreate what you want, just give them a world class background in the discipline and very high popularity so they cost a lot of money. Also change their motivation to "money", maybe change preparation and recuperation to 0 to make their fights more rare or add movie star. Along with the yearly competitions they should be busy enough not to fight over once a year.
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